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September 7th, 2010 // 89 Comments
Kanye West

If you’re like me, you spent most of the weekend in a hazy fog punctuated by the occasional hamburger, so you probably missed Kanye West going on a two-hour Tweeting session Sunday morning where he finally opened up about interrupting Taylor Swift‘s speech at the VMAs. Gizmodo took the time to edit the entire rant into letter form which I highly suggest you scope out if only to witness such incredible insights as “The ego is overdone… like hoodies”; “Sexy Back (in my mind) was that important, that impactful to our culture”; and of course, “Who’s seen the play Wicked? I’ve seen it 4 times!” In the meantime, I’m going to excerpt my favorite passage which (in my mind) truly captures the depths of Kanye’s emotions:

With the help of strong will, a lack of empathy, a li’l alcohol, and extremely distasteful and bad timing, I became George Bush over night. How deep is the scar? I bled hard. Cancelled [a] tour with the number one pop star in the world. Closed the doors of my clothing office. Had to let employees go.

Wait, what? “Had to let employees go?” Let me get this straight, Kanye West was so distraught over his own actions that he was left with absolutely no choice but to fire a bunch of innocent bystanders in the middle of a recession – because he’s sad. Wow, I had no idea he spent his days playing the villain in Charles Dickens’ novels. “My heavens, am I steeped in melancholy. Yo, tell them the bitches to get out on the street and don’t be sending no crippled kids in here asking for Christmas hams. They know I hate it when people can’t walk!”

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  1. Kanye West doesn’t care about black people

  2. Viv

    No way, he’s not done paying for what he did, he’s not worthy of this site.Take him off now

    • jim x

      Yes times infinity.

      Although mocking him is also fun.

      And its a shame, he really does make good music. Maybe he should only be allowed to speak through an auto-tuner on a stage.

      • XIlla

        How are you going to hate on Kanye west, and then praise him at the same time? LOL Taylor Swift is a little beeeyotch! He apologized and she got her panties in a bunch. Taylor Swift doesn’t care about Black PEOPLE!

  3. Eric

    You’re an idiot. He let people go because his brand shrunk. It’s a domino effect: he did something stupid, we all hated him, we stopped buying his stuff, his income dwindled, he couldn’t afford to pay as many people’s salaries, they got shit-canned.

    • 3rd gen Dawg

      Kayne is a moron but in all honesty, have you ever taken an English class in your life Eric?? Your post screams idiocy. You actually just made Kanye look better than you in your message.. I really was hoping that was an impossible feat to accomplish.. You should never be allowed to write or speak in a public forum.. You sound like more of and idiot than Kanye’s illiterate talentless talking head..

      • grim

        You know what I like? I like it when someone gets on the internet to have a go at a random persons post because of their spelling, grammar or something similar. It straight away tells me that they are an intelligent, witty human being that I wish I knew in real life……… hang on a sec you said and instead of an, fuck off home you ignorant clown

  4. Richard McBeef

    boo-fuckin-hoo, kanye.

    i can’t believe that some redneck with a taylor swift hard on and a deer rifle hasn’t righted kanye’s wrongs already.

  5. NeNe

    I used to love Kanye, but it seems that since his mother passed away, he lost his way. He became a totally a-hole over night. I think it is a little late for apologizes. The apologizes should have come a long time ago. He got away with too much sh*t for too long. Now, he wants to get back in our good graces, again, too little, too late.

    • carolinachick

      The problem is, no amount of apologizing will ever bring that moment back for Taylor Swift. I am NOT a fan of hers, nor of Kanye, however, that was a very special moment in the life of a young singer, a moment that took hard work to achieve, and she will NEVER get it back. However, thatnks to Kanye and the Internet, her humiliation will live forever!

  6. fake arrogant fuck. too bad his jaws couldnt have STAYED wired together…

  7. eatme

    i hate this cunt and his music sucks balls. nothing but samples and lame rhymes over top. only reason he is anything is because of his crossover appeal to white college kids and his insatiable appetite for self promotion. fucking cunt.

  8. George Bush hates black people

    Yeah right , he’s sorry alright. He’s sorry because he has an album coming out and he’s afraid that after all his BS the Public is done with him. “His” Tweet was done by “his” PR people. Just a narcissistic asshat.

  9. Michelle

    I don’t feel any love for Kanye and apparently neither does anyone else. This guy truly believes that people are stupid and will follow him even after he completely shit the bed. Hopefully his album will flop and he will just disappear.

  10. grobpilot

    Two years ago when his mother kicked off, I said that this asshole was going to ride that sympathy wave for all it was worth. Looks like he’s still dredging up that shit. Fuck ‘im.

  11. That was quite amusing.


    What happened to the East coast West coast shootouts. Why is he still standing? Rappers are pussies now……..well they always were.

  13. truth

    his album will flop? LOL. Go check how many singles he sold when he recently released the song Power. Everybody hates him? That’s how he got a million twitter followers in a week. You guys are haters. He will sell a million albums in a week, which he nearly did with his last album. Meanwhile, you guys will sit behind a computer and post a million hateful messages about people getting money and living life!

  14. diamondstudd

    “Kanye West on Kanye West” – Kanye West’s favourite type of porn.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Kayne West is good a deflecting personal responsibility (like the rest of em)

  16. When Jackson died Kanye kept refering to himself as the new king of pop, didn’t work out as he planned.

  17. Id

    I don’t care if he’s a flaming asshat. I love him. I also love Morrissey and look at all the stupid shit he says and then furiously back peddles away from.

    I like my men transfixed by their own reflection. And gay.

  18. Heyo

    The best part about this is that Kanye West is so self-centered, he’ll read all these comments because he’s dying to know what people think of him post-apology.

  19. ghost

    It seems like all he’s talking about here is how he suffered the fallout of his stupid actions. Is he sorry for ruining Taylor Swift’s big moment, or sorry that he’s paying for it now?

  20. Bad Monkey

    Kanye’s crying “Uncle”. I personally think your behavior is directly related to the way you view yourself ( very high ) and the surrounding world (very low ). Neither has changed but come back in another year and see if anyone has forgiven you. NOT.

  21. Girl

    I always wondered how much of her soul Taylor Swift had to sell to the devil for him to force Kanye to have his “outburst” ? That scrawny country cunt is a household name because of his actions. She is forever in his debt. I liked my world a lot better before I knew who the fuck she was. Thanks Kanye! Thanks for forcing this sack of bones down my throat for a fucking year now… seeing her crying on every station while raking in the $$$$- what a fucking ass hat. He owes us all an apology for having to put up with her … hosting SNL? Do you honestly think any of this would have happened to her without her “humiliation” at the VMA’s? Best. Career. Move. Ever.

  22. what?

    Kanye was selling stuff?

  23. Iz

    You people should use your energy on something else than hating. Kanye has made his choices in his life and no one has the right to say if those choices were right or wrong.
    What’s fucked up in this world is the media and the whole system we live in. Everybody are just trying to make the best of it, including Kanye. And frankly he’s done quite well.
    I personally respect him for doing what he loves.
    And that little blonde chick should woman up and not let people take her moments. Taylor swift should stop whining and make Some real music, although by the looks of it she doesn’t have the talent…

    Fuck this. We should all stop judging. I should stop judging.

    • eatme

      “Taylor swift should stop whining”? Are you fucking kidding me? All i ever see of Kanye is him all black face crying about this or that. He’s a whiney little cunt. Even now he “apologizes”, but it’s really just more of the same “poor me/whitey keeping the blacks down” bullshit he always spews. He’s like the whitest rapper there is.

    • Diane

      I didn’t know Taylor Swift was whining. All I ever hear about is Kanye being a whiny lil bitch.. but not Swift.

      And what exactly should she have done to stop him from stealing her moment? Be as bad as him? Sorry, but being an ass to someone else who’s being an ass doesn’t make everything ok.

      I think you are dumb.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      For somebody that hates hating you sure display a lot of it. In other words, you’re a hypocritical little bitch, just like your idol kanye!

    • Yupps

      Again, another example of why we should be required to have licenses to breed.

      • Iz

        Oooh come oon, I hate white people? While being white myself? I don’t hate… it’s useless… but isn’t there two sides to every story?

        That was simply my opinion. I’m not telling you to think the same, I’m just expressing it. So yeah, it’s really astounding how easily you all attack someone who disagrees with you.
        What sucks more, that I lowered to your level… But I had to try it, hahaha.

  24. arthurrrr

    he’s going Tila Tequila now

  25. Burt

    It’s all an act. His mom was an English professor, so you know he was speaking proper English at home. Wouldn’t it be funny if he spoke the Queen’s English when cameras aren’t around?

    I don’t think he went off the deep end when she died. He probably just made some bad decisions, mistakes she would have never let him do as his manager. She was a smart lady.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Didn’t she go tits up after some bad plastic surgery? I guess Mama made bad choices as well. He probably hated the bitch. He just used her demise for PR.

      • Burt

        Not necessarily. That’s always a risk with any surgery, even minor surgery.

        She was his manager, so if he really hated her he would have fired her a long time ago. Now, as to whether he used her death for PR…If that’s what he did, that’s probably the last wise decision he took.

  26. DogBoy

    He gives normal douchebags a bad name.
    He is Douchesaurus Rex

  27. ike

    In 1993, while doing a Drakkar Noir photo shoot on Mt. Kilimanjaro, a white Rhino charged me and pierced my scrotum with it’s beak. If my personal assistant hadn’t been able to fashion a tourniquet and ball sling out of my Hollister hoodie, I’d be a man without balls. So, before you start talking shit about hoodies, Kanye, think about my balls. Think about my balls.

  28. Wyatt

    What a dumb fuck.

  29. Taylor Swifty

    hate this p.o.s hope he gets boo-ed everytime his name/face is shown. you’re weak kanye…LAST WEEK! not to mention this scumbag douche is racist as hell…as obama said…”ahh he’s a jackass!”

  30. Beebaby

    Kanye West is so fail, that’s he’s win.

  31. Diane

    What does his stealing someone’s thunder have to do with George Bush? I’m not getting the connection.

  32. Kanye West

    Haters will hate and lovers will love. Who you are when the darkness falls is who you’ll be when the light shines brightest. I know where I stand and so does He.

    • Diane

      Sorry but that is just stupid. “Haters will hate”?? There is no hating. There is Kanye West acting like a child. He is too old and he should know better. He acted very poorly, and has gone out of his way for quite some time to try to explain away his actions, and to pretend to act like a big man all the while trying to dispel responsibility.

      He needs to own up to it, to quit trying to put up his stupid thuggy front, and simply say “I screwed up. I acted badly. I am so sorry, and I have embarrassed myself. I am going to quit making excuses and simply say I am sorry, and I am going to move on.”

      Unless of course he just isn’t relevant in anyone’s eyes anymore, and him bringing this up again and again is the only way he can get anyone to take note of him. If that’s the case, he should just maybe retire quietly.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        I wouldn’t exactly call him “thuggy”. A Racist? Definitely. A thug? Not dressed like that! Elton John dresses more butch than “Kanye the closet Queen”. Yeah. I just coined a phrase!

    • Frobz

      Can we just drop this fucking moronic rap/street trash talk? “Haters?” There’s no such word. It’s just a street trash way of saying “I can’t handle criticism and I refuse to take responsibility for my own actions.”

      The only thing that would drive a retard like Kenya to publicly humiliate Taylor Swift is HATE. And guess what, the stupid ass deserves every single barb that is thrown at his inflated ego, EVERY single one.

      I have no idea how anyone can consider this idiot’s autotune computer-generated rubbish as “music” anyway. Anyone can get a computer to sing for you. Hell my old C64 had a voice synthesizer. It takes true geniuses like Kraftwerk to make a voice synth actually WORK.

      • Spidey

        why don’t you listen to all of his other albums where he doesn’t make use of the auto tuner?

        What he did was childish, he’s admitted it. I still give him props for calling out G-dub for Katrina.

      • Burt

        In other words, using auto-tune was catering to the lowest common denominator…Selling out if you will.

  33. MeLikey

    He’s a no talent, lucky rich retard.

  34. captain america

    Droopy saya: KI-KE-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!

  35. Spidey

    seriously you fucktards, who gives a shit. taylor swift DOES fuckin suck, looks like a god damn rat, and Kanye is a crazy person. This shit is irrelevant. Kanye wins because he cracks me up with his ego and has good music. Taylor Swift doesn’t cuz she’s ugly and has terrible music.

    • Burt

      Taylor Swift is a cute girl with a nice voice (not a great voice, but a nice one)…Can’t say much good about her songs, though. I guess I’m too old to see any deeper meaning to lines like, “She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts”.

      Actually, can’t say much about Kanye West’s lyrics either (I’m much more disappointed in him, though. He’s capable of writing much more eloquent lyrics than that. After all, he was raised by an English professor).

      Frankly, I don’t see why you are fussing. They are both one and the same, really. They both cater to the lowest common denominator….Oh, now I get it.

      • Spidey

        this only establishes that you haven’t really paid attention to either’s music (this part is understandable). Here’s are the issues I have with everything you say Burt.

        First, musically, whether you like his lyrics or not, kanye raps about a wide variety of subjects which appeal to all sorts of people (I’m a law student, who was introduced to Kanye by a phD in econ at Chicago) where as Taylor Swift appeals to one type of person…a tween. Whether you believe my claims is irrelevant, as if you answer this next part honestly…will you be more likely to find Kanye or Taylor Swift on a grad student’s ipod? Lowest common denominator indeed. Ad hominem attacks usually come from those who really have nothing substantial to say.

        Second, and more importantly, I see you repeatedly reference his mother and his lack of eloquence. The fact you define (by implication) eloquent as the “Queen’s english” and his own diction as lacking speaks volumes.

      • Burt

        “(I’m a law student, who was introduced to Kanye by a phD in econ at Chicago) ”

        Argument to authority? How isn’t that a logical fallacy?

        A dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter…Just because a few grad students listen to Kanye West’s music doesn’t change the fact that his songs are very generic.

  36. Brooke

    Get over it, Kanye! You’re an asshole, we know, and even if you don’t get why the things you do are wrong, we do. We don’t need you to keep bringing it up over and over again, that doesn’t right a wrong. In fact, whenever the world forgets about it you bring it up. Get over yourself!!!

    And people who buy his albums… STOP IT.

    • Spidey

      Just downloaded a taylor swift album, burned it on a cd, and gave it to my little sister. Also just bought a Kanye cd. Oopsie

  37. Blondie

    He’s a Racist PIG.

    • Spidey

      let’s be real…he should be. whyt ppl iz stoopid

      • Diane

        Omg racists just need to die (that means you btw). You try to represent yourself as an educated person, yet you think GWB hates black people. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. The day will come when it is politically correct to finally call a minority a racist. It is almost here.

  38. Maggie

    “I became George Bush overnight.”

    Because interrupting Taylor Swift is the same as invading Iraq.

  39. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Just my two kopeks: I am no music specialist of course.
    I like Kayne West as person. I downloaded Beyonce’s album and almost every track there was a hit. She should have won . I don’t know who Taylor Swift is and I don’t like the country. I think MTV is crap nowadays. What the hell has happened to it with all the dumb ass shows they produce!

    • Alldouches

      Here here! Thanks. Somebody got some sense. An unbiased, honest opinion from an average musical consumer.

  40. Alldouches

    All you suburban yuppies should go back to practicing how to suck your own dick wherever you are in middle America. None of you seemingly have any idea of what hip hop is other than you favorite pop station putting it on their countdown while you sing out loud, grossly fucking up the lyrics because you guys are douches anyway. Kanye has done more cultural/exploration today than any of you ever googled in your life. His music is ridiculous and he makes a good point. Now go ahead and say it, “I have so many black friends….” Well maybe you should ask your black friends why people like to piss in your direction. And just to be clear, “Taylor Swift suck pimple dick.” Fags…..

    • Burt

      “All you suburban yuppies should go back to practicing how to suck your own dick wherever you are in middle America. None of you seemingly have any idea of what hip hop is other than you favorite pop station putting it on their countdown while you sing out loud, grossly fucking up the lyrics because you guys are douches anyway.”

      Kid, I was listening to hip hop and break dancing long before your were even born.

    • Burt

      How is it irrelevant?

      • Alldouches

        It’s irrelevant because it has nothing to do with what I’m saying and why are you offended? It was a blanket statement, not towards anyone in particular in the comments section. Plus, you have no idea how old I am or what I was born into. From my age, if you were break dancing before I was born, you were the biggest musical/dance innovator since Chuck Berry.

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    He does a lot of charity too

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