Kanye West acts like a little bitch again

Because his vagina gets itchy and tells him to do things, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video and once again made a complete cockass of himself at the VMAs, according to MTV News:

The rapper stormed the stage just after the first award, for Best Female Video, was presented to Taylor Swift. He cut the teen singer off, grabbing the mic and protesting in support of Beyoncé.
“I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,” he proclaimed as B looked on from the crowd, stunned.
His protest against Swift, however, was not well received. West stood briefly on the stage after his comments as the crowd was silent. Audience members then began to clap in support of Swift after West left the stage.
According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.” His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, “Kanye, I tried.” During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away.

Nicely done, MTV. You have security on hand to protect Kanye West from Pink, but nobody to stop his ego from shitting on poor Taylor Swift’s evening. But then again, I’d keep a closer eye on Pink, too. Mostly because she can hold her own in a fight while Kanye would probably stand around crying until somebody said he has cool shoes.

Photos: Getty