Kardashians Kancel Kard. – Wait.

The Kardashian sisters have abandoned their barely month-old prepaid debit card, the “Kardashian Kard,” after the Connecticut attorney general announced he was investigating the Kard for violating consumer protection laws with “predatory” fees, according to Gossip Cop:

The notice of termination letter says that the Kardashians “have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona,” and are recognized as “honest, ethical, and fun-loving individuals who are kind and caring to others.
Because the card “might violate” certain laws, rules and regulations, notes the letter, Dash Dolls “terminates the agreement in its entirety, effective immediately.”

Yes, because nothing says “honest and ethical” like a family whose fame is entirely predicated on one of their members pretending they didn’t leak a sex tape for publicity, and then got freak show-esque ass implants to capitalize on said publicity. In fact, just typing that makes me immediately want these people involved in all my financial transactions. *picks up phone* “Hello, Sasquatch one? I’m looking to diversify my 401k. — Eating salmon right out of a stream is delicious, you say? Interesting. Now, did that Chewbacca growl at the end mean I should look into T-bills or was it just a hairball? — Oh, please, don’t be embarrassed. I had a cat once.”

Photos: Splash News