Kanye West pleads not guilty in paparazzi case

May 19th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Despite being caught on video, Kanye West is claiming he’s innocent of smashing $10,000 worth of paparazzi equipment during a temper tantrum. E! News reports:

The hip-hop star pleaded not guilty last week to charges of battery, grand theft and vandalism stemming from his arrest for tangling with a persistent paparazzo at Los Angeles International Airport last September.
West and his business manager, Don Crawley, are accused of smashing a shutterbug’s $10,000 video camera when he and a colleague tried to get shots of the duo boarding a flight for Hawaii.

Of course, the prosecution will have an easy case here. All they have to do is try to take a picture of Kanye causing him to smack the camera to the ground, cover his ears and scream until somebody puts on SpongeBob. Because he’s a child.

Photo: Getty

  1. Jeezy

    Kanye’s gay.


    What a fucking baby.

  3. Steve Donahue

    Tracy Morgan looks great all dressed up.

  4. Savalas

    Dick minstrel

  5. isitin

    What an ugly man…………

  6. TheDude

    What a fucking baby.

  7. Edna Bambrick

    #6 has been reported.

  8. Stan

    I hear he likes fish sticks.

  9. It's Me Fuckers

    #7…. reported? ROFL!!! You fucktard, you haven’t been here before have you?


    I almost pissed myself over the SpongeBob comment! Kanye is a whiny douche bag… wait… douche bags are useful and not whiny… I’d call him a cunt but I doubt he possesses the warmth or the depth for the term.

  10. G

    she’d be Fun Fun Fun…she’ a little hottie for sure!

  11. G

    she’d be Fun Fun Fun…she’ a little hottie for sure!

  12. san

    F*ck the Papparazzi scum of the earth. It should be legal to smash their cameras, preferably in their faces

  13. Jeezy

    @12: Agreed. Being a paparazzi is not a real job. Any douche with a camera can sit outside the clubs and be a paparazzi.

  14. dirk

    Did Obama fly over the flood victims in Kentucky? OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE!!!

  15. Kyle's cousin Kyle


  16. Atomic Fireball

    If the past tense of “read” is read (pronounced “red”) then how come the past tense of “plead” isn’t plead (pronounced “pled”)?

  17. He should plead guilty to wearing that stupid fucking scarf.

  18. Edna's biggest fan

    #9 You fucking newbie. Edna is the shit, that bitch has been on here over 2 years ago. Get ready for some psycho christianity mother fucker! RANT YOU CRAZY BITCH, RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Having said that (you are a total fucktarded abortion remnant #9) I would like to point out how awesome that they got a pic of Kan-lame-est looking like the stoogy house-nigger he is. Go Uncle Tom, Go!

    PS Fuck you Edna in your stinky goat-hole.

  19. Edna's biggest fan

    Richports dick looks like a cockatiels poopie

  20. Alison

    He looks like a retarded black chipmunk

  21. denise

    Yes, he does have that slightly “slow” look. I think he’s mildly retarded.

  22. I bet everyone of you bitching about this worthless prick has either his CD or at least two mp3 files of his songs. I can honestly say that I do not. Stop making this idiot poster child rich and he’ll go away.

  23. #19 – Really? I give that like a 10… out of 10 milllion…

  24. Deacon Jones

    He looks like he should be on the national geographic channel using a twig to eat termites.

  25. Jonsey

    The paparazzo are such pussies.

    Just write it off already.

  26. Ednas biggest fan

    Richports vagina looks like week old Taco Bell.

  27. mikeock

    Fag. That thing around his neck looks like those pads old people put on the shoulder belts in their Buicks.

  28. whomever

    Yeah, Kanye. You’re cool. Twat.

  29. chango666

    #24 . . . that’s some funny shit . . . .

  30. Dolla

    Kanye, come on by my crib, Let’s Make Some Toast. Unless you’re a Gay Fish.

  31. reasonable

    let’s be honest, superficial is being fucking stupid.

    nobody likes a camera in their face… paparazzi deserved it

  32. gigi

    ughhhh… why’s he still around? seriously, is he f*ing Satan or something?? he already likes fishsticks in his mouth…. what’s next?

  33. smarg

    This guy is a thug nigger. Nothing more.


    Look at that talentless ape head . Damn our culture and kids have gone to shit buying his garbage rhymes!!

  35. Bubba Trucker

    “George Bush hates black people”. No, he just hates YOU Kanye, like everyone else.

  36. DCMikeRotch

    Why is he wearing a bathmat around his neck?

  37. Why is there a strip of carpet around this man’s neck?

  38. Ned Beatty

    He looks that way because I boned him right up the ass. Squeals like a pig, he does. If only he’d move his ass a little more and stop crying, I’d be a happy camper.

  39. what a black beauty

    Click name

  40. KanyeWestFanNot

    Kanye’s 15 minutes expired a long time ago. This loser should just take whatever money he has left and bounce.

    He’s always been a douchebag. Not as big a douche as THE GAME, but pretty close.

  41. National Geographic Channel

    The Great Stupid North American Street Ape is fond of performing what is called “rap” among the North American Street Ape community, which is actually an acronym for “retards attempting poetry”.

    The results of these efforts are always utterly useless though, just like the empty brillo-pad covered head of Great Stupid North American Street Ape himself.

    When not attempting to “rap”, the Great Stupid North American Street Ape can also often be found attempting coitus with the hot exhaust pipe of an automobile, an act which frequently ends in a burning case of penis captivus ab automobilo as the charred smoking skin of his scorched penis adheres to the inside of the exhaust pipe.

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