Kanye West wants to pose naked. Okay, sure.

Superstar rapper Kanye West wants to redefine the world of hip-hop as we know it. Except his plan involves showing you his testicles, and I’m literally not joking. Here’s what DJ Nudestein told the latest issue of Vibe:

“I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked. I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture.”

Another obstacle in Kanye’s quest to flash his dong is the always irksome problem of having too many people love your music. That’s right. Kanye has too many fans, and he’s not ashamed to bitch about it:

“I want the freedom of having less fans. It’s like the freedom of having less money. If you have less money, you have less responsibility. It’s like Björk. If she wanted to pose naked, you’d be like: ‘Oh, that’s Björk. But if I wanted to pose naked, people would draw all type of things into it.”

Let me get this straight; Kanye West is begging people to not buy his albums, so he can become an exhibitionist. Excuse me for a minute:


For the record, I have never purchased a single note of your music. Please, do not consider this an endorsement of your new-found desire to display your jungle of love. It’s actually the exact opposite. In fact, if you agree to put more clothes on top of the clothes you’re already wearing, I’ll walk into Target right now and start punching anyone in the face that tries to buy your CDs. You’ll get less fans. I won’t have to see your cock, and everyone’s a winner.

Holla’ at your boy,

The Superficial Writer

P.S. Did you seriously just compare yourself to a petite female Icelandic singer? Wow. That’s messed up.

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