Kanye West not invited to Haiti telethon

January 21st, 2010 // 67 Comments

George Clooney is inviting as many A-Listers as possible to tomorrow’s Hope for Haiti Telethon with the logical exception of Kanye West, according to PopEater:

“After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it’s just best that he does not participate,” a producing partner told me. “Kayne has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it’s just not about him.”

Of course, Kanye could use this as an opportunity to quietly redeem himself by offering up Amber Rose’s ass as a shelter for Haitians. Or at least that’s what I would do if the government wasn’t interfering with my business by saying women have “free will.” Why do you hate poor people, Washington?!

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  1. Hater

    Kanye is a piece of trash!

  2. Manly Man

    Kenye will be busy suckin my cock, suck it Kenye.

  3. Manly Man

    Oh, I just came in Kenye’s mouth.

  4. Oh, he swallowed it.

  5. Mike T

    what a piece of shit he is
    I would love to fight this racist asshole……..

  6. Richard McBeef

    @3 – Dude, you told him to suck it at 11:39 and you busted it at 11:40. Either you need to work on your stamina or Kanye sucks it real good. I’m leaning towards the latter as I am sure he is cocksucking professional.

  7. Donkeylips

    Mike T – I think you meant “fuck” not “fight”.

    Manly Man – Wash off your dick, I pushed a big brown in Kanye’s mouth at 11:38 this morning.

  8. Barny Frank

    I’m Barny Frank. Me, Reed, Pelosy, and Kanye have ‘browning’ foursomes once a week watching Brookback Mountain. Yesterday was our 8th time, and it’s getting better every week.

    Kanye loves my cabbage hole…

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  10. Kanye Blows


    Kanye is such a piece of shit.

    Stay home mamas boy!!!

  11. Sport

    you gotta love self absorbed assholes that wear dark glasses at night. In this case you have TWO of them.


    He should buy a ton of fish sticks and send it to Haiti. But seriously, it would be way funnier and draw higher ratings if people knew Kanye would show up during the telethon.

  13. Dion Phaneuf is a prick

    “George Clooney is inviting as many A-Listers as possible to tomorrow’s Hope for Haiti Telethon with the logical exception of Kanye West”

    Since when is that assclown an A-Lister?

  14. medi0169

    Daaaaaah! Punk Bitch. Payback for interrupting the white woman’s moment.

  15. The Truth

    Racist SOB. Eat shit Kanye.

  16. What?

    What is up with his big lips and opened mouth? This dude was a waste of semen.

  17. Seriously

    Seriously… is Kanye mentally retarded with all the shit he says?

  18. Run n Gun

    Why are blacks so self-centered?

  19. How I Rough your mother

    So Kanye didnt make Clooney’s list?

    Im no Kanye sympathizer but who died and made CLooney King of Hollywood. Now you see how appropriate my “Eff Clooney” is…

  20. J

    Kanye appears on the telethon and rushes to the stage.
    He snatches the microphone from George Clooney and shouts “Fuck you
    Haiti..the Papua earthquake was a 7.6…no disrespect Haiti but Papua’s was better.”

  21. KanyeBlows

    Go to Haiti and get your hands dirty Kanye, you egomaniacal jerk!

  22. Inspector gadget

    Looks like Kanye has a big load in his right cheek, it’s probably that dudes next to him in the pic

  23. What the fuck’s the point of making a statement about not inviting Kanye? If you’re not going to invite Kanye, just don’t fuckin’ invite him. It’s not that big a deal.

    Until now, I had no idea how many shitheads were lurking on this site. Kanye, a racist? Are you shitting me? He didn’t like Bush (for reasons that many people share) and Taylor Swift sucks balls so he was right about that (while I admit he fucked up at the show). Just because he’s an asshole the qualifications for being a racist are lower? People like Don Imus, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Kramer who are obviously racist do whatever they want and it’s forgotten about in a week. This shit makes me sick.

  24. Black Dragon

    It always some smart ass cracker doing anything he can to fuck with a brutha. Kanye didnt do nuthing other than speak the truth that skinny whtie girl aint shit compared to Beyonce and she stole the girl award and you white people know that the truth.
    If it weren’t for you white people the black man would be rich right now and I guess you can’t have that now can you?

  25. d

    @#25….apprently you too are also a dumb nigger

  26. stupidass

    i don’t know what he’d be able to say, anyway.

    “Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people” loses a little punch, in my opinion.

    “Haiti, I’m gonna let u finish, but Indonesia had the worst natural disaster of all time!” is a little premature, as well.

    Just bad timing for Kanye right now. Don’t worry guys, we’ll get a chance to see him be a worthless shithead soon enough.

  27. j-sin

    Seriously Kanye is racist? Where the fuck did he ever say anything racist? Kanye support more progressive causes than any of you knuckle draggers ever would. Seriously, it’s like these days how dare a black person be confident and diva like when the white man’s been doing that shit for hundreds of fucking years. Get off Kanye’s dick.

  28. Jannie Baby

    @29: Kanye has a dick?




    He should buy a ton of fish sticks and send it to Haiti. But seriously, it would be way funnier and draw higher ratings if people knew Kanye would show up during the telethon.

  31. @27. Great response. Full or racism and completely lacking any serious argument. Fuck off, the world doesn’t need you.

    @31. This thing doesn’t say anything about Kanye being refused from attending. It just says he wasn’t invited. As far as I’m concerned, this shouldn’t even be an article since all it’s saying is that nothing is happening. There’s really nothing to “suck down.”

  32. mafme

    I hope they at least invited his gf’s body.

  33. mafme

    Yeah, I don’t think he’s racist, and Bush doesn’t care about Black people… but I do think he’s an insufferable douche and anything that doesn’t involve him is better for it.

  34. anonymoose

    ripped clothes are so de classe.

  35. Juiceinla

    wait for it….. ((Kayne West crashes with empty bottle of Grande Marnier in hand telethon, Screams)) “George Clooney hates Haitian People” .

  36. misterfister

    She probably straps one on and uses his ass as a pin cushion..

  37. OMG!

    Really the racist is you white people that keep pulling up his name every chance you get.

  38. the heat

    you mean “political freedom”, not “”free will”".

  39. F u c k the Racist white People

    This post goes out to all the racist white bitches. FUCK all yall and KANYE is way bigga than any of you pieces of shit will eva be. And by the way i am white so all yall can suck my white dick too.

  40. MrChips

    I don’t know about Kanye, but I think God hates the Haitian people. It’s one disaster after another. Who’s idea was it to cram 10 million people on that little island?

  41. Ming

    Everyone in Hollywood knows Kanye is gay.

    Why do you think Perez Hilton pushes his albums so mercilessly?

  42. young JayZ

    FUCK Kayne. Him not being invited is a great thing. He is SHIT!!

  43. Kobe

    Kanye needs to stop being such an egomaniacal fuck bag

  44. BOOGIE

    What a waste of a NIGGER should be HANGING in a Tree wit a SHEBOON and the Spear Chuckers and Porch Monkeys

  45. Heather

    I’m sorry Haiti, Ima let you have your moment in a minute… but California had one of the worst earthquakes of all time.

    Oh, and Obama doesn’t care about black people.

  46. oh the bareheaded lady

  47. “Hey hey, I jus wanna say Haiti da best in da world’n all’n I’m real happy for dese people, but wut about Kanye now? Huh? C’mon now.”

  48. ChickenTetrazzini


    Ooh look, a race traitor! I bet your parents are SO PROUD that you defend the noble nigger at the expense of your own race. People like you are vastly more repugnant than the most virulent outspoken racist because at least the racists know where their loyalties should lie…with their own fucking race. If you think that kissing nigger ass will ever make them like you, then you deserve what you’re gonna get, which is fucked over by them. Because they are not shy in letting us stupid crackers know that they hate us and will always hate us, yet there you are acting like if you just defend them hard enough, you’ll get accepted by them. I guess if your own can’t stand you, you have to hang out with the apes….too bad for you. You and your ilk are disgusting and apparently have no pride, no sense of self, and no respect for your heritage, which is pitiable. Please kill yourself post haste, the last thing the white race needs more of is self-loathing retards like yourself. Thanks!

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