Kanye West’s girlfriend: I don’t get it

March 2nd, 2009 // 273 Comments

Kanye West took his new girlfriend Amber Rose out shopping in Hollywood yesterday because when is it not classy to look like you just picked up a hooker? Some might say this is the kind of thinking that prevents me from getting invited to weddings, but I say it’s the kind of thinking that saves me money on a toaster oven – so I can pay for penicillin. Swish!


  1. Diddy

    Kanye bite style off me all day but not when it comes to women. Damn son this bitch look freaky.

  2. allison

    eww she dose not have the body for that! celulite city!!!! She looks as anoying as Kanye West is!!!! straight Trash!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom K


    I don’t know if that ethnicity is correct either. I searched Google and found nothing on her.

    I did however find a YouTube video of her and someone who says…..

    “She’s actually half Italian, half Cape Verdean (an island off the coast of Africa, colonized by the Portuguese)”


    She’s actually prettier on the video, but I’m not sure when those pictures were taken.

    She looks ugly in these pictures maybe sex with Kanye is the reason, probably got AIDS.

  4. Barry O

    BWAHAHAHA…Google Image her & she doesn’t even come up on the first page. Then her first hit is a pictorial in ‘Smoov’ magazine, where she looks like a stripper. That I’d tip with quarters. Good work, Kanye.

  5. ?

    she looks european i thought kanye prefered black?
    Kanye West doesn’t date black people

  6. oliver

    She is funny. Come and join hot tall dating club ___Tallmingle C om___ has lots of sports fans there! besides, it’s hot modelss, milfs, sexy chick s and handsome young men and chicks dating club!!LOL Don’t miss out!! :-)

  7. Valerie

    She has a HUGE ass for a guy.

  8. malicious

    he is so styley, why would he get with the complete opposite?

  9. supersex

    i’d slap the back of her head as i fuck her in the ass

  10. Axel

    So much negativity from people just because she looks different…and interesting.


    She is actually really good looking and has a great body. Fuck you and the hole you came from.

  11. joh

    Singer: Check
    Texas girl: Check.
    Big ass: Check.
    Major Curves: Check.

    Kanye is trying to build himself a “Beyoncé” clone.
    I predict Jay-Z wont be pleased & will unleash a major R&B beatdown on that little loudmouthed bitch Kanye.

  12. AmeriCanadian

    Someone call the Fashion Police!




  14. Donkey Dong




  15. Airmail

    You guys old enough will remember pictures of Elton John’s girlfriend… some situation.

  16. The Voice of My Generation

    What is there not to get? She’s fucking smoking hot. Maybe what you don’t get is your need to smoke as much cock as possible, which would explain why you can look at girl as hot as this and “not get it.” Any guy with even a smidge of testosterone would want to fuck the shit out of this bitch.

  17. She rides a seriously fine line between edgy and trashy but this time around I’m going to have to say she goes TOTALLY trash!

  18. Ptitz

    Id hit it.

  19. banger

    I bet she loves anal….

  20. diurex

    She is FUCKLY!!!

  21. Fati

    she has a nice body. grow some hair on her, take those ugly glasses off, and she’d be hot.

  22. #94 sez:

    “Is it me or does she look like Egghead Jr from Foghorn Leghorn?”

    LOLZ !! Can’t get that image out of my head now. Bitch looks just like Egghead Jr.!! HAHAHAHAHAAA

  23. my comment

    She is NOT hot. She’s got pancake tits and cellulite and no hair. You can also tell by the photos that she’s got that ‘bitch walk’.

  24. Des

    She reminds me of one of those hookers that you see on the HBO specials where they still wear clothes from the 80s and wear trashy looking low class clothes.

  25. Adri

    fugly face,she’ smokes, fat ass and thighs, unknown “model,” bald head….yeahhh

  26. #94 Re Egghead:

    I salute you. Spot on.

  27. Jeff

    Big Tits
    Small Waist
    Big Ass

    And I’m guessing she fucks with the velocity of a spin cycle.

    What’s there not to get?!

  28. Rechiel

    She is funny. Come and join hot tall dating club ___Tallmingle C o M___ has lots of sports fans there! besides, it’s hot modelss, milfs, sexy chick s and handsome young men and chicks dating club!!LOL Don’t miss out!! :-)

  29. JohnnyUtah

    Mother fucker is dating Powder!!

  30. Hulagurl69

    Figures he would date someone as out of touch with reality as he is, she looks like a female Urkele

  31. .

    Why does she make herself look like that? She could look pretty if she grew some hair and wore nice, feminine clothes.

  32. Kanye

    “Amber! Ungawa! Ungawa!”

  33. Rasputins Liver


    ………………………………………WHAT I IT?!?…………………………………………….

    Damn, Kanye’s really gone off the deep end since his mom died.

    Oh well. I don’t have to wake up next to it.

  34. If she’s his girlfriend why is he trying so hard not to touch her?

  35. eva

    i dont get you guys?!

    she is actually amazingly hot…she has a cute face!! shes just not wearing makeup

    why cant any of u losers think outside of the box..shes just trying something different with her hair and she still looks bangin

    have u seen that ass and waist?

  36. Bri

    Amber Rose is amazingly beautiful.. She doesn’t look that great here, but who cares.. he obviously likes her…

  37. Zare

    i completely get it.

  38. Groucho

    She’s smokin’! Literally.

  39. The Greek Giant

    Hello, The Greek Giant here sniffing three lines of pure Bolivian cocaine as I cruise about Hollywood in my sparkling blue Maserati and plow down impoverished American bums, who must learn to scamper across streets quickly or else.

    This American prostitute Amber Rose slept in the six car garage of my palatial Los Angeles estate last night after I, The Greek Giant, pummeled her arsehole and then blew a Giant sperm explosion all over her chunky elephant legs and bulging buttocks. That is all.

  40. rach

    She’s MAD hot. I can understand the concerns and criticisms of her degree of class or personal fashion sence perhaps… but she’s a highly attractive woman. It seems that most can’t see past the fact that she’s still attractive REGARDLESS of how much hair is on her head.

    I think many are just intimidated at the sight of a woman with indeterminate race they can’t pigeon hole; a woman who doesn’t look frail and weak and easily led; a woman who is fierce and confident looking.

    Also, as it’s been mentioned, she actually iS rather fashionable according to what’s being worn in places like LA, San Francisco, NYC. It’s not my cup of tea, but those shorts, the glasses, all very IN right now.

    Whatever. She’s hot.

  41. Truth Doctor


    Holy shit, someone WANTS to date THAT? And he’s not even blind or retarded? Ok, he’s not even blind???

    Seriously, I’m about to shit myself laughing, this is too much. When does Ashton jump out and say we’re punk’d?

    Oh yeah, and in before “it’s a man, baby!”.

  42. mahatmakalian

    SHE FUCKEN LOOKS LIKE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SELF ABSORBED FAGGOT. HES SUCH A WANK

  43. Alpo Woman

    I’ve been to that French Bistro on Sunset Blvd. and it is really a piece of shit. The food is just mediocre, and all the waiters are complete assholes. Years ago they would let you bring your dog with you to the sidewalk cafe, but now it is obvious that they only let the real dogs inside.

  44. Chauncy

    In the words of James Franciscus, “It’s a bloody nightmare!”

  45. NY Ted

    Where did he find her…in a concentration camp…?

  46. I think she missing a great venue to advertise on her head.

    Baldness could be the wave of the future

    Up Up and Away
    Attila the Honey

  47. poop

    She’s got a fucking gorgeous face and a nice body. You people are blind.

  48. Animal Channel

    Here they come, walkin’
    Down the street.
    They get the funniest looks from
    Every one they meet.
    Hey, hey, they’re the Monkees!!!

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