Kanye West & Taylor Swift Are Best Friends Now #Totes

“Okay, ohmygosh, I’ll be your girlfriend.”
“I should not have hugged you. Bitch, shoo her away with that ass of yours. I SAID SHOO, DAMMIT.”

Because he needs people to forget his Grammys meltdown and she, I dunno, needs more words to copyright, Kanye West and Taylor Swift are apparently going to collaborate on a song. Although, keep in mind, this is from a man who just five seconds earlier said voices in his head made him say all that shit about Beck. Us Weekly reports:

West noted, too, that Swift — whom he famously interrupted at the MTV Video Music Awards — came up to him after he returned to his seat and told him he should’ve gone onstage. “This is the irony of my life!” he quipped.
Indeed, Swift appears to hold no grudges against the hip hop star for his 2009 stunt. West says she even wants to collaborate with him. “She wants to get in the studio, and we’re definitely going to go in,” he told Seacrest. “Any artist with an amazing point of view, perspective, fan base — I’m down to get in the studio and work. I don’t discriminate. I don’t have an elitism of music because of how many Grammys or, you know, the amount of ratings you get on an album.”

“She also agreed to wear blackface and a Beyonce wig, and you know, my wife won’t even do that. Porn stars, amirite? Now, if you’ll excuse me, someone’s whispering in my ear that Obama’s an alien, so I’mma need to take care of that. *picks up pen, holds it in front of Seacrest’s face* MEN IN BLACK. PSHOO. You have no record of this memory.”

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