Kanye West whines like a little girl


Kanye West threw a tantrum after being shut out at the VMAs. While waiting for an elevator after the show, he started flipping out in front of the media and backstage crew about losing the five categories he was nominated in. He claims he’ll never return to MTV. The Associated Press reports:

“That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance,” said West, stomping around his entourage and directing his comments at a reporter. “I’m trying hard man, I have the … No. 1 record, man.” It was the latest outburst from West at an awards show. Last year, he crashed the stage at the MTV Europe Awards after not winning for best video.

Is Kanye West menstruating? Is that the deal here? Is he feeling a bit crampy, bloated? Maybe he should take a nice hot bath, eat some chocolate and watch a little Lifetime. Tomorrow is a brand new day and he can go pick up that purse that keeps catching his eye. There’ll be another chance for a VMA, and next time Kanye West will win Best Female Artist which he’ll be eligible for. Because of his vagina.