Kanye West breaks down on stage

November 19th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Kanye West surprised fans on Saturday by performing in Paris only a week after his mother’s mysterious death. Kanye had been reclusive and not only skipped the 12th Annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show but also his mother’s memorial service. But Kanye’s emotions got the best of him towards the end of his performance when he attempted to dedicate the song “Hey Mama” to his late mother, according to People:

“He just cracked,” one attendee tells PEOPLE, “He was at the end of his concert and had just started to dedicate the song and then he just lost it completely.”
“He said the word, ‘Mother’ and just couldn’t go any further,” Le Parisien journalist Meddy Magloire said. “A back-up singer, the DJ and a guitar player came over to console him. It looked like he might collapse. He just couldn’t continue. He just stood there in a spotlight, crying while the band continued playing.”

The audience showed Kanye some love and applauded while shouting words of encouragement:

The band restarted the song, but West left the stage, returning after 10-15 minutes to conclude the concert with a rousing performance of “Stronger.”
“He was very nervous, seemed to have gathered himself up, and had a lot of energy,” Magloire says. “He kept shouting out to the audience, ‘I need you… I need you right now.’ and the public was screaming back. It was magic.”

While I don’t condone men crying, I’ll let this one slide. Kanye West’s mother died and he attempted to dedicate a song to her. That’s some emotional stuff, I suppose. I wouldn’t know seeing as I have no mother. I was grown in a test tube to battle terrorism and cure cancer. Some people might say that getting drunk at a strip club every morning then playing video games all day is accomplishing neither of these goals. I just have to ask these people, why do you hate America so much? And, also, why can’t I find a gentlemen’s club with decent Wi-Fi? This one blows and I’m pretty sure the chick dancing in front of me has a moustache. Wait, they all have moustaches. And, now that I think about it, Adam’s apples, too. Hmm, why is an alarm going off in my head? Oh, I’m out of beer. Waitress!


  1. Bigheadmike

    Even the toughest……

  2. tanya

    I feel so sad for him

  3. You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever bring you down! You’re the best! Around!

  4. lizz

    He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebrity club MEETRICH.COM with his pictures and blogsto share his feelings, songs…

  5. lizz

    He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebrity club MEETRICH.COM with his pictures and blogsto share his feelings, songs…

  6. veggi

    lizz was said to have a personal problem with touchy fingers on the keyboard and unwanted posts concerning some stupid website.

  7. grobpilot

    Yeah, it’s too bad his mother died. But this guy is big into self-promotion and he’s going to ride this wave of sympathy for all it’s worth. Very self-serving.

  8. mkell

    I agree with grobpilot. When the news first broke, my immediate reaction wasn’t “Oh, how sad,” it was “Oh shit, here we go.”

    Huge personal tragedy isn’t about to make me hate Kanye West any less, and if history is any indication, the exact opposite is about to happen.

  9. Jeb Bush

    George Bush hates black people and he let Kanye’s mother die.

  10. teddy

    couldnt happen to a better asshole… I hope he gets humbled from this.

  11. raptor_egg


  12. t

    God doesn’t care about black people.

  13. havoc

    Sorry for him, but he’s not the only person in the world to lose their mother. I can think of a million other more important people who have suffered the same loss.

  14. LL

    K, now I know why this shit was all over the TV this weekend. Something about Kanye West’s mom and the quack doctor she went to, but I never watched long enough to get that she died. So, my bad. Sorry, Kanye.

  15. He was crying because he missed out on one last chance to sodomize his mom’s body.

  16. wait a cotton-pickin minute

    His mother’s dying words were “Son, I’m so sorry about giving you such a GAY name”

  17. Sizzurp

    #7 I hope your mom dies then you have deal with it with cameras everywhere around you, he like the attention? WTF, dude he’s a celebrity, more specifically a musician that requires people to pay attention and to by his albums or he wouldn’t succeed. I can’t stand the guy personally, but give him a break his mom, who he was close to died from some freak ass plastic surgery.

  18. United Colors of Benetton

    Damn nigs, with their constant attempt to avoid paying for anything. If his mom had gone to anything but a discount doc, she would have been alive now. So, I’m glad she went for the discount. But not surprised.

  19. liz

    At the wake, everybody said his mom looked at least 15 years younger.

  20. Jones

    It’s true, he was extremely close to his mother. He was distraught because now who will give him baths with happy endings?

  21. J. Jackson

    All these phony black singers with their crocodile tears…but just watch, every time their (mostly black) audience falls for it. They’re such children.

  22. Riotboy

    I feel for the brotha.

  23. Sizzurp

    There are some ignorant-ass racist on this site. I didn’t realize rednecks even knew what a computer was, and they have internet in their trailers now? WTF?. Ass-clowns. Oh dear god (notice that’s in little letters), please don’t let them breed.

  24. Sizzurp

    #4 take your fake ass Spam Ad and shove up your asshole sideways.

  25. D. Richards (Erect.)

    I’m so very happy for Kanye. He has his audience. The people. Who would Kans be without his audience supporting him, backing him. No reason to lay low for a while. No! Get out there and use your audiece. Make them believe that they’re actually helping you through something terrible. Kanye needs the audience.

    It’s like the black kid in school who everybody kisses his ass at every available turn. Oh, no, he didn’t finish the 100-meter dash. He’s crying! Let’s all kiss his black ass. He needs our support. What a fucking backwards-ass munchausen syndrome fuck-off that is.

    It’s a drag homeboy’s mom died. I know I’d be fucking insane with grief. I would not, however, turn my mother’s death in to a spectacle. I wouldn’t rely on the support from hundreds of strangers. It’s none of their business. Fuck I hate that guy and haven’t bought any of his bullshit. Ding!

  26. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    If he was “so close” to his mother, then why couldn’t he pay his last respects to her and attend the wake/funeral…I’m sure he could have arranged a private moment to say goodbye..I’m thinking there’s a little bit more to the story surrounding her “mysterious” death. Life is for the living.

  27. steve

    What I don’t get is, these black guys who are so damn close to their moms – why don’t they ever grow up to be good parents, or even halfway decent ones? It’s not like they don’t know how good it feels to be loved and cared for by your parent. Are they too dumb to figure out how to do what their mom did, but as a dad? Probably. But maybe it’s even simpler, like in Kanye’s case – he was really close to his mom, as in, he’s a spoiled-ass mama’s boy. That’s why he’ll suck as a dad. And also why he’s crying on the stage like a little bitch.

  28. Ant

    I just cant come to grips with how RACIST this site is? What does his race have to do with his mother dying? Why can’t ppl just come here for the same reason I do which is to enjoy the humor and break up the routine of your day?

  29. Laura

    LMAO@all the people on this thread showing sympathy for this weak attention whore. WTF are you doing at this site?

  30. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    #17? You should be sodomized for referring to Kanye-anus as a “musician”! He is not a musician. He’s a computer dork. Programming his little “beats”. lifting other people’s material and lining up beats. “Musician.” Right..

    As for Kanye’s sincerity. #7′s right. West’ll make an entire album and dedicate it to his mom. MTV and BET will applaud his effort and press the album in to everybody’s head until each and every household has at least three copies. Kanye will be on the cover of People, Newsweek, all the magazines. Larry King will all but suck his dick live. “Self serving”. You bet! Watch.

  31. Jennifer

    Wow…it’s amazing to see how people turn someone’s grief into a freak show. While I don’t always agree with everything Kanye West has said, he is, like (many of) us: only human. What does his race have to do with anything? Not a thing.

    For those who say they have no remorse for him and would never buy his CDs, etc, etc… Kanye West will always be rich, so I don’t think he minds if you keep your measley $14.00. You spend the time hating him when he doesn’t even know about your pitiful, insignificant existence.

    His mother, to whom he was close, died. Show a little respect, you no-class trash.

  32. Typical

    it’s just too damned difficult to manufacture sympathy for someone who dies of complications from PLASTIC SURGERY

  33. puss

    that song made me cry long before his mom died. i’m a self proclaimed pussy. so watching him breakdown like that makes me so bummed for him.

    i don’t think he’s making a carnival out of it. sure he’s probably being twice as dramatic. but whatever. if my mom died i’d probably stop functioning. (again. self proclaimed pussy).

  34. Bee

    #28 “What does his race have to do with his mother dying?” Nothing. But the story is about he handled it (by getting in front of an audience right away and putting on a big show of emotion). Race is a central part of it, a nig wailing away in public after mama died. It’s not quite as humorous a spectacle as those gibbering middle easterners having yet another psychotic breakdown (for the cameras) while carrying a wooden casket so cheap that Home Depot would ashamed to stock it…but it’s close.

  35. Matt

    #31 – lots of people die under tragic circumstances. Kanye’s mom died in the pursuit of vanity. I’ll reserve my respect for people who deserve it, instead of giving it out reflexively like a mindless tard.

  36. my comment

    I bet he feels even worse because he paid for her tummy tuck, lipo and breast reduction.


  37. Sizzurp

    D. Richards, I detect a hint of jealously, somebody can’t use Acid Pro, lol. Nerd Jealously, If you don’t think he is a musician, look at the awards, the albums sold, the fact he is in Paris performing, what the fuck have you accomplished, where has your wonderful life taken you? I bet your job blows, that’s why your on this site, idol worship. Oh, and his mother was an English professor, so at least there was education in his background.

  38. Cindy

    Too bad he didn’t pay for breast implants, at least then he could have grabbed them out at the funeral and given them to one of his whores.

  39. Surgeon, Plastic

    This happens all the time, and it’s a basis for a malpractice suit. Right on the anesthesia tank, it says “Not For Use on Stank Hos”

  40. GWB

    Kanye West doesn’t care about testicles.

  41. The White Urkel

    How do you die during plastic surgery? I bet they are both regretting that decision now! My sister had her tits done in mexico. She saved thousands of dollars. But then had her truck stolen when she went back for a check up. Sorry sis, karmas a bitch.

    My mom died when I was on deployment in the military. I didn’t freaking lose it. Be a man about it you pussy.

    Oh, and mexico is a third world shit hole. I would rather go back to Iraq then mexico.

  42. Andrea

    “look at the awards, the albums sold, the fact he is in Paris performing”

    You sure your name is”Sizzurp” and not “Jizzslurp”?

  43. Dick Richards (Poet.)

    #7? Please. Please. Please. The amount-of albums sold? Just goes to show that the public is a dire population. Eating what they’re being fed. Following. That means shit. Nothing but a con. I am right.

    The awards? Awards only solidify my point. Awards are only based on what kind of impact his albums have had on charts. Not skill.

    Jealousy? No, I still have my mommy. And I’m white. I wouldn’t trade myself over black Kan-Kan. I love myself too much. And I have taste. Great taste.

    “Worship”? Are you serious? The only thing I worship is my penis. No god. No celebrity. My cock. I love my ol’ boy. He is such a prick.

    My parents are “educated” as well. My parents didn’t instill in me the value of using race as an advantage. Kany’s mom did.

    You, you’re just tupical.

  44. Brent

    It’s George Bush’s fault because he hates black people!

  45. lastangelman

    This is Harpo Yerfniw’s fault, you know. She owes him big time.

  46. Sizzurp

    Andrea, actually it’s fuck-you-and-die-you-dog-shit-taco-whore-cunt-urp, not one’s acknowledging you, go take your Lamictal you bi-polar bitch.
    And Dick, it’s typical, not tupical, so who is educated? And dude your so jealous, and the thing is I hate Kayne as an artist, so this makes this argument hilarious. With your millimeter-peter, anyone that brags on their cock that much, must have an beenie-weenie. And tomorrow when you go back to work at Carquest making 7.50 an hour, he will be a millionaire, black or not.

  47. Jillia

    I love this site and all, but good God whoever’s writing this shit might need to be strangled. He starts to comment on the story at hand and always does a 180 somehow including me hot this, me awesome that which then turns into utter babble. GIVE IT A REST ALREADY! It’s the same shit over and over.

  48. grobpilot

    #46. Since we’re now moving into the area of spelling police, look at your third sentence. The proper usage of the word “your”, in this case, should be “you’re”. Be more careful next time. You look stupid when admonishing others and then make mistakes yourself.

  49. Cokeasian

    There are some funny comments (and a few scary ones) here. I’m no fan of Kanye’s general attitude but his grief is touching. But as Comment No 41 pointed out – what’s with all the public displays of emotion? No 41 actually said “be a man” – but to be fair I don’t recall the last time I saw a woman break down from grief either so I’d refine your words to just “get real”. It was elective surgery. A reputable surgeon turned her down for health reasons. So they then found a disreputable surgeon who’d accept to do it. It was a super-risky situation which Kanye’s mother bullied her way into. She took her life into her own hands.

  50. Matthew

    #28 is right stop with all that rascist*sp crap fell sorry for the man cause he lost his mom and is a damn shame cause he LOVED her!

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