Kanye West still a whiny little bitch

November 3rd, 2006 // 147 Comments

Kanye West crashed the stage of the MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen yesterday when he lost Best Video to Justice and Simian’s “We Are Your Friends.” He started going off on a rant about why he should’ve won for his video “Touch The Sky,” saying: “It cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons. If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you, but hell, man.” And in a post-show press conference he also admitted:

“I haven’t seen [the Justice vs. Simian video]. Possibly it could have been quite good, but no way better than ‘Touch the Sky’. That is complete bullshit. I paid a million. Obviously it’s not all about the money, but the response it got transcended everything, it really made great TV. It took a month to film; I stood on a mountain; I flew a helicopter over Vegas. I did it to be the king of all videos and I wanted to walk home with that award.”

Personally, I think my music video should’ve won that award. Sure, all I did was digitally edit together three minutes of Jessica Alba making out with Alessandra Ambrosio while I sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ in the background, but if you saw it you’d agree I should’ve won. You’d also agree that I’m the greatest director of our generation and should be given an honorary Nobel Prize for being awesome.


  1. PrettyBaby

    But Black people love George Bush

  2. sexybitch

    Money can’t buy talent, but in his case it can’t even rent it.

    If you unzip him, you’ll find Terence Trent D’Arby inside.

  3. Do Freebird

    Get real people, all this shit about who did or didn

  4. tweetyeyes

    Is Kayne in this picture? All I can see are some white stripes that the other guys are staring at.

  5. Elikapeka

    What a fucking twat. I hope he falls out of one of those helicopters right into a big canyon full of pissed off scorpions. And George Bush.

  6. TheRanchTooth

    What a piece of shit!!!!

    And his music sucks!!!!

  7. normella

    I’ve been a fan of Kanye’s for a few years now, but this is fucking ridiculous. They were talking about it on the radio and the DJ said, “All I know is if the winner had been someone like Snoop Dogg, Kanye would not have run up on stage and disrespected him like that. For such a tough guy, he sure knows how to pick his battles.”

    Not only was he obnoxious, but the video he was nominated for SUCKED ASS. Ugh. Celebrities.

    BTW, I don’t comment much, but I’ve been a reader for a couple of years. Hi! ::waves::

  8. DancingQueen

    Wow OSH, I had no idea how long that freaking song was until I saw it in black and white. Oops, my bad, I forgot you can’t call anything black or you’ll be labeled a racist.

    Once again it’s a prime example of how black people think money equals class and clout. Just because you spend a lot or something or it has a designer label on it doesn’t mean you are high class people!!! People still see you for what you are! “I be spending a million dollas on dat dare video dafoe I desevs a prize!” Who gives a flying fuck? He should have spent the money on something more worthwhile like fixing his damn tongue that’s too big for his freaking mouth!

  9. happy hands club

    I really can’t believe he really thinks his video should have won because Pam Anderson was in it.

  10. shankyouverymuch

    This guy is a straight-up gutter N-I-G-G-E-R… NO CLASS, thinks having money, means he has breeding, intelligence, creativity, ETC… WRONG NIGGER, VERY WRONG!!!…

    One time when I was in Vegas, I paid 100 bucks for a helicopter ride to get an aerial view of the city… maybe I should have won that award… I mean after all, I was on a helicopter… what a complete idiot…

  11. jrzmommy

    60–A helicopter was landing at the hospital at which I work this morning as I pulled into the parking lot—perhaps I should win the award!

  12. shankyouverymuch


    Not only that, but I think you should also get his million dalla… then give half to me for this great suggestion… If any of this ever pans out, I be taken you on a heelio-copta ride, just to say thanks…

  13. jrzmommy

    Cool, shanks! I hate black people too, although I don’t usually have the balls to say it here.

  14. Ugh…I cringe to think that he’s inadvertantly representing this country. What a spoiled bitch. He didn’t even see the other videos? Wow.

    When the ghetto-rich embarrass themselves here in the states, that’s one thing. When they do it internationally – that’s humiliating. Look at those guys in the pic laughing at him.

  15. jrzmommy

    At the hospital where I work, I hate that there are black residents and physicians, and all I do is clean shits from the toilet all day and occasionally enter data. I should’ve went to school instead of having babies.

  16. andrewthezeppo

    This bitch is such a has-been. Yes we all like Golddigger two years ago or whenever it came out, but everything else he’s done sucks.

    And how is spending $1,000,000.00 a big deal, Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson cost 5 Million and that was like 10 years ago. Hell Madonna whipes her ass with $1,000 bills on video set.

  17. jrzmommy

    So true. Niggers suck.

  18. Scott

    Kanye needs to stop acting like a black man.

  19. laikiska

    I had the EMA on in the background and saw this shit – thought it was staged at first (couldn’t be real, could it?????) So conclusion I drew: Kayne or whoever the FUCK he is, is a loser GRADE A1 and a wanker and a sad fucking case of a human being. In fact, even sadder than him was Justin Timberlake, who did a SHODDY job at hosting – now HE sucked so bad, a teleprompter couldn’t even help him along!!!!!!! Last year’s EMA in Lisbon: System of a Down’s comments, Jared Leto… where did you all go??????????!!!!

  20. jrzmommy

    Everyone in the video is laughing. Even Kanye. It was clearly staged as a Kerry-esque bad joke. But I still hate niggers. Although richport kisses my ass enough for me to like him despite his mixed blood.

  21. laikiska

    #71 – being controversial tonight then? *grin* – like that. But didn’t you say you would look after your kids a lot more from -er- yesterday onwards? must say though: all good things come in mixed-breed packages —– and there is a guarantee of no inbreeding.

  22. D'oh Eyes

    It’s obviously a troll, laikiska.

  23. laikiska

    who’s a troll??? jrzmommy? no way. she’ cool. unless she’s spewing nonsense.

  24. sexybitch

    She was run out of the Lohan thread. Ooooh, just wait ’til (jrz)mommy gets home, dumbYELL.

  25. jrzmommy

    It’s me, D’oh Eyes, can’t anyone tell? That troll has tainted everything, damnit!

  26. jrzmommy

    Hey jrzmommy troll, the real jrzmommy went home on the Lohan thread. She won’t be back until Monday. You’re wasting your time here.

    65. Posted by jrzmommy on November 3, 2006 1:47 PM

    Have a great weekend all….except for you DanYELL. For you, I hope someone drops a house on you.

  27. jrzmommy

    i AM home, sexy. I swear you people are morons sometimes.

  28. jrzmommy

    The only moron is a troll.

  29. jrzmommy


  30. sexybitch

    He shoulda just spent half a million and kept the video shorter.

  31. D'oh Eyes

    Posted by jrzmommy on November 3, 2006 1:55 PM

    At the hospital where I work, I hate that there are black residents and physicians, and all I do is clean shits from the toilet all day and occasionally enter data. I should’ve went to school instead of having babies.

    Yeah. This has Old Yeller’s stink all over it. Bad doggy, bad doggy.

  32. danielle

    First I’m jzmommy, but now I’m danielle.
    Who will I be next?

  33. sexybitch

    83. Posted by KimberWolf on November 3, 2006 2:32 PM

    I know that I’m new to all this. I just read the comments from the last few days, and I noticed something.

    You guys have been to a nice dinner party. You dress up a little. Wear the good jewlery. There’s red wine, good food and GREAT conversation. But, some inconsiderate person brought their small dog. This dog is running around all over, barking for attention, barking to people it doesn’t know, scooting it’s butt across the carpet. It’s ruining any possibility of a good conversation. That dog thinks it’s the greatest thing in the universe. It’s just to stupid and unsofisticated to know that it’s just a dog, and it doesn’t belong there.

    Who does this remind you of?

    (#80 looks like buttscoot tracks to me!)

  34. HaYtersLuvDanielle

    First I was jzmommy, then I was danielle, now I’m HaYtersLuvDanielle.

    Are you scared yet you fucking troll?

  35. Kanye West

    First I was jzmommy, then I was danielle, then I was HaYtersLuvDanielle, now I’m Kanye West.

    Do you still want to FUCK WITH ME troll?

  36. sexybitch

    Is “DEAD” too much to hope for?

  37. laikiska

    impersonating other people… my my how sad. but then again one would not expect anything less from the d-girl…

  38. jrzmommy

    HAHAHA. Kimberwolf wrote “unsofisticated,” lol. I guess that makes her one “sofisticated” bitch at this dinner party! You’re all retarded! And I’m not danielle, asses. That poor girl can’t spell either.

  39. I think #14 had it right. Instead of spending that million damn dollars on some piece of shit video, he should have given it to his beloved Katrina victims and saved himself all that embarassment and ridicule.


  40. jrzmommy

    Kimberwolf is hilarious! Can you believe that she literally wrote that someone was “to stupid?” “TO STUPID!” That is fucking classic! She must be blonde!

  41. KimberWolf

    Sorry, jrzmommy. I’m at work. This site is hardly the most sophisticated thing I’ll do all day. Would you feel better if I told you you were the coolest kid on the block?

    You can all enjoy this. I’m going out tonight.

  42. laikiska

    #92: been there, done that. out tonight is no fun – way too cold. much better at home with a nice buzz, a glass of wine and reading this crap. good clean Friday night fun. Typing is a bit hard. ‘scuse any type-o’s from me tonight.

  43. KimberWolf

    just remember to use “too” when stating “excess”. :-)

    Still warm in CA. It’s still 3:30, too.

  44. laikiska

    oh no worries kimberwolf – i never forget o’s, hehe. lucky you. would rather be home in the warm sun and beach and surf, too. But that doesn’t change the fact that kane keane kaybe kenya whatshisface is a dickweed.

  45. KimberWolf

    No doubt! You can never have too many “o’s”!! LOL

  46. jrzmommy

    96: Not if you’re blonde or went to a DC public school.

  47. SVA1994

    God, what a fucking asshole. Between this, his comments during the Katrina telethon, and his comment that he should be in the Bible, this guy definitely qualifies for an ass-kicking.

  48. Saera

    To the SF guy: I love your hilarious comment on this! Srsly.

  49. Danklin

    Wow he stood on a mountain and flew in a helicopter over Vegas? Well smack my ass and call me Shirley, no ones ever done THAT shit before. Jesus this guy’s a douchebag. “Obviously its not all about the money” Is that why he felt it necessary to keep bringing up that it cost a million dollars? Sadly, a million bucks is chump change to this asshole. This guy should still be poor and living in the ‘burbs, but he’s a rich motherfucker because even bigger assholes with terrible musical taste buy his shit.

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