Kanye West acts like a little bitch again

September 13th, 2009 // 261 Comments

Because his vagina gets itchy and tells him to do things, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video and once again made a complete cockass of himself at the VMAs, according to MTV News:

The rapper stormed the stage just after the first award, for Best Female Video, was presented to Taylor Swift. He cut the teen singer off, grabbing the mic and protesting in support of Beyoncé.
“I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,” he proclaimed as B looked on from the crowd, stunned.
His protest against Swift, however, was not well received. West stood briefly on the stage after his comments as the crowd was silent. Audience members then began to clap in support of Swift after West left the stage.
According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.” His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, “Kanye, I tried.” During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away.

Nicely done, MTV. You have security on hand to protect Kanye West from Pink, but nobody to stop his ego from shitting on poor Taylor Swift’s evening. But then again, I’d keep a closer eye on Pink, too. Mostly because she can hold her own in a fight while Kanye would probably stand around crying until somebody said he has cool shoes.

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  1. Simon Cowerall

    I think Beyonce is boring and over-rated. She’s been clogging up the music awards for years now with whatever crap release she had out each year for a whole decade now. These music awards have become boring and irrelevant with the same people retreading every year. Green Day best rock release – crap, what year is this? Where is the new stuff?
    I hate the way Beyonce uses the slutty dance moves then somehow gets lauded as pure and nice while she is milking the commercial half-naked female short gold lame shorts video low cut top route for years now. What makes her any better than the rest of the boring generic video sluts on MTV . Dentiny’s Child was boring commercial trash as well. Wake up people – Gen Z needs a music revolution – are you just going to keep sucking up the Kayne West Beyonce Jay Z deliveries for another decade and Green Day who were a 90s Clash tribute band anyway. Kayne West is what you end up with. I couldnt even name one decent song hes done – he means nothing to music history at least Beyonce had one or two memorable tracks but most is very mediocre – a new artist needs to supercede these old farts someday.

  2. J

    Cheesin talentless self-centred assclown douchebags like Kanye need to die.
    Where is OJ Simpson or Michael Jackson’s doctor when you really need them?

  3. Chipot

    Give this asshole the Imus treatment. Just blacklist him from the business completley.

  4. ROUGH daddy

    (cut off and dis-respectful) Joe Wilson pull that last week…where was the outrage?

    Kunt-ye is the type of man (using the term loosely) who will end up dying in his own arms….

  5. x

    i’m probably repeating what majority of the people here are saying but it is what it is. Kanye is an effing douche bag! what the f*ck is wrong with this guy?? i must admit, he makes great music, but why does this guy act like an attention-grabbing b*tch especially in the big shows? we all know he’s an arrogant prick, but sh*tting on a young girl’s big moment was just brutal. say all you want about country music and you may think Taylor’s songs are good or crap, but she deserves to shine in that moment. some may think the VMAs are crap, but MTV is televised worldwide right? Geez, what a pathetic loser. all who think that what kanye did was cool are brainless posers who think they’re so cool when they bring other people down and embarrassing them.

  6. H_Chick

    Its a shame that Miss West wasnt ushered into a quiet back room somewhere at the Awards so that Pink could beat 16 shades of shit out of the little prick and turn him into a white man.
    Has anyone read that little shit Wests so called “Apology”?
    What a garbled fucking piece of nonsense that was.
    Apology? what apology? It was insincere bullshit.
    Crawl back under your rock, kanye.

  7. Arturo

    I think it would be quite interesting to somehow go back in time and drop shit-asses like Beyonce and Kanye West into the middle of the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards. This was of course back when ‘mainstream’ music still had some balls and some emotion. Notice I said some emotion and not ‘emo.’ Fuck those motherfuckers.

    Kanye will self destruct once people realize that his ‘music’ sucks balls and he is a loser. He won’t be able to take it. I don’t know much about Taylor Swift or any of the current music “legends” for that matter… but I know that West could have been stealing the mic from the Jonas Brothers and I still would have wanted to watch him be beaten within an inch of his life by the members of Supergrass.

  8. Kanye Is An IDIOT

    Kanye is a Disgrace to our Race!

    His constant behavior (problems) is a big reason we Afro-Americans get no respect.

    He hypes the stereo-type.

    Kanye’s doctors..shoulda left his jaw WIRED!

    Shame..All his money can’t buy him no class.

  9. Bigo

    That motherf-cker was drunk before he got to the show. And his slutty bitch is so f-ing ugly.

    Both need to rot in hell!

  10. Alex

    Kayne definitely is a douche bag. He can apologize all he wants after the fact since the crowd (the logical ones) acknowledges how much he #@$ed up. He def lost a fan on my part. And damn, it’s not like Beyonce never won a award in her life :\

    And for the coward “Kanye dumb nigger” you should hang yourself along with Kayne. =)

  11. steph

    THANK YOU SUPERFICIAL WRITER! you said it very well…. hes such an asshole and i feel like a bill should be passed where we get to kick the shit out of one person a week…. starting with this fuck of a human being known as Kanye West. Ugly mother fucker needs to realize that he looks like a chipmunk with nuts in his mouth and go the hell home.

  12. He’s a gay fish.

  13. balhder

    What a fucking douche. Like may other people here I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, in fact it’s safe to say I hate her music, however what right does this retard have to run on stage and ruin her moment? This classless prick should be barred from ALL award shows.

  14. Chris

    I think Kanye needs to swing by my house and I will whip is ass becasue he has issues with manner not racis. I personally see no color just actions of people. His actions should be handled quickly. He is an asshole on a different level. Taylor Swift is a very young woman and he messed up her moment. I do see him not be invited again. People ride Beyonce too much she is good but not the best.

  15. Valarie

    I think it is outrageous! If it would have been an African American up there who received the award and a white person got up there and did that – the white person would have been called a Racist. Well what the Hell was Kanye? That was BullSh*t! Kanye just proved what an ignorant piece of SH*T he is!!!

  16. Serena Williams

    Go Kayne Bootyliscious luvs her some straight talkin’ brutha! K should have Fucking stuffed that Fucking award down the skinny bitches Fucking throat.
    Beyonce is far and above the most talented goddess there is or ever will be. Her legs are almost as nice as mine!

  17. boo

    I agree with #102. I never watch music award shows, it’s the same old acts on every time, must of whom suck. MTV needs to do something controversial now that Britney is no longer a hot mess but if it was staged, I can’t believe that Taylor Swift’s people would have agreed to this.

  18. p-man

    what a rascist a-hole scumbag,.. he seems to only do this to white people. he did something like this when he lost to gretchen wilson a few years back. i think he hits the crack pipe before he goes to events..

  19. p-man

    what a rascist a-hole scumbag,.. he seems to only do this to white people. he did something like this when he lost to gretchen wilson a few years back. i think he hits the crack pipe before he goes to events..

  20. Shimma

    Excuse me for being ignorant, but who is Kenyan West?

  21. Lila

    I hate that everyone keeps talking about how Taylor Swift is so great and awesome. Kanye West taking up more space at the city dump than her doesn’t make her less of a piece of trash.

  22. Lila

    Love you 118!

  23. Huh?!?!?!?

    I did not even know there were VMA’s anymore, I thought they ended when MTV started playing SCRUBS re-runs.

    Oh, and Kenya west sucks and his music sucks, I heard one of his songs once on chappelle’s show and almost popped my eardrums. Gay Fish

  24. Savalas

    I see he’s still fucking that little boy from Ho Chi Minh City.

  25. marcos

    What a disappointment. No class, no manners. What’s done is done.

  26. Curious Observer

    Someone on the MTV staff gave Kanye West a microphone. Somone on the MTV staff allowed Kanye West access to the stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech. MTV was aware that Kanye West would speak out against Taylor Swift winning this award.

  27. Dexton

    amber rose is fat!!! i can stand both their faces , they look like shit , he doesnt seems to remember where he came from. besides, he dropped out from uni rite, tihs shows that he is stuuupid. taylor should even get bothered by such dumbo. if he doesnt hav fame bet amber rose wouldnt be with him, that piece of gold digger … seeing them gives me eye sore!

  28. jenzor

    All i’m going to say is this…..

    Taylor Swift is 19, beautiful with an actual talent, can write her own songs, play her own instruments and is genuinely nice (my sister goes to see her every time she comes to the uk. she’s always super nice to her fans and even bought them pizza last month when it was really cold). She deserved to win.

    Kanye is a little spoilt bitch who needs a slap. I dont respect anyone who needs to use autotune to make a record. Just because his music is so worthless that the only way to remind people who he is is to pull some stupid stunt…its ridiculous. He reminds me of a two yr old having a tantrum and should be treated as one. No cartoons, dessert and he should go sit on the naughty step. wanker.

  29. p-man

    sorry 128 but craphead west took the microphone from taylor swift . mtv did not give the retarded moron the mic

  30. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Didn’t anyone learn from the last time Kanye had a fucking bitchy hissy fit? Don’t invite him to award shows. Or if you do, at least keep him in a fucking cage.

  31. Bob

    It’s not a matter of WHAT Kanye said, but what he DID. Maybe Beyonce deserved the award, maybe someone else did, that’s a matter of opinion – but rushing on stage and ruining TW’s moment was a dick move, pure and simple.

  32. Tom

    Did Taylor Swift deserve the award? Apparently a lot of people thought so (though I’m not one of them).
    Does Kanye have a right to his own opinion – yes.
    But what was the point of going up on stage and basically saying that Taylor Swift wasn’t good enough?
    The vote was done, Kanye had no place there, he had nothing invested in the award or the nominees, his antics weren’t going to change anything, and it’s not as if the whole world was waiting in breathless anticipation for his to express his opinion (although he probably thought we were).

    He didn’t care who won the award, he probably decided to support Beyonce because it was teh first name that came to mind. He just wanted to get his face on camera and be the arrogant jerk he is.

    What an ass.

  33. Dude of Dudes

    Why is MegaDouche holding a bottle of liquor and also pretending to drink it? Henessey unless I miss my label reading skillz…

    It’s too bad Taylor isnt a closet Ninja who could have given MegaDouche a swift kick in that rancid pussy of his.

  34. Mal Gusto

    Kanye West= Typical nigga is typical. They should have ringed the stage with books. Like Chris Rock says “Books are like kryptonite to a nigga.”
    And b4 you little faggots start with the “Ur a racist” BS, we should all have the courage to make the distinction between those people (white, black, asian etc) who are trying to build up civilization and those (white, black, asian etc) who are simply uncivilized animals.
    Kanye West =useless nigga
    80% of American blacks= contributing, wonderful people
    Kathy Griffith=useless trash
    60% of American whites= contributing people

  35. Javier

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen Pink “take care of” this problem. Sadly, the security whisked her away. Makes me wonder if it was partially staged? How come he was able to run up on stage and nobody dragged him away?? I think Taylor was legitimately hurt and was not in on it though. I do not really like her but poor thing that was horrible!

  36. Delgo

    These threads are why he does what he does.
    He wins.

  37. yeayurr

    Kayne west is a turd, I used to like his music when he first came out, now I can’t stand to listen to him… FUCK YOU KANYE

  38. she is already a bitch..

  39. Mike

    I think Taylor should start a racial issue here. Because I know for damn sure if it was the other way around, Kanye would have Sharpton, the Black President we have and all other Black’s against Taylor right now. Hell this would be Top Story on CNN. Just remember, had it been the other way around this would be a WAY bigger story.

  40. karen rhoades

    kanyes actions on the video award show were appalling. It just proved what we already knew, he’s a total asssss. taylor swift is awesome and I’m not really into country. I for one will never watch a show that he is involved in no matter how he fake apologizes. GO AWAY MORON

  41. Mike

    I think Taylor should start a racial issue here. Because I know for damn sure if it was the other way around, Kanye would have Sharpton, the Black President we have and all other Black’s against Taylor right now. Hell this would be Top Story on CNN. Just remember, had it been the other way around this would be a WAY bigger story.

  42. Simon Cowl-buoy

    I cant believe anyone takes the Jonas Brothers seriously either WTF?

  43. stupidass

    “hey errrbody I got a opinion that’s diff’rent from some a y’alls opinion!! did you know this??? that’s right!! i’m gonna piss all over this girl’s moment to share it wit u right now!! listen!! my ‘pinion’s important y’all!!!”

  44. lisa

    kanye’s a bitch, but taylor sucks anyway.

  45. jiajia

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  46. pb

    If you haven’t figured out that it was staged for ratings, you should be feeling stupid by now.

  47. GTBurns

    I think it is safe to say that Kanye’s career is pretty much over or close to it. Say what you want about Taylor. At 16 she shows more professionalism, grace and maturity of someone twice her age. Kayne on the other hand is a auto tuned bitch who whines like a 2 year old when the industry is not recognizing his “genius”.

    It is time the industry beat his ass with a belt and sent him to his room without dinner.

  48. Maggie

    OMG!!! I hate him!!!!!!! will someone PLEASE wire his stupid jaw shut again????

  49. SATAN

    people still watch MTV and give a fuck about their stupid awards? NERD ALERT!

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