Kanye West acts like a little bitch again

September 13th, 2009 // 261 Comments

Because his vagina gets itchy and tells him to do things, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video and once again made a complete cockass of himself at the VMAs, according to MTV News:

The rapper stormed the stage just after the first award, for Best Female Video, was presented to Taylor Swift. He cut the teen singer off, grabbing the mic and protesting in support of Beyoncé.
“I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,” he proclaimed as B looked on from the crowd, stunned.
His protest against Swift, however, was not well received. West stood briefly on the stage after his comments as the crowd was silent. Audience members then began to clap in support of Swift after West left the stage.
According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.” His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, “Kanye, I tried.” During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away.

Nicely done, MTV. You have security on hand to protect Kanye West from Pink, but nobody to stop his ego from shitting on poor Taylor Swift’s evening. But then again, I’d keep a closer eye on Pink, too. Mostly because she can hold her own in a fight while Kanye would probably stand around crying until somebody said he has cool shoes.

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  1. Christina

    boohoo. she could’ve laughed it off. he didn’t say anything mean about her “talent”. He was stating a fact.

  2. cassie

    Kanye needs to lay off Amber Rose’s ‘roids and testosterone meds, they’re giving him a mad case of the agro crazies!

  3. tim

    that’s why country music should be left alone all other type of music trys to take over

  4. Some Girl

    This was embarrassing to watch. His ploys for attention put every whore in Hollywood to shame (*cough*TILA!*cough*)… Disgusting.

    All the people on here shitting on Taylor Swift are pathetic. I’m sure you’re the same people who come to this site to bash the talentless and worthless “celebrities”. So one would think that when someone worth a damn came along (since she does actually work, write her own songs, play the guitar AND has some poise and class), you might lay off the negativity and applaud her for it… but no.

  5. Joy

    Taylor Swift is a very lovely and talented young lady, and her video last year of “Love Song” was the best one I ever saw. I’m not much into country music, but her style is called “Young Country” and I think she is one of the best new performers of that genre. Kanye West’s behavior was inexcusable and he seriously owes Taylor a public apology and some kind of restitution – like buying her a new Porsche or other sports car of her choice or something! I mean – that was the worst thing I have seen done to a teenage performer ever!!

  6. Joy

    #51 Christina, you seem to be missing the point!! It was VERY rude to do that to someone – especially a young and very talented performer like Taylor Swift. Probably you haven’t even seen her videos, have you? Either way – it was just definitely LOW CLASS and should be apologized for!

  7. Well at least Kanye’s stripper girlfriend is super classy. Did she pick up that bodystocking at a Halloween discount store?

  8. LOL

    MTV got you again. MTV is going to have all of you racist dogs talking about them all day tomorrow which is just what MTV wants.

  9. kim

    When they were announcing the award I thought, well this is easy anybody but Taylor Swift…they are all so talented. But then she was called on, and I was confused…and then came Kanye…all my confusion stopped, I was embarrased for caring at all. I have been a fan of Kanye for a lot of his views and music, but this is absolutly the stupidest thing a grown man can do, and whats worse to a little girl. He wouldn’t have pulled that crap with Pink because he knows she could kick his a$$. That being said, he needs to issue a public apology pronto…time to be a grown up Kanye.

  10. JT

    Colt 45….works every time.

  11. Greg

    He’s a fuckin idiot.

    I’m pretty sure he has mental problems.

  12. DIVA

    That was low-down and grimmy! I think that Pink, katey Perry or Beyonce deserved that award, but that’s my opinion. I’m not going to be an asshole and embarass the winner. YOu’re a grown man and she’s a teenager you’re supposed to be a role model. You could have said something in private. You owe that girl & the audience an apology. Security should have escorted you out. Grow up nigga & get some class. I bet your mother is turning in her grave. She’s probably really ashamed of you right now!!!!!

  13. mah je de

    he should probably stop doing coke before and/or during public events. truly, i think it’s the only logical explanation for such behavior.

  14. Xander Harris

    I’m trying to make #kanyesitchyvagina trend. ‘lil help?

  15. Joejam2845

    Kanye West is one Dumbass Nigger! He needs to get capped in a Drive-by!

  16. bex

    Kayne is such a dick. This just confirms the fact that he is an inconsiderate a$$hole. Does he realize what a jerk this makes him look like? I hope everyone stops listening to what he calls his “music”

  17. bex

    Kayne is such a dick. This just confirms the fact that he is an inconsiderate a$$hole. Does he realize what a jerk this makes him look like? I hope everyone stops listening to what he calls his “music”

  18. wiley

    i agreed wit kanye. but of course everyone is gonna side wit taylor swift because she is young and a crybaby. he really shouldnt have said anything at that exact time. but he kept it 100. beyonce did the right thing tho

  19. JT

    Kanye DID issue an apology on his Blog.


    Too bad he’s such a jackass that it doesn’t mean shit. Honestly, he’s supposed to be an adult, yet he’s picking on a 19 year old – humiliating her in front of millions of people. Stupid dick, I hope he gets hit by fucking a bus. The world doesn’t need scum like him.

  20. Truth Doctor

    “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.”

    Actually, you can! Believe it or not, our country used to believe in personal responsibility. That was before the loony left (Kanye included) started raping our society into the belief that you shouldn’t be accountable for your actions, and if you want something someone else has then you have the right to take it.

  21. shakira's hot boots

    Hey, Kanye, at least she don’t Autotune her vocals.

    Fifty Cent and Jay-Z must be laughing their asses off at you tonight.

  22. SgtBubba

    Why do they keep inviting that jackass to these things? They should know by now he’s going to make a fool of himself.

  23. datroof

    amber rose has a fucking smoking bod, maybe the best natural rack rollin in the media nowadays

    kaynewest is, as always, a total overrated douche, but his bitch is fucking smokin hot which is much more important

    and who the fuck gives a shit that poor little taylor swift got interrupted in her speech about her video for her song that she probably had almost nothing to do with writing or producing and lip syncs at her concerts that made her millions of dollars cause she’s skinny and blonde and country music fans are retards who lap that shit up like a dog at its own vomit

  24. Right Wing Doctor

    @70, seriously, STFU. This has nothing to do with partisan politics you right wing fuck. This is about an overentitled celebutard who lives a life of privilege and thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants. But nice reach there to tie it into socialism. The go to catchphrase of morons. Now why don’t you go teabag your fellow rednecks and protest against your own interests. “Stopping insurance companies from raping (Borrowed that word from you.) hard working Americans when they get sick? That’s for pussies!” Fucking jackass….

  25. George

    This dude is a crybaby bitch. He’s a motherfuckin gay fish, as South Park says. Hopefully everyone stops listening to this asshole’s music and stop supporting him altogether. He deserves no respect. I don’t like shitty Taylor Swift music but it doesn’t matter. The girl is 19 years old and doesn’t need a grown ass men going up there and insulting her. It’s not right. Kanye needs his ass beat and his ego checked.

  26. Manny

    Kanye is a piece of SHIT!!! ‘Nough said.

  27. malli

    kanye west h8s white people

  28. geof

    That fag should be shot! Not just for his ego-tastic (or not…no really NOT) TALENT but for the bullseyes on his head! That and being a attention whore! Fuck him and the gay fucker he rode in on! Taylor Swift deserves all the attention and Kanye (or faggot ass) should pay her all his royalties and commit herry karry in front of my house and pod cast for all to see!
    My name is Geof and I sponsor this ad!

  29. Vee

    I was left with my mouth wide open when this happend!! How unprofessional and shameless he is….Who the hell does he think he is? Just to go up there and ruine someones moment like that, not only did he make a couplete asshole of himself, but he even embarrast Beyonce for doing that, and not only did he HUMILATE Taylor Swift in national television….The nerve of this JACK ASS!!! If i was Taylor Swift, i would of told him THANKS KANYE BUT WHEN U WERE 19 YEARS OLD DID YOU WIN A VMAS AWARD?

    And Beyonce there is no words…SHE DID THINGS RIGHT!! what a nice way of bringting Taylor out..THATS WHAT YOU CALL A TRUE PROFESSIONAL!

  30. sophie

    well said, #37

  31. Annie Loves Anal

    It’s common knowledge Kanye’s boyfriend broke up with him that night, angry that his tranny beard was getting the spotlight. Wouldn’t you be upset too? Poor Kanye, no more dick to play with, and now the whole world is coming down on him.

  32. Kayne needs GOD.

  33. amit

    he is such a mother fucker, disgrace to society

  34. Annie Loves Anal

    Anybody else notice how this Amber Rose seemed to “pop up” after the whole south park gay fish thing? Just saying….

  35. TOO FAR

    Most of yall are going way too far.

  36. Balls McCoy

    Weak and ignorant people will attempt to make race an issue for why people are angry with Kanye but will never take into account that his motivation to defend Beyonce was racial. That girl seemed to be on the verge of tears. I don’t think Beyonce is saint-like for doing the obvious, the media and the fish (because they don’t come up w/ their own ideas) is spinning it that way. It’s good PR, but only for Beyonce. So Taylor gets exploited twice. Had Russel Brand gone up and asked Taylor to come back out it’d have been a more genuine move.

  37. sadshoe

    He pulled the same stunt at the EMA’s a couple of years ago, what a set up to get you all talking about MTV again

  38. CurbKanye

    I honestly didn’t know the VMA’s were tonight. I don’t listen to Kanye, Taylor Swift or Beyonce.

    But this little stunt that materialistic piece of shit pulled only shows a complete lack of respect for someone else’s effort and consequent success. The fact that Taylor Swift is white, or plays country music, or isn’t a fixture in Kanye’s circle of friends doesn’t give him the right to storm the stage and deflate her in the moment she’s receiving this accolade. I know he apologized, but that selfish asshole continues to pull this shit. He won’t stop until he’s dead, so somebody, please, kill this fucktard.

  39. dave

    anyone an idea which shades he is wearing ?

  40. Fartypants

    Kayne is funnier than Russel Brand. Keep up the good work!


    WOW, my jaw dropped when I saw this guy jump on stage and give us his 2cents which we did NOT need. I like his music but he made me think twice about that tonight…I think Kanye will be losing some fans like me who were on the fence. What he did was just unacceptable, shameless, outrageous, and SUPER ignorant. What a shame to the hip hop community!! He needs to go get some psychological evaluation, his diagnosis: NARCISSISTIC personality disorder!! His grandiosity over time will not win him any more fans, on the contrary they will run for the next best artist. As they should..Beyonce, was a true lady when she had the chance to respond to the uber-rudeness that was Kanye “has-been” west..Ms Taylor Swift was robbed of her 1st time receiving a VMA and I applaud her achievements she deserves it…Karma is a bitch, thats why Kanye didnt see a moon man award all night, however, he should win PRICK OF THE YEAR award..good luck JERK..

  42. Robert Paulson

    I’m not saying his actions were ok, but what can you expect from a gay fish

  43. sin

    Why does Kanye keep going out in public with that ttransvestite? He just needs to announce that he is a flaming queer and get on with it.
    I hope he understands he pissed off some rednecks today. There are some rednecks that just might have a little “discussion” with him in an alley about ruining Taylors moment.

  44. what a dumb ::insertracialslur::

  45. “Because his vagina gets itchy and tells him to do things”


  46. What an asshole, i mean she’s little more than a kid, hes a grown man in his early thirties, he really should know better. Actually he probably does, he just doesnt care.

  47. Peaches

    ***** Kayne Kunte King Douche ****

    Despite what we may think of country music, that poor girl deserved her moment to shine. She has more heart, soul & talent than that cotton picking tanty-throwing asswipe could ever have. He should be banned from all award shows for that childish behavior. What a cock

  48. Racoon

    The man’s an ass hat!!!

  49. chapelle

    they should have never given this ni**a money

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