Kanye West arrested for vandalism at LAX

September 11th, 2008 // 97 Comments

Kanye West and his bodyguard were arrested this morning at LAX after attacking members of the paparazzi. The two are facing charges of felony vandalism for smashing over $10,000 worth of camera equipment. TMZ photographer Erik was at the scene and had his camera destroyed by Kanye’s bodyguard. Here’s his account:

Erik says he was at Terminal 4 (American Airlines) when he noticed a still photog taking several pictures of Kanye West. Erik says West rushed the photog and grabbed his camera. A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, “Police, help!” Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces.
Erik then went over to Kanye, his camera rolling, when Kanye’s bodyguard walked up to him, realized Erik was taping, and said, “Give me the camera, give me the camera.” Erik responded that he had a press pass and had a right to shoot. The assistant then grabbed the camera, ripped off the mic and viewfinder and smashed it to the ground.
Erik says Kanye then tried to leave to board his plane, but cops stopped him before he got to security. The cops then interviewed Erik, the still photog, Kanye and his assistant.
This is where it gets crazy. The cops asked Erik if he videotaped the incident and Erik said he had. That’s when Kanye lunged toward him and said, “Give me the fu***ng videotape.” Cops had to restrain Kanye as he tried coming at Erik.

You know what’s always smart? Attacking an eyewitness right in front of the police. When it comes to genius legal maneuvers, you just can’t lose with that one – except for completely and, wow, what a fucking idiot. That said, Jesus, Kanye, if you’re going to do something, don’t half-ass it. Ask to use the officer’s gun. You pay taxes.


  1. Pastor Larry

    You people are unbelievable! Still haters after all these years. Deportation of Asian people after Pearl Harbour, Slavery, rape, torture, humiliation of countless slaves-how many of your so-called Whites have half-black cousins or native -american blood. Suppression of Native Americans on reservations, lying stealing and killing for their land. burnign crosses and bombing innocent children while they attend church. Giving black men Syphylis and no cure so our US government can study the disease(see Tuskegee study) enslaving Chinese for cheap labour. Not one White in this world has cause to ever hate a person of another color-EVER! You all need to beg for forgiveness from GOD because where your going is going to be horrible. THERE WILL BE NO SEGREGATION IN HEAVEN PEOPLE! your ignorance, racism and hate sicken me and make me ashamed of belonging to your race. Hate all you want lie(like a Republican) but you WILL not escape judgement. I think the White race knows it’s guilty and hates itself and turns that hate outward. Even our US Presidents slept with their slaves and professed Godliness on Sunday. God Hates liars. Read your Bible …ALL liars and others will go to Hell. Even Ex-prez Clinton–scumbag that he was had the balls to apologize. Kanye’s Mom had the same right as any person or celebrity to get plastic surgery. I don’t hear any of you guys whining as you drool over all kinds of celebs who have probably had miles of surgery and tons of air-brushed photos. A little less hate is in order. God made people the color, race that HE choose to make them and who are you to criticize HIS work? No one will escape judgement no matter how hateful or racist you want to be. Most of you will never sell an album and make millions or hang with famous people and certainly not with your hateful, ugly souls and attitudes. Who’d want to be around you other than other ignorant, ugly hateful people? What’s appropriate about racist language? Reporting your site.

  2. Mos

    In other news, Pastor Larry is a repressed homosexual who fantasizes about getting gang-raped by uneducated black men with syphylis.

    Good luck with that, Larry.

    PS – God hates you.

  3. Danklin24

    What a fucking moron. I cant stand this guy. What a way to incriminate yourself and make yourself look like a douchebag KAnye. You da man. Fucking jackoff.

  4. JimmyBachaFungool

    Nypical tigger.

  5. Danklin24

    Who wants to start placing bets for how much, or little this asshole will do?

    I say 8 minutes. Anyone got 6?

  6. Slap Happy

    Kuntye West was just pissed that the papparazzi took a picture of his vagina. I wonder if his bodyguards can protect him from getting gang raped when he goes to jail for assult and battery?

  7. el ces

    …um, anyone get it in tape?
    There had to be other photogs there, no?

  8. Nathan

    I’m surprised Kanye didn’t manage to blame this on Pearl Jam.

  9. West Door

    If he were white and unknown, he’s be in maximum security or getting his head examined.

    Krazy Kanye!

  10. blah

    Good, I hope that arrogant prick West gets seriously fined & jailed. He seems like such a pompous ass. I hope he’s the next Mc Hammer and loses all his fame and fortune.

  11. Odysseus

    All he has to remember to survive jail is:

    That which doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger!!!

  12. blerg

    Kind of expected this much from him. Any one remember that episode of Punk’d where they pretended to be some film union and tried to confiscate the film/stop him from taping anymore from one of his video shoots? Dude flipped out insanely.

  13. who can it be now?

    He’s a retarded scumbag like Fish.

  14. E. Norma Stitz

    Yet another dumb, poorly educated, self righteous, self important, foul, filthy, barely talented, bible banging nigger.

  15. Randal

    Dearest Kanye,

    Hold your handsome head up and let your faith guide you through troubled times and never forget who you are and where you came from. Nevermind the critics and bloggers who jusge you with in-depth analysis for they don’t walk in your shoes.



  16. friendlyfires

    Kanye, let’s be real for a second. YOU ARE A DUMB ASS! Stop all the bull shit. Act responsible instead of like Jerry Lewis, bokay? You’re not a genius in France let alone your underpants.


    SHEESH. Don’t make me ‘splain myself agin’.

    where’s the beefeater, ah gin, glug,glug, glug.

    What are you looking at, I’m not a role model, go look at Sarah Palin or Laura Bush or Tara Lipinski.

  17. Charla

    Not only is he a petulent crybaby, he thinks way too highly of himself and expects people to look up to him when, in reality, most sane people will pay no attention to his dumb shit other than these childish little fit throwing episodes he has.

    IOW, or simply put, he’s a dumb spoiled nigger brat.

  18. shankyouverymuch

    I hope they find a really deep dark hole somewhere, & throw the dumb nigger & his body guard down into it … NEVER to be seen or heard from again! :O)

  19. ManiacFive

    Man watchging that video, They sure do love themselves dont they. The paps shouting Police Police! and one of these douches calm as anything says “There arent no police man”

    Weeeeell, about that, turns out there WERE police, Jackass, and brilliantly, a guy with a video camera. Ker-Ching!

  20. justtheobvious

    Once a Nl66ER always a Nl66ER

  21. Dear Pastor Larry

    You have some good points and speak some truth. However, life is not fair and slavery and injustice have existed since time. This is the world not heaven. BTW, I am not posing these questions to be argumentative so please do not take it that way. I am merely a curious bystander.

    1. Are you really an ordained minister or is that a handle? If yes, proceed to #2, if not ignore and go directly to #4.

    2. What is a pastor doing on this site? Are you soul winning? If affirmative see next question, question #3.

    3. Aren’t pastors supposed to be above being superficial as they strive to promote self acceptance and love (after all you were created by God and to change his creation is to question his works). Rather you seem to be advocating for equality in plastic surgery. True?

    Prior to proceeding to #4. Google slatee traitor.

    4. If white people are going to a bad place for participating in slavery, then where are the Jews, Arabs and Africans going who also participated in the slave trade? Are you aware that Africans sold those captured in war to the slave traders from various ethnicities. Is this not a betrayal of one’s own people? Or were African’s not seperate tribal nations united with their own customs and mores hating the tribe 20 miles away and willing to sell one of them down the river for a price? Did you know that mulatos (sp?) in Haiti owned slaves? Did the Egyptians not hold the Jews in bondage? Is Egypt not in Africa? Where will they go?

    5. If a slave owner actively participated in slavery but received Christ prior to his death (I mean 5 minutes before he kicked off he accepted Christ) does he go still to hell? How about a slave who was a nasty, mean person? Does he go to the good place because he was a slave? Kind of like the get out of jail free card in the Monoploy game. Not all black people are good and not all white people are bad.

    6. Why are you impressed with hanging out with stars? You seem to think K. West has reached 7th heaven because he has money and clout. Is Kanye not rich? Does the Bible not say the poor will inherit the earth and it is as difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven as it is for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle? Not that I think this but based on your reasoning you should say this is true.

    7. Why do you hate yourself? Be proud of who you are and your people. To hate yourself is to spit in the face of your mother. Would you spit in the face of your mother? The white race has made great accomplishments in medicine, science, as well as the arts and humanities. We are in the company of great philosophers and innovators. True, Europeans participated in the slave trade which was horrendous, but it was also the acts of white people who set the enslaved free. Other coutnries make no apologies. Each man is judged on his own acts and merits, not collectively. Am I going to be judged for the acts of a white serial killer because we are both white? You have never known a slave. I have never known a slave. The poor souls who really suffered have since passed. It is over. Acknowledge it happened, yes. But let wounds heal and move on. Stop picking scabs. Most blacks are enjoying the prosperity of this country and if you think they are crying for Africa think again. If they are, they have more serious problems than racism. They would not even exist in this place and time if not for slavery. Are you not glad your black neighbor or coworker is here in the good old USA eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers and shopping at the Gap listening to Ipods. Besides,. no one likes swatting flies. No one.

  22. rough daddy's gay lover

    Where’s my pretty daddy been all day long? Cat got your tongue? Last I could tell you wanted nothing to do with pussy!

  23. lilygirl

    Wow this whole pastor larry thing got a little outta control dontya think?? interesting letter though- kinda made me feel like I was meditating or something.

  24. weirdo

    kanye west is a FUCKING MAJOR TOOL!

  25. Flip

    Dear Pastor Larry (# 71) is the first person on this site who doesn’t sound like a total retard… wow. Please tell me you’re a chick, with boobs as big as your brain.

  26. GG1000

    OK, can we have a show of hands of everyone who’s sick to %&$ing death of this dude? God, go AWAY already!

  27. this is the guy who had complained for not having his million $ video win some VMA and then a mere days later found accusing Bush for “not caring about blavk people”. WHAT A MORON


  28. Libby

    I blame the White man.

  29. Frank

    Poverty is to blame every time a negro chimps out.

  30. John McCain

    It’s funny how if a retard like this supported a Republican, The Superficial would be all over it, but when its an Obama supporter nothing is mentioned.

  31. Hi Flip

    Dear Flip. I am a chic. However, i think my brain is larger than my boobs;)

    I still want to hear from Pastor Larry.

  32. Loser

    Punk Ass Bitch!

  33. shoofitz

    ** To # 71…
    You are my hero! <3

  34. @17 that’s because you are sick in the head, and so are you #38. Grow up.

  35. Ben Stone

    Then again none of us know exactly what this paparazzi douchebag did. We have seen how insane the paparazzi can be (The swamp monsters in Brads front lawn). None of us are as famous as Kanye. We wouldn’t know how it feels. Maybe we all say we wouldn’t give a fuck but probably when it comes down to it we’d flip the fuck out. Kanye has been really friendly to paparazzi in the past. At least more friendly than mose celebs. (He smiles when the take pictures of him instead of looking like a coked up whore).

    PS I love Kanye’s music. Whoever says he doesn’t have talent. Thats your opinion. I’ve been listening to Kane since “Through the Wire” and I think he is amazingly talented and is currently one of the best. He even recognizes true talent (read his blog). I don’t like the fact that he thinks Jay-Z is better than him or that Lil Wayne is actually considered good hell even a rapper.


  36. #54 not bad…everyone give this person a round of aplause for their creativity.

  37. CelebsRTwats

    As an aside, what’s up with the dude’s first two fingers? They’re freakishly long, especially the one reserved for photographers–and they’re CURVED backwards.

  38. I think TMZ are a bunch of bitches i would of did the same thing But i would be like hey can i autograph ur camera i would say to them u realize u have no friends no life and u will die by yourself and then smash theyre fucking camera

  39. LOL

    Hahaha… Online courage is so cute. white boys are such spineless faggots. Hilarious.

  40. Can’t anyone see that this man is in pain, and doesn’t have time for the parasites? He just lost his fairly young mother to the dumb ass world of plastic surgery for goodness sake. The last thing he would want is cameras all in his face. He should’ve broken the pap’s nose. Im not saying I condone violence, but they know what’s going on with him right now. They have no lives, and as a result they pry in the lives of celebs. Look at his facial expression…to me it conveys emotional pain. His mother barely had the chance to enjoy her son’s success. Well at least she’s off this awful planet full of mostly haters.

  41. McLovin

    What a fuckin nigger

  42. Obama the anal explorer

    You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the nigger. He should pick me some cotton before I whip his ass

  43. Plastic Surgeon

    Sorry I butchered and killed your momma. she was in a lot of pain and suffered for several hours before she finally chocked on her own vomit. Oops, my bad. She told me the reason she was seeking plastic surgery was to please you because she knew you wanted a beter looking mom. so in a way its really your fault because youre shallow and insecure. by the way, her crotch really stank.

  44. Critic

    Rap music is not music. It’s just a bunch of posers speaking bad rhymes and trying to make money. It’s not art, it’s not music, it’s only greed. Any hack can rap. Don’t beleive me? Just look at rap stars, they’re stupid, ugly, and ghetto. If white suburban kids didn’t by their albums, they’d be selling crack and taking it up the butt.

  45. @ 94 it’s not that rap isn’t an art, but it’s just changed so much since it first came out. Back in my parent’s time it had much more meaning. I don’t see it ever being the same anymore. Sad, but so true. Wonder what happened to ya boy Eminem.

  46. Also, the felony is because the camera cost over $10,000. So perhaps annoyed celebs should ask how much the camera costs before throwing it to the ground so they can determine how they are going to be charged by the police.

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