Kanye West’s girlfriend: I don’t get it

March 2nd, 2009 // 273 Comments

Kanye West took his new girlfriend Amber Rose out shopping in Hollywood yesterday because when is it not classy to look like you just picked up a hooker? Some might say this is the kind of thinking that prevents me from getting invited to weddings, but I say it’s the kind of thinking that saves me money on a toaster oven – so I can pay for penicillin. Swish!


  1. Maybe he should get some sideburns to go with that beard…

  2. prettynormal

    Her choice of clothes is unfortunate, but she’s actually very pretty. She’s just got the body of an actual woman, not of a prepubescent boy, like so many hollywood chicks.

  3. dveesh

    it’s called hobo chic!

  4. daunte

    The easiest explaination is that she is a tranny and he is a homo.
    2nd. She can suck a golf ball through a water hose.
    3rd. She is a pimp and brings all of the other whore to him.
    4th. She is blackmailing him.
    5th its his fetish.

  5. mc

    “And now, gentlemen, please give a big BootyShakers welcome to this afternoon’s featured dancer, right now on the main stage….Aaaaaamber Rooooooooose!!!”

  6. m

    She’s very pretty, just has an ugly hipster outfit. Not surprised that Kanye would date a HIPSTER.

  7. Deacon Jones


    Exactly. And she’s probably come out to Luadacris a thousand times over…

    She’s no stranger to hip-hop, she’s been passed around by them like 4 or 5 times already, like a passed out freshmen at a frat house

  8. Barry O

    WOW He embraces ugly things like mullets, bald hookers and Carlton Banks outfits as if they are beautiful! He must be so creative!!


  9. dveesh

    it’s called hobo chic!

  10. Halo Omni

    Kanye is a foot guy and her’s aren’t bad

  11. Max Planck

    At least there are no head lice.

  12. Max Planck

    At least there are no head lice.

  13. Max Planck

    At least there are no head lice.

  14. correction

    it’s called a homo’s chick.

  15. Max Planck

    At least there are no head lice.

  16. roger

    god dammit. he’s just doing this because he wants to be all “MAYNE I’M JUST A NORMAL DUDE DON’T NEED FANCY OR HOT SHIT SEE?????”

  17. Dixie

    Her outfit (minus the shoes and elastic shorts) is something I would wear cleaning my house on a hot summer day.

  18. Creo

    She probably had to cut off all her hair due to a bad relax job. You know how black chicks have to do all sorts of stuff to their hair straight so they look moe European and not black.

  19. on a superficial note...

    google the pictures of her in Smooth magazine… then it will become all too clear why he’s dating her.

  20. Chris

    Its getting ridiculous how much Rappers want to be like White people now by wearing stylish brands and now even by dating skinny women. You can tell he is trying really hard to be attracted to her and is just feeling really uncomfortable.

  21. Amy

    I’m scared of it.

  22. TonyS

    “You can tell he is trying really hard to be attracted to her”

    Haven’t any of you fucking retards looked at the pics in #15…..we don’t need Scully or Mulder to solve this freakin’ mystery.

  23. Common Sense


    But seriously, when did Kanye start liking trannies?

  24. Kunte West has a girlfriend? Is that what you call that muppet? a girlfriend? blech!

  25. Quinn

    Oh dear God

  26. joe shmoe

    ohhhhhhhhhh , i still dont get it?

  27. liz

    56, you got it. he would date a girl who dresses like this. but minus the bag and glasses plus a belt and an actual top, this could be cute.

  28. k.

    He and she are CLASSY…
    people..get out of your box..jebus

  29. sane person



    good one.

  30. Kim

    i got it! it is getto style! what do you expect from the gettos!!!

  31. gigi

    OK, so this isn’t a *dude*, right? well considering, I’d say he’s doing well… so she’s being tacky, she’s still ok… what’s disturbing me a little is how she skillfully worked the elastic waisted mom shorts into porn star mode…. it’s kinda genius actually…

  32. Tom K

    This is a joke right? So many questions!

    What is her nationality?! I can’t tell what the fuck she is!!!

    Is she asian, black, white, half black, hispanic, chimp, space alien or all of the above?

    Is she a man in drag or a tranny?

    Does she have full blow aids? She looks like an aids patient (no offense)

    Is she a singer, rapper pornstar or actor? I have never heard of her!

    This goon never fails to make me laugh he is such a closet homosexual!

  33. Playa playa

    I get it.

    Blowjob lips.

  34. grobpilot

    Un-fucking-believable. This ugly snag got up one day, shaved her head, looked in the mirror and said, “that looks good”. What’s worse is, that brain-dead West agrees with her. I’ll bet he spends a lot of time greasing up her cranium and trying to stuff it up his ass.

  35. Nero

    Big ass and sandpaper head.Almost bald but not yet.

  36. daunte

    I followd the link in #15. This is a guy. No other way tho put it. A very feminine guy, but a guy.

    These are the quote this bitch said in the magazine.

    ” I love to be on my back so I can look into my mans eyes while hes stroking me”

    “The best sex is the sex i have with myself, to be honest”

    That is as queer as you can get. Tranny. No doubt.

    Kanye West is a fucking homo!! He fucks dudes!!

  37. I hate Kanye

    I love all the hate for this fucking racist. Yes Kanye white people DO HATE YOU!! your girl friend is a scank looking tranny and looks like you gave her aids fuck bag. I really wish you or one of your idiot friends would read what we really think of you. I can’t wait until you become another fucking hack artist and vanish along with the rest of your talentless fuck-face friends.


  38. lola

    The whole “hot Gandhi” look must be the style for next season. Her body is great, but why not leave some things up to the imagination? I think she should grow out her hair at least an inch or two and she would look 10 times better instantly. She is a very beautiful woman who is trying her hardest to look like a skank

  39. Jibbly Biggins

    She looks gross. Dude, I thought that only Hollywood attention whores dressed this way.

  40. Alyssa


    You guys just get caught up in her clothes… go google her, she’s mixed – half chinese half black, only much fairer

  41. So Right

    Wholeheartedly YUCK!!!!!!! BLECHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. So Right

    Wholeheartedly YUCK!!!!!!! BLECHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. hey hey

    Is it me or does she look like Egghead Jr from Foghorn Leghorn?


  44. LOismyBFF

    this is why George BUsh hates black people…yeah I said it

  45. the big kahuna

    all you people saying she’s hot only think that bc she has her fucking tits and ass hanging out.
    her face is as gross as her outfit

  46. i dont get it either…. what ethnicity is she? i can’t tell

  47. sin

    Go to the Smooth magazine web site. Look up this creatures photo shoot. Read the answer and questions part as well as looking at the pictures.
    There is only one conclusion. This is a guy who like to dress as a woman.
    A transexual/transvestite. A gay homo and kanye west is one also.
    Gay Boy!! Gay Boy!! Kanye West is a GAY BOY!!
    I wonder who is the bitch in bed with these two guys?

  48. wowee

    An Asian woman with a nice big round ass. Best combo ever. Me rikey. Shame the hair ruins it…now if we could just screw Bai Ling’s face on her body…

  49. It is so awesome that he supports Jerry’s Kids. By dating them.

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