Kanye West’s girlfriend: I don’t get it

March 2nd, 2009 // 273 Comments

Kanye West took his new girlfriend Amber Rose out shopping in Hollywood yesterday because when is it not classy to look like you just picked up a hooker? Some might say this is the kind of thinking that prevents me from getting invited to weddings, but I say it’s the kind of thinking that saves me money on a toaster oven – so I can pay for penicillin. Swish!


  1. Valerie

    I don’t get it, either…………

  2. cate

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Amber Rose is not her real name….

  3. Valerie

    whoa I was the first one to comment, wow I’m a fucking loser, later!!! : X

  4. Joline

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  5. haha

    Haha, its funny cause she looks like a hooker

  6. Jesus Wept

    She looks more like his aunt or something

  7. dude

    i think this is Borat’s girlfriend from his movie but she lost a ton of weight

  8. Elmo


  9. spermbankowner

    I’d hit that.

    For some reason I wanna blow a load on her bald head.

  10. Vince Lombardi

    Oh, I get it.

  11. Jade

    *LOVE* the elastic waist!


  12. Elmo

    WTF why is my name a link??

  13. kangay

    He’s dating a shemale because it’s the closest he’ll get to dating a man, which is what he really wants.

  14. vioo

    i think shes pretty damn hot actually

  15. jonny

    She’s perfect for that talentless hack. He sucks and so does she.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    You know all that crazy fucked up shit Kanye says all the time – the stuff that comes spilling out of his idiot mouth whenever someone puts a microphone in front of it?

    It’s her, man.

    This proves he’s completely bat-shit nuts.

  17. Beth

    The spitting image of his dear departed mom.

  18. LOL

    Is anyone really suprised by this? Nut-job Kanye West dating a nut-job shemale. I bet he sucks her penis before they pick opposite sides in a padded room and throw cat food at each other to get off.

  19. Hey Kanye

    You know how I know you’re gay…

  20. First Tim

    This reminds me the Law and Order SVU I watched the other day.

  21. M

    @18 – you solved it.

    i bet she wrote 808s& Hearbreaks. what a disappointment.

  22. DAMN!


  23. dude

    kanye’s personal stimulus package- hiring a working girl and then takin’ her out shoppin’ ! Way to go kanye!

  24. Sid

    I blame Kim Kardashian.

  25. Karen

    I didn’t know Steve Urkel had a sister.

  26. Wow, really? Kanye, Im so disappointed in you.

  27. dude

    She is like a cross between a skank and a nerd…a skerd.

  28. LM

    #15…Wow I really get it now – that little freakish gazelle is actually smokin hot – she has a HUGE ass and tits…maybe he’s not gay after all.

  29. nipolian

    I think it’s great that Kayne is dating Curly Neal from the Harlem Globetrotters.

  30. Pat

    lmao@”gazelle” – the world’s first fat-assed thunder-thighed “gazelle.”

  31. Evil

    I think she’s hot. Big booty doesn’t hurt either.

  32. And why not! bet shes helping him grieve in more ways than one…back that thang up please!

  33. Sheila

    Their facial features are very similar.

  34. Stupid house negro. This proves all black men are gay. They invented the “down low” after all.

    Durring the campaign Kanye said he would NEVER sign a bill with pork in it. But now the new Omnibus Spending Bill has over 900 ear marks in it….What? Kanye didn’t say that? That’s right. It was that obama guy. The one everyone thinks is the new chosen one.

  35. Jones

    She actually has a great body. Her face isn’t bad, either. She’s just presented all wrong. The clothes look like they came from a dirty trashbag behind a Goodwill, & the bald head & birth control glasses aren’t doing her any favors.

  36. Jesse

    Some people might think she’s hot. I mean, think about it, KFC has been in business for almost 70 years. There’s no accounting for taste.

  37. tanya

    This chick is smokin’ hot you morons!

  38. g_girl

    Acid is helluva drug and i see that God likes it sometimes.

  39. Delgo

    Every single thing Kanye does/says, is done/said so we will thread about it.
    He wins.

  40. The White Urkel

    I bet he is dating her to save money in these hard economic times. He won’t have to pay her to ram him with a strop on. She already has her own cock.

    Not helping to squash the gay porn issue there Kanye.

  41. Joe

    Why buy the cow when you can rent the milk at a low hourly rate?

  42. cora

    Her body is bangin! She just needs a new head.

  43. cora

    Her body is bangin! She just needs a new head.

  44. Deacon Jones

    This girl’s a freak!

    Imagine what her ass looks like hitting it doggystyle – that’s Bangbros material.

    I’d def hit it, after I put a clothes pin on my nose

  45. duh

    It’s not a question of if you’d “hit it”. There are some pretty hot hookers, too. The question is whether you’d parade around with “it” as your girlfriend. One part Kim Kardashian, one part Urkel, one part cancer survivor. Wow, hot.

  46. Vince Lombardi

    @44 – Man, I’m still laughing. That was a classic.

  47. Ill bet since dating Kanye she has a NO TOUCH policy now in her place of business…Like all of a sudden shes too good for that!

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