Kara Del Toro Doing The Exposed-Shoulder Thing And More Link-Beef

Long before 3 Six Mafia won an Oscar, Bruce Springesteen scored one for “Streets of Philadelphia”. Naturally, he’s pretty bummed about Jonathan Demme’s passing.

United Airlines just paid Dr. Dao (AKA “drag me ousside guy”) an ass ton of cash- are you surprised?

Wendy Williams asked Nick Cannon if he was still tappin’ dat butterfly lady- he was like, “naa”.

I’m pretty sure a stomach ulcer or hernia isn’t an eating disorder, but whatever- Nick Carter has that so stop being mean to him about being skinny, gosshhh!

Just a friendly reminder that Ivanka Trump is a horrible person and hypocrite. Just gonna throw this out there. America is a joke.

Speaking of politics, after 22 seasons, The Simpsons has turned into FOX’s grandpa that says whatever he wants. What are they gonna tell him?
“Go to bed, grandpa! You’re drunk again!”

Don’t dress like Ellie Goulding, people who know more about fashion than I do will rip you apart.


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Drake found out that J-Lo and A-Rod stayed in his vacation rental a few days before he arrived and now he keeps posting these hilariously sad photos of him standing around the yard…

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