Karina Smirnoff nipples Mario Lopez in the face, gets hurled in disgust

May 27th, 2008 // 74 Comments

Karina Smirnoff and her Dancing With The Stars lover/partner A.C. Slater hit the beach in Miami over the holiday weekend. Slater and Karina attempted to pull off some dance moves in the ocean until Karina’s bare nipple hit him in the nose. A.C. responded by dumping her ass face first into the sea. All, while screaming, “Ew! EW! Ohmygod ohmygod it touched my nose! Does anyone have a wetnap? Seriously.”

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. Unless your boss is cool with Saved By the Bell characters getting nipped in the retina then, by all means, proceed.


  1. Prometheus

    Saved by the Bra

  2. Bruce L


  3. Ted Mosby

    He wouldn’t know a nip even if it hit him in the face.

  4. Bruce L


  5. Jackson

    She has a nice shape for her body type, but her bikini top does nothing for her figure. It is nice that she did not fall into the implant look. You will never see Kim Kardaskank playing in the water unless she covers her huge wide fat saggy cellulite butt because Kim knows she is nothing without her girdle and photoshop pictures.

  6. Fred

    Lol, what the hell was that all about? Whatever, it looked awkward and so not sexy.

  7. he hates a nipple near his eye but he doesn’t mind her front bottom wedged against his neck.
    i love how in the fourth pic (of the thumbnails) he looks absolutely devastated like he’s screaming in emotional agony and then in the next picture he’s like “Never happened! Just a low-flying lady that’s all! Lalala!”

  8. Have no idea who either of these 2 people are but he is obviously gay if he has that look on his face when her nipple popped out.

    #2 – you are a douche

  9. Somehow I’m not aroused today

  10. Barak Obama

    #1, #3 I can’t stop freaking laughing! Crap that was some funny shit.

    On another note, all you crackers need to keep voting for me so I can raise your taxes and redistribute your wealth to those too stupid and lazy to get a job.

    Vote democrat! Millions on welfare depend on you.

  11. I wished his shorts were more wet and see through.

  12. voting for Obama because of you

    @10 Shut the fuck up dude. You aren’t funny, clever, or interesting. Or right, for that matter.

  13. deacon jones

    Great headline Fish!

    Man, she looks even more manly without the makeup, how is that possible. Maybe Mario has a tranny fetish

  14. Barak Obama

    #12 if your lucky we will run Universal Healthcare as well as we have run Social Security. How is that working for us?

  15. Kennedy


    Clinton and Obama DO NOT PLAN ON RAISING TAXES for Americans making less than $200,000 per year. Clinton and Obama plan on raising taxes for the ELITE 3 PERCENT of Americans making $200,000 or more a year. People making less than 200,000 a year will get tax breaks from the democrats. If you vote Republican then you can bet your taxes will stay the same or increase while the elite 3 percent continue to get the best tax breaks. Whether or not the democrats add or eliminate programs; this will not increase your tax rate if you make less than $200,000 per year. Many Americans have the misunderstanding that the Republicans will eliminate programs and therefore it will make taxes go down for the 97 percent of Americans that do not make $200,000 or more a year and this is not true at all. The bottom line is vote Democrat if you make less than $200,000 per year. There are celebrities that vote democrat because they are not greedy and do not need the additional tax breaks.

  16. Haha!!! All you suckers have to work today!!

    And…I need to stop coming to this site, have you all noticed how much shit tries to download as you are typing your stupid worthless comments today? Is it just me or does this site have a freaking problem??

  17. Where is this secret beach where the paparazzi kick back and wait for celebs to frolic by like bears at a stream waiting for salmon to hurl themselvs into the furry paws? And what cosmic forces are at work that allow large earrings and two thousand dollar sunglasses to be worn in the ocean like so much tanning lotion, where bikini tops are never quite tight enough and couples are “accidentally” outed?

    And more importantly… are they hiring?

  18. Glenda

    She wears really big earrings for swimming.

  19. Jasontan

    holy sh*t, the sixth pic is just pure ownage.

  20. Trover

    #15, yeah, we all know that people making more than $200k a year are evil, since most of them employ other people. I love how we punish those that are successful more than the rest at times. I mean, I do not love giving tax breaks to them, but I do not want to punish them more. That is just stupid. And so are Obama and HC for their lame approach. Now if you put that number up to $1 million, I would maybe listen.

  21. Harry

    Hey, #10 — Don’t worry; You folks living in trailer parks stroking your guns don’t make over $200,000. But you will still get to cash all those welfare and social security checks that us heartless libs got for you. So go ahead, vote for President Liver Spots and his ‘bomb-bomb-bomb Iran, I don’t really understand the economy” platform. I’m sure he’ll be happy to take away all that money we need to build the roads you drive on; and if you have kids, I’m sure he’ll be happy to take them away too and ship them off to that 100 year war in Iraq.

    btw, Karina Smirnoff is hot.

  22. Barak Obama

    Both Clinton and Obama make more than $200,000 a year. You think they are going to rais taxes on themselves and the rest of Congress! not a chance in hell. How do you think they will pay for this universal healthcare? Borrow more money from China like George W? They are going to rais our taxes and eliminate all the tax breaks average Americans get.

    The Dems said if we voted them into Congress in 06 they would get us out of Iraq. How is that working for us?

  23. PunkA

    Ali Landry is way hotter. Too bad Mario got pwned over that failed marriage. What a clown…..

  24. Kennedy


    Clinton and Obama are well aware that they will be giving themselves tax increases because they are Democrats and not greedy like the elite 3 percent of Americans that make $200,000 or more a year. People have the misunderstanding that Universal Health Care will cause a tax increase for the 97 pecent of Americans that make less than $200,00 per year WHICH IS NOT TRUE. The TAX INCREASES ARE FOR THE ELITE 3 PERCENT OF AMERICANS THAT MAKE $200,000 OR MORE PER YEAR and can afford the tax increases. The conservative media and Republicans enjoy confusing the Americans and sadly a lot of Americans believe the lies like you.

  25. havoc



  26. coffeebean

    You cock sucking Democrats are sooooo fucking stupid. You all must have govenment jobs because you don’t know shit about how a small, medium, or large company is run. Keep fucking with what little industry that the US has not lost to the fucking gookers already and then see where the economy ends up.

  27. Cheese & Rice

    Hey Barak YoMama, Nobody on this site gives a fuck! If we wanted to read about politics, it wouldn’t be this site.
    Go stand on a soap box somewhere else.

  28. Danklin24

    Quick, someone tell me why either one of these people is famous. Can’t? Didnt think so.

  29. Considering most of you aren’t smart enough to have an intelligent conversation on politics let’s keep this site strictly on making fun of celebs or celeb wanna bee’s. Spouting generalities like Dems raise taxes and Republicans love guns just shows how retarded you are. Anyone with half a brain knows how badly our country has been run the last 7yrs and ANYTHING (including Jessica Simpson being elected President) is better than what we’ve had.

  30. Wake Up


    You think making the rich elite pay more in taxes than the middle class and poor is unfair? You have been watching too much Fox Network news! Sure the rich employ people, but the people they employ help them make their huge profits. It appears that the middle class and poor are being punished for not making as much as the elite and therefor are paying more in taxes.

  31. We have another Fox News Network fan.


    We have another Fox News Network fan.

    When they own the information; they can bend it all they want.

  32. Joe Briggs

    If that were a cock dangling down, ole Mario would have a big smile and his mouth open (salivating).

  33. Champ

    I like fox, too. Sorry Libs.
    Oh and this clown is a fag – closing his eyes? WTF?

  34. Wicked Wendy

    Not a fan of him but he IS ripped….as for her? I’ve never seen her,but going by these pics alone, I hope to high heaven she is better looking in clothes (or out) with hair and make-up done. She looks like an onery ass bitch-a-roonie…

  35. hannah

    THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. oh god.. soooo funny. funniest pictures ever.

  36. Barak Obama

    Rockin’ Obama is a celebrity. He is the new mesiah dont you know. The Dems can do no wrong.

    On another note, if Mario was a real man (he is gay like most lib’s) he wouldn’t bother throwing her over his shoulder. He would be busy finger banging her under the water.

  37. havoc



  38. snarky

    I hate that tool; he seems so full of himself. All, oh look at me and my cute dimples and manly biceps. He’s not as hot as he seems to think. He’s on Dancing with the Stars, for cripes sake. Lame show with washed up lame-o’s.

  39. she has a huge mothereffing forehead.

  40. Fai

    To #19, my thoughts exactly. That entertained me way more than the nipple slip. I just about spit my coffee across my desk.

  41. bootlips

    He looks good with a beard.

  42. Sport

    Lorenzo Lamas?

  43. Question

    How did this turn political and I honestly thought Mario Lopez was gay. Not in a “eww… the Backstreet Boys are gay” way but a honest to goodness homo.

  44. I want to put her entire body in my mouth.


  45. kingadrock

    # 34, you are probably a fat girl.

  46. Philip

    Wow, Kennedy, guess the brain tumor is really messing up your thinking. Must have been there for a long long time.

    Here is something that might be difficult for you to grasp:

    The more money you make the more money you will save if the tax rate goes down. That being said, the top 5% of wage earners pay more then 50% of the US income tax already.

    Take a look at who actually pays most of the taxes in the US while you are enjoying your dirt nap.

  47. Studsy_Mcsex

    WTF is she doing with her nip in HIS face when she could have both nipples all over mine, easy. Jesus Christ, is that girl insane?

  48. DOC_DG

    I lost an eye to a female nipple in the eye accident!! Now I wear a patch on my left eye, and close the right one when I see unexpected NIPPLE!!!!!!! MR. SLATER is just protecting his eye balls!

  49. Toonces

    Mario has been doing too many shows on Animal Planet to appreciate a nice rack like that!

    Regarding the political flaming – Greed is good. I deserve to keep every dime I earn. People need better educations to earn more money. All those poor fucks in manufacturing that lost their jobs need to go back to college even if that means getting loans. All those dumb fucks that overextended themselves on home loans knew damn well what they were doing.

  50. Toonces

    Mario has been doing too many shows on Animal Planet to appreciate a nice rack like that!

    Regarding the political flaming – Greed is good. I deserve to keep every dime I earn. People need better educations to earn more money. All those poor fucks in manufacturing that lost their jobs need to go back to college even if that means getting loans. All those dumb fucks that overextended themselves on home loans knew damn well what they were doing.

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