Kanye West acts like a little bitch again

September 13th, 2009 // 261 Comments

Because his vagina gets itchy and tells him to do things, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video and once again made a complete cockass of himself at the VMAs, according to MTV News:

The rapper stormed the stage just after the first award, for Best Female Video, was presented to Taylor Swift. He cut the teen singer off, grabbing the mic and protesting in support of Beyoncé.
“I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,” he proclaimed as B looked on from the crowd, stunned.
His protest against Swift, however, was not well received. West stood briefly on the stage after his comments as the crowd was silent. Audience members then began to clap in support of Swift after West left the stage.
According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.” His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, “Kanye, I tried.” During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away.

Nicely done, MTV. You have security on hand to protect Kanye West from Pink, but nobody to stop his ego from shitting on poor Taylor Swift’s evening. But then again, I’d keep a closer eye on Pink, too. Mostly because she can hold her own in a fight while Kanye would probably stand around crying until somebody said he has cool shoes.

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  1. spicy

    i loved it

  2. Amber

    He’s such a fucking scumbag. I never really liked Taylor before but she looked so heartbroken and stunned after, my heart goes out to her.

  3. Superevil


  4. Laura

    I can not even believe how incredibly disrespectful that was. I really REALLY hope Kayne West is forced to publicly apologise. I think Beyonce should denounce Kayne’s actions. There HAS to be some sort of repercussion for such flagarant disregard of proper award show behaviour. I really do hope other artists speak out and put Kayne in his place. What an arrogant, classless loser.

  5. R3V3NG3

    Why does Kanye West have crop circles on his head?

  6. J B

    kanye is the biggest douche in hollywood. I don’t normally give a shit about taylor swift, but goddamn, she earned her moment, and he pissed on it like only the biggest douchebag in hollywood can do.

    someone burn him in effigy. you know, figuratively. do a favor for everyone and especially the black community. nobody wants this kind of bullshit on their side. wink wink.

  7. minx

    I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but what a dick move. She’s a 19 year old girl humbly receiving her 1st VMA. Way to go and make her stand there humiliated, speechless, and awkwardly frozen. And Beyonce got her video of the year award at the end anyways. What an impatient fuck.

  8. nona

    wth is amber rose is wearing?

  9. Chipot

    I mean Taylor Swift and her fans can be annoying but that’s just inexcusable, hope someone kicks the crap out of Kanye.

  10. Coonye

    Like Chirs Rock says, ya got black people and niggas.

  11. Anachoda

    Amber Rose in #5 looks like the snake after eating Jon Voight in Anaconda.

  12. Shade

    Are you bloody kidding me! She is a country music singer, the scum of the music world. She shouldn’t have won anyways. I support Kayne’s protest (not that Beyonce should have won) but Swift should not have. All Kayne did was say what needed to be said, that Swift shouldn’t have won.

  13. mike

    im not a fan of either but i think kanye is a fucking douche. i hope he fucking dies.

  14. Dee

    I wish Kanye West would go striaght to hell. He’s a fucking wannabe, tool, and complete asshole. Nice thing to do to a young girl and ruin her moment, DIE ASSHOLE.

  15. Aly

    his career needs to end right now.

  16. abby

    What a piece of shit.

  17. lame people do lame things

  18. Dee S

    Taylor Swift should of mentioned something about his mom dying…too bad she’s too mature for a cunt licking ego maniac.

  19. missywissy

    Wow, the last person that pulled that shit was Old Dirty Bastard. Anyone else remember that? Where’s that dude now? Poor kid, like she needed to get any more nervous than what she already is.


    He eats fishsticks! He likes to put them in his mouth.

    Now, all you kids out there, go out and continue making the douche rich!

  20. Thai

    That man seriously needs some pill for his mental & gets back to his ‘Kanye’s full of sh!t land’ !!!

  21. Kangay

    What a loser. Only someone as pompous as himself would find an MTV award cause enough for his Gucci soapbox. Nobody gives two shits about a VMA award – let the girl have her moment. Still, he wouldn’t have the right for such disrespect if this were a civil rights protest, either. Sit down, shut up and take in whatever fleeting moments you have left before those 15 minutes run out. Tool.

  22. Rob Waters

    Kanye West has got to be one of the most arrogant, ignorent and childish people on the face of the Earth! What he did tonight was not only unprofessional but downright ugly. Whether or not you like Taylor Swift – allow the girl to have her little moment. She must have been crushed.

    All I can say is that while I have never been a big fan of Beyonce, that lady showed lots of class giving her speech time to Taylor. I just may go out and pick up a couple of her albums tomorrow in support of her act of kindness. (While I’m there, I will stash all of Kayne’s discs in the “showtunes” section!)

    Kanye West is such a

  23. aury

    k, first, lmao at #11. second, kanye’s a dick. his “career” should’ve been over long ago.

  24. Russell

    i used to like Kanye’s antics but this time he’s really gone too far. i mean picking on a 19-year-old kid on what’s probably the biggest award she ever gotten, that’s low. i hope he never gets nominated again. OR he gets nominated for every award next year(but only wins best female artist)

    what an A$$HAT-HOLE

  25. Nameless

    What did MTV expect? This is the same guy who proclaimed GB hated black people after Katrina.

    This A-hole spouts sh*t out of his mouth every chance he gets.

  26. Sport

    what a dick.

  27. @#12 Shade

    The scum of the music world? Right, bc it’s country stars like little 19 yr olf Taylor Swift who write songs about murder and rape and dealing drugs and constantly end up in jail for those things.

    You’re pathetic.

    As for Kanye, I’m gonna take it easy on him bc he’s banging a trannie with a fu*%ed up titty job and a bigger dick than him. You get some sleep little guy. It’ll get bigger some day.

  28. All I think is people should ask him, “Kanye, what would your mother say?”

    “She would be ashamed of your callous and mean spirited immature behavior, god rest her soul”

    I wonder how big the explosion would be and maybe finally he would get the spanking he deserves to check him self before he brakes himself.

  29. Crocoduck

    Taylot Swift really sucks, she should be a Walmart cashier, but despite that Kanye deserves to have his balls rot off, slowly and painfully. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment.

  30. Stella

    OMG. i think he’s such an asshole for doing that to Taylor Swift! How could he spoil the moment for someone so receiving her first on MTV?

    they shld have given him an awful time for being such a jerk!

  31. Harold^Sick

    1. Who gives a fuck about the VMAs? Probably the most useless garbage spoon fed to sheep.

    2. Kanye West is a ticket seller. His fuckbaggery is what is going to make these VMAs talked about, surely it was staged.

    3. Who the fuck is Taylor Swift?

  32. Kayne West sucks

    Some one needs to take Kayne, Beyounca and Lady Gaga to guantanamo bay and say bye!

  33. ana

    kanye west has morfed into a rat…thats y hes fuckin a tranny??

  34. coeruleo

    what an asshole. why do they let him into vma’s anyway? he showed up with a bottle of booze and a woman dressed like a whore. tasteless and tacky. is this the sort of man black people look up to? if my favorite musicians acted like this creep i’d stop listening to them.

  35. Harold

    Taylor Swift doesn’t care about black people.

  36. ana

    kanye west has morfed into a rat…thats y hes f**kin a tranny??

  37. Swuff

    I almost never care about this stuff, pretty much always though Kanye seemed like an idiot, and don’t normally like country music. However, I’ve heard a couple of Taylor’s songs and even though they’re not my favorite type of music I do like them. So, I figure if I like them even though they aren’t my style, there must be a ton of people out there who love them. I can imagine why she WOULD deserve to win an award when I feel like people are talking about her everywhere. So, at least she should be up there in the running.

    Regardless of whether or not you agree with her getting the award, i can’t imagine most people running out on stage and making her feel embarassed during her award. Even though silly pop culture stuff rarely makes me actually angry, this did. And more so because there are people who actually defend his action. It’s just music…. People are going to disagree over it because it’s art and people receive it differently. If you throw out politics, race, and musical taste, this is just a case of foolish lout being horrifically rude and somewhat cruel to a young girl on live tv. Who could possibly defend this?

  38. abby

    It was in such poor taste one would think it is staged.

  39. Liam

    Like her or not Taylor Swift has sold more CDS over the past two years than ANY OTHER artist of any genre of music.

  40. abby

    It was in such poor taste, it could be staged.

  41. No RacistTards

    one word…..N——!

    One word… not a Klan Rally. Enjoy the ban.

    - The Superficial

  42. Lili

    Dear Kanye,

    You were never meant to be, baby, you just happened.

    Now disappear. And take your trashy clothing line with you.

    - The World

  43. Chance

    Wait… MTV has Music Videos?

    I thought they just had $hitty reality shows.

  44. Havana Lee

    Ok yes poor little Taylor. She’s talentless and a tool of the music industry so I don’t feel bad for her at all. Beyonce should’ve won. Yeah gay fish Kanye acted out but I don’t blame him.

  45. karatedog

    for the “i love it” ass, you must be the nigger that kanye is, and i don’t mean “african american”, just like white trash, there are the kanye’s of the world. As for Elvis, he couldn’t piss where he pissed! you will never have the unselfish “want for love” for the world what M.J. wanted. DREAM!

    and for that waste host……you could have free health care in america…you are a foreigner! if america was the u.k., we’d have the same standing in the world as the u.k. does! wake-up, America!


    Man, what a lost opportunity. Imagine if Pink had won the award. Migtha seen some punching action.

  47. john

    Kanye West once said “George Bush hates black people.”

    Maybe he should have changed it to, “Everyone hates me because my albums are about as good as watching a 400 pound teenage attempt to skip rope, and that the only way to get myself attention is to occasionally take my head out of my own ass just so i can get a few choice words in about why i should be on prozac.”

    …do us all a favor kanye and keep your head up your ass.

  48. Ryaninthehay

    Kanye is a pussy bitch

  49. mafme

    Booze as an accessory? What a goddamned poseur. He’s what 14 year old guys think is cool. I’d bet he’s not even drinking it in that photo– I mean, who does that?

    His GFU is fucking hot, though… but that’s not exactly something to wear… well… anywhere outside… but damn. Of course, she’s an accessory, too. She and that bottle are all part of some fake, stupid image he’s trying to craft.

    Hey, guess what? I know how to use autotune, too.



    lol. Seriously. When do these videos actually get seen?

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