Kanye West knows karate

*kanye_west_thumb5.jpgKanye West claimed that, during his time in China as a child, he often put on impromptu martial arts displays in the street for extra money.

“When I was little,” he said, “my mom took a job over in China, and I used to do karate demonstrations for pennies. To be honest it was pretty entertaining for me, and I used to spend what I earned on ice-cream. My mother was like, ‘How can you ask for money from these poor Chinese people?’ I guess I was a hustler in fifth grade, entertaining people.”

Few things are as entertaining as the idea of a bunch of chinese people throwing money at Kanye doing his best Bruce Lee imitation. Unless, instead of imitating Bruce Lee, he was imitating Carmen Miranda. And, instead of the performing on a street in China, he was performing in Bob’s House of Transvestites in San Francisco. And, instead of throwing money, the audience was throwing butt plugs. Now that would be worthy of a Grammy.