Kanye West not banned from Haiti telethon

January 22nd, 2010 // 88 Comments

MTV has cleared up reports that Kanye West was banned from George Clooney’s Hope for Haiti Telethon tonight. Apparently they reached out to Kanye who never called them back. So for everyone keeping score at home, Kanye West wasn’t banned from the telethon because he’s an asshole. He’s just a dick. Glad that’s cleared up.

EDIT: Added photos of Kanye posing for the paparazzi at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show last night. I feel bad now because obviously the man’s very busy. Wearing fur coats. In Paris.

Photo: Fame

  1. Gil64

    who is this person?

  2. Taz

    Who cares about this ass! More tits please

  3. chopper

    i just dont get the appeal of this cat.

  4. j-sin

    Yet racist white people can’t stop talking about him.

  5. Greenman

    There are crop circles on his head.

  6. bone

    he’s a lyrical mothafuckin wordsmith

  7. LouR

    All this guy needs is a condom over his head..this guy is a real DICK!..Sowhere in Paris, there’s a couple of fucking alley cats screaming for their fur.. here.. morris…morrris…

  8. kaynedickwad

    Dear Kayne: Ditch the fur dickwad. The only people still wearing fur either have the IQ of a stopsign, or don’t give a shit about causing animal suffering – I think you fit both categories – oh yeah – you’re fucking ugly too!!.

  9. ___

    What’s up with this guys mouth. It’s always hanging open like he’s catching flies or something. Fucking douchebag slackjaw mouth breather. He’s like Forest Gump’s friend Bubba.

  10. Me

    Kayne’s an over-rated, mouth breather with terrible taste in women.

  11. gotmilk?

    this guy and his boyfriend can’t be serious with those jackets? just the look on his face in picture one makes me want to take a dump on it, and then put him out of his obvious misery. It’s like he thinks he’s the son of god, but no one else has caught on yet.

  12. enough

    This guy is a racist. He, and others who share his logic are one of the many reasons this country is on a tragic, downward spiral. I spun some lyrics from the Jay-Z/Kanye/Rihanna “Run this town tonight” song and changed the word “black” to “white”.

    After the change… tell me one white artist who could have published that song.

    oh the irony, the double-standard in this country, it makes me sick.

    We are
    Yeah I said it
    We are
    This is Roc Nation
    Pledge your allegiance
    Get y’all white tees on
    All white everything
    White cards, white cars
    All white everything
    And our girls are whitebirds
    Ridin’ with they dillingers
    I’d get more in depth
    If you boys really real enough
    This is la familia
    I’ll explain later
    But for now let me get back to this paper
    I’m a couple bands down and i’m tryin’ to get back
    I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
    Yeah i’m talkin’ five comma
    Six zeros


  13. POW

    I wonder if Obama hates all the black people as well.

  14. Waiting

    Don’t really care if this arrogant asshole was invited or not. What does matter is that he’s a jerk, and shouldn’t be on the show. He’ll definitely try to make it all about himself. Personally, I can’t wait until the day that someone caves in his head…

  15. Crabby

    What a waste of space – why does this FUGLY douchebag always have that moronic fucking look on his face?! Even when he smiles, he looks like a creepy, horse-toothed pedophile. I wish that him and his shemale would just choke on some Louis Vitton tonight.

  16. umm

    i think he’s hot, honestly. in that bad as mother fucker kind of way like you want to get tossed around by?

  17. snickers

    Wow the fact that this guy is wearing fur makes me dislike him even more. It’s 2010 i hope to god kids don’t look up to this degenerate. What sickens me is that he preaches about world issues yet he himself is an issue that needs to be set straight….Same with his prostitute.. i mean gf… who looks more like lindsay lohans bottle of seven nyne tanning spray covered in fur. Stop wearing gold rings kanye stick to spending $$ on the std strippers u find at the clubs! or maybe plastic surgery for your lips bubba gump.

  18. Crabby

    Sorry – Vuitton

    For all you wordsmiths with a critical eye. lol

  19. lauryn

    I love that the money he spent on his fur could have been spent helping haiti.. just a thought

  20. SO RIGHT

    She makes me as sick as he does. What’s funny is they don’t see how insecure and narcissistic they appear to everyone around them. They think they’re really neato ;)

  21. missywiss

    Is it me or is Kanye trying to steal Spencer Pratt’s act?

    Funny, because he was trying to get Michael Jackson’s who actually was taken by Heidi. It’s like the Kevin Bacon game.

  22. Sport

    tool – and his beotch (another tool.)
    Nice outfits for fashion week too you slobs.

  23. missywiss

    oh yeah, and don’t wear fur! it’s bad to do that. Eating cows, chickens and pigs that are mass fed in their own fecies and slaughtered by illegal immigrants so we can buy 99 cent cheeseburgers = good. Wearing fur from cute little animals = bad.

  24. Nice helmet-head haircut, you fucking jackass.

    George Bush hates black people. And I hate Kanye West (I guess that makes me a “Haayy-tuh” in ebonics).

  25. enough


    He’s a giant pussy. Guaranteed this guy won’t throw down to protect his girl or anything else of value, he’ll be too busy running away to save his own ass. Seriously… what the fuck is wrong with the youth of today? You think he can “toss” you? good Lord, pathetic.

  26. just fyi

    just fyi: his mouth looks like that sometimes because he was in a really bad car crash a few years back and they had to wire his jaw shut.. etc etc…

  27. Peter Griffin says...

    Ugh – this guy is such a coon!

  28. obvinot

    Yeah, you cry baby bitch, any criticism leveled at West is racism. Because he’s black you see. Whiny lil bitch.

  29. Paul Marco

    Kanye is a straight-up Punk-Ass-Bitch. But who really makes me want to throw up is that that baldheaded, no-talent, groupie freak, high yellow that Kanye calls his women.

  30. Bruda

    It’s douchebags like this that may me grateful I’m not black.

  31. Bill

    Such a douchebag

  32. Bob

    Kayne West doesn’t care about black people.

  33. Ouzo

    I used to like him but not anymore. I don’t support dickheads’ careers.

  34. MrChips

    But Kanye could offer so much hope to the Haitians. He knows suffering. Perpetually robbed at awards shows. Reduced to banging a bald prostitute. Mother died in a freak plastic surgery accident. He’s like Jesus. A pimped out, Downs faced, full length fur coat wearing Jesus.

  35. Jane

    eww. he looks like a monkey.

  36. netstarman

    This person looks like a penis wrinkle , He looks like he has been hoarding chimp cocks in his cheeks for the long winter. Or just a extremely tan looking Quagmire from Family Guy. Except Kayne loves sweaty soured rancid rash covered chimp nuts.

  37. Doc Schweinstrudel

    He is clearly gay. Look how happy Mark looks and his gf’s hairdo says a lot as well.

  38. Mz. Understood

    Kanye is a jerk for no reason. He is an arrogant a** hole who should not be allowed to speak. I like his music however I think he should only be givin a mic for entertainment only. Who cares what he has to say anyway. Whenever he is allowed to speak he just makes a dick out of himself. Kanye says Bush doesn’t like black people, but I think its just you Kanye who no one likes. Well I guess your boyfriend likes you since he keeps showing up in all your photo opps.

  39. AnonymousError

    Fur is so passe. Seriously. That’s just gross and tacky.

  40. I love Kanye’s style and I love those furs. The girl’s hot, too.

  41. manuel

    @23 Couldn’t have said it better. Talk about double standards, you got ‘em right here.
    Not that I’m defending him but by the way if you people want to bash West pick on something he actually was an asshole about which should be easy enough. “Because he is a gay motherfucker and his gf looks like a whore” hardly counts.

  42. Hummm

    After reading these comments its clear that Kanye has set black people back a few decades with his ignorance. White people please do not judge all black people based on the crap that comes out of this jerks mouth.
    Now for the racisit, white, cave bunnies out there I guess what you say doesn’t matter because your just as ignorant as Kanye. His ignorance has nothing to do with him being black, he’s just a jackass no matter what color just like any other racist.

  43. Aunt Jemima

    Yo Yo Yo YO! Imma let you finish but… Haiti had the best Earth quake EVER!

  44. friendlystoner

    didnt realise that gay fish wore fur coates. learn something new everyday i guess.

  45. j-sin

    @28- Who’s crying. Yu still felt the need to come on here and bash him. He’s got millions of dollars and you’ve got what? a klan rally to get to.

  46. american

    people from Haiti are so rude and can’t do anything without the help of others. They make me want to vomit everytime i hear of them! level the country it would be a blessing

  47. enough


  48. Crabby

    #43 – Aunt Jemima

    LMAO!! Spot on – thanks for the laugh!

  49. LT81

    I just can’t get over the fact they’re wearing fur. I mean, really, in 2010 you’re still practising something we realised was wrong about 40 years ago? C’mon!
    I saw that ramble about “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” and thought, whoa how did this become about race? I thought it was about helping a whole bunch of people devastated by a natural disaster? What would I know though, I’m not a cashed-up alcoholic mouth-breathing rapper.

  50. SO RIGHT

    Here’s the thing about fur vs. eating meat. Generally speaking, animals are not treated like this on the food chain, but they are treated like this when they’re on their way to being fur coats. Some 350 of them for your one fur coat

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