Kanye will win Grammy, or else…

December 8th, 2005 // 27 Comments

tn_kanye_performing_cr.jpgIn Kanye West’s world, no one can question him, no matter what kind of diarrhea he spews from the mouth. In a recent interview with MTV, West says he expects his smash hit “Late Registration” will clean up at the Grammy’s. If not, it’s all just a conspiracy to keep him from going on another tirade.

“If I don’t win Album of the Year, I’m gonna really have a problem with that,” said West. “I can never talk myself out of [winning], you know why? Because I put in the work. I don’t care if I jumped up and down right now on the couch like Tom Cruise…

Hopefully he keeps this up and gets his Grammy on the night before the event. You know, when they hand out the Grammy for “Best Recording of Someone Taking a Dump,” “Best Classical Album not Involving Yanni” and other categories that no one cares about.


  1. boo

    kanye west is a friggin’ idot. yes, i said it, IDOT. he’s not even good enough to have that extra “i” in there for idiot. i’ve never seen a more self-serving ass in my whole life. hopefully this no-talent hack is just a flash in the pan. i’d never even heard of him before he made an ass out of himself on the hurricane relief show. your 15 minutes are almost up, dude.

  2. Ashland

    Kanye is SUCH a racist. My 3 young kids were watching the telecast when he spouted off about our president on live TV. I don’t appreciate his racist tirade in my living room. I hope he doesn’t win album of the year. Can someone tell me why the doctor’s were allowed to unwire his jaws??????

  3. grace17

    How the hell do you say his name anyway? Big mouths like him are a dime (bag) a dozen!

  4. Iscariot

    This kind of stuff is what annoys me about these big headed rappers or in fact, artists in general. When artists come out making comments like these they put an undeserved spotlight on them winning – and you just know that if he doesn’t win it now he’s going to be telling us all he didn’t win because he’s black. It makes a mountain out of a mole hill, I’m not sure if there is a financial reward to winning a Grammy, but even if there is, Kanye could maybe learn a bit of modesty and accept that he’s the 9 millionth rapper to come out with an album this decade and he’s really not that special.

  5. jujucabana

    its just that he has been getting all these great reviews from every music magazine. 5 stars, album of the year, he really should expect it, but he needs to be modest. he is up against weak competition. gwen is nominated, but she is not a critics favorite. mariah is nominated, but she hasnt gotten as positve reviews as kanye. paul mccartney and U2 are nominated, but i thought that was a joke or for good humour, as in “lets add some old british fart and some old irish farts.” so i think he should expect it, but to say it is a little taboo. but thats just his thing, and thats why ppl like his musik, bcause he doesnt hold anything back. (although just to say my vote goes to mariah!!)

  6. The only difference between KKKanye West and David Duke is the color of their skin.

    They’re both arrogant, bigotted idiots.

    Oh, and his “music”? He steals it! What’s this “sampling” sh!t? If I was a stand-up comedian, I couldn’t steal Jerry Seinfeld’s routine and then just say “Oh, I was sampling”.

  7. Petro44

    Very nice. As usual, he’ll set the table to play the race card rather than win on talent of which he has none. Rappers are not musicians. Music contains a melody and actual singing. How the hell would you classify rap? Unfortunatley it’s everywhere, and as long as the kids are buying into the scam, it will be around. He should thank his lucky stars for his current success and shut his arrogant mouth. Hey Kanye…why don’t you join tough guy Fifty Cent at the next Bat Mitzfa party? Go away fool…

  8. zenmoon

    Ugh . . . I’m so sick of this “person”!!! I refuse to even listen to one syllable of anything he has to say . . . much less listen to his music!! And I don’t normally read any articles, etc. about him . . .so, I’m not even sure why I read this one. He’s not worth wasting my energy on!! GO AWAY KANYE!!!

  9. al rarow

    I can’t stand this chipmunk-cheeked, horsetoothed blowhard. He’s been thinking he’s god’s gift to hip hop since day one.

    Then again, I’d be pretty “insecurrrr” if I lost out on a Grammy to Gwen Stephani, creator of this year’s most atrocious piece of pop.

  10. rivercmb

    This is the guy who claims that the US government also invented and distributed the AIDS virus. As well as saying Ronald Reagan had crack invented and distributed in order to keep the black community in poverty! If white people made comments like these, the interviewer and media would pounce. But this guy is allowed to continually say that “Whitey” is out to get them and nobody even challenges him to back any of his paranoid racist rants up.

  11. little_miss_perfect

    The beauty of the first amendment is that he can say what he wants.

    Besides, if Mariah doesn’t accidentally step on him at the Grammys, then she’ll look him in the eyes and turn him straight to stone!!! Mwwwaaaahaaaahaaa!!!!!!!

  12. ~S.Starr~

    “paul mccartney and U2 are nominated, but i thought that was a joke or for good humour, as in “lets add some old british fart and some old irish farts.”"

    This is the biggest load of crap to spew from someones mouth…I am assuming that you think Jessica Simpson is like the greatest singer in the world…go back to listening to your britney spears albums sweetheart…

  13. brideoffrank

    So how long did it take to edit that quote from Kanye? From what I recall seeing him doing tv interviews, the man does not have a grasp on the English language.

  14. derekd

    Songs about golddiggin’ bitchs. Yeah, real creative. Coming from an old hip hop fan, I really feel it has run its course.

  15. Xanthia

    You know, when I see this guy I can see the wheel turning, but that is one dead hamster!

    He is just insulting to everyone, regardless of their race, sex, religion – he crosses all boundries and is offensive.

    I will definitely be watching the show so that when he LOSES I can see the temper tantrum of a three year old!

  16. jujucabana

    “This is the biggest load of crap to spew from someones mouth…I am assuming that you think Jessica Simpson is like the greatest singer in the world…go back to listening to your britney spears albums sweetheart…”


    well u2 had some good albums, but they aren’t at all in ‘the revolutionary music’ category. they are in the old fart category. and paul mccartney, all though he was a genius within a band, now he is an old fart too. both of them just spew out tired lyrics and completly washed out music. thats why kanye looks so good to the critics, because atleast he is doing something different, and even though he can be seen as incredibly stupid and arrogant, he is changing the music scene, more then any of the other grammy nominees in that category. actually i can quite possibly say more then any other grammy winner/nominee in history, because grammy ppl are known to not know anything at all about music. i mean who gives x-tina a grammy? whatever…

  17. Gambitgirl

    i would very much like Kanye to introduce us to the White Man who was personally assigned to him at birth to keep him down b/c that guy isn’t doing very a good job considering Kanye is very rich and famous. poor kanye, it must be terrible to be so persecuted you have to console yourself with oodles of expensive possessions.

  18. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    I don’t understand, if I was to say the same thing with reverse racee as he did I would be stoned to death. I hate him so much I will personally hit him over the head with a bottle of Cristal and then stab him.

    I thought about becoming a dancer at Scores for the MERE FACT of meeting him and then ripping his dick off during a lap dance.

    I hope he dies before the Grammys so I don’t have to listen to his racist propaganda.

  19. giblet

    Let’s face it, Kaney is right. As aggrivating as it is, he’s got us; the jig is up. Right now we have to find out either a) who let him into our secret whitey meetings or, b) who’s been slipping him the minutes?

    AIDS, crack cocaine, gang colors, shooting at people in New Orleans (Jim, please know we don’t blame you for what happened–really, could anyone have fully controlled that situation? Hurricanes and helicopters are tough to manage. No one is mad, just come back.). Kenny has our playbook, and as we’ve seen, he reads it like a dyslexic loaded on gasoline. Yes, fellow fish bellies, Kanthy has brought the message home. It’s time for us to ’round the wagons and find this leak.

    See you at the December 12th meeting–now remember, don’t tell the “other” people about this one. 7:30 p.m. Refreshments served.

  20. sugarfree

    Wow, what a complete butthead.

  21. I’m not one to agree with hardasses but in this case I’ll make an exception. Kanye West isn’t the best artist alive but at least he doesn’t suck. Look at it this way: Kanye West > 50 cent.

    Anyways, I’m latino so where the hell do I stand?

  22. TheLuciousDeluxe

    Kanye West should shut up. He’s worse than a politician!

  23. slinkhard

    I hope he does win. If he doesn’t, we’ll all be hearing about it for the next century.

  24. BastardotheGreat

    This dude is a poser. Forget the bush incident, he hit his lowest when he tried to freestyle rap on request from Barbara Walters during her interview on 20/20. He sounded like a punk and a talentless hack.

  25. Noithing

    Kanye’s a genius. He keeps running his mouth and it keeps people talking about him. He’s another Muhammad Ali. He could never have been on Rolling Stone if he was a quiet one. I really like his music. He

  26. urheartshapedbox

    kanye is a fucking genius. but hes a fucking egotistical genius. someone needs to slap the guy

  27. Kanye could perhaps learn a little humility and accept that it is the 9 millionth rapper to release an album of this decade, and it is really not so special.

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