Kanye West on George Bush: ‘I Was Too Quick to Pull The Race Card’

November 4th, 2010 // 47 Comments
George W. Bush

Kanye West is responding to George W. Bush‘s remarks that being told he “doesn’t care about black people” was the most disgusting moment of his presidency that haunts him to this day. Even when trying to prove he’s just as good as Nolan Ryan to his dad. Turns out Kanye actually feels pretty bad about it and can now relate after the Taylor Swift incident because that’s entirely like a massive natural disaster that left untold thousands dead. Via StarPulse:

He tells 97.9 The Box, “I definitely can understand the way he feels to be accused of being a racist in any way, because… the same thing happened to me. I got accused of being a racist, and… with both situations, it was a lack of… compassion that America saw in that situation. You know with him (Bush), it was a lack of compassion with him not… taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. With me, it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment. But nonetheless, you know I think we’re all quick to pull, like a race card, in America.
“Now I’m more open and the poetic justice that I feel to have went through the same thing that he went through, and I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level because that next morning, the next morning when he felt that, I felt that same thing too (sic).”

Wait. Were people seriously calling Kanye West a racist for interrupting Taylor Swift? I remember hearing things like “jackass,” “drunken idiot,” “egomaniac” and “Lord Darkie Interruptus” which might’ve just been a dream I had. But racist? For interrupting a VMAs acceptance speech? C’mon, he would’ve done that shit to anybody that night. You could’ve had the Black Panthers on stage with Aretha Franklin celebrating Black History Month and he still would’ve hopped up there. “Imma let y’all finish. But Breast Cancer Awareness month is the best month of the year. Them niggas be wearing pink with their football helmets. PINK!”

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  1. Fooku


  2. I think this just goes to show that even in an apologetic, & “humbled” state, he’s still a total narcissist.

    The pressures involved with being President of the United States would overwhelm almost anyone, & regardless of your political standing you should have at least a little bit of respect for the person who holds the office.

    Kanye is delusional. He seems to think that because he became very wealthy putting out some catchy but disposable music that he’s had some enormous impact on society.

    Enjoy your money, & shut the fuck up. You aren’t important to anyone who doesn’t stand to profit from you.

  3. pappysmeary

    hahaha great post

  4. Uhh

    you are white, you can’t say “niggas”

  5. Right Wings Flapping

    These were easily our two greatest presidents because of their courage to do what was right in attacking the middle east. Time will teach those in the dim tunnel of ignorance to see the light of the future we will all be stronger for passing through.
    The torch needs to be passed to Sarah Palin next for the next leg of our perilous journey.
    God Speed to the brave.

    • OnTheRealThough

      LOL…i’m not a politics fanatic, but this is a sarcastic/funny post, correct? If not, gtfoh!

      If anybody really thinks that race had nothing to do with George Bush/Katrina and also with the backlash Kanye received from the Taylor Swift nonsense…..wow. Wake up, please.

      Though Kanye is indeed a narcissist & sel-centered, I get what he’s trying to say. He definitely has a point.

      And no, he’s not comparing his situation to the actual Hurricane Katrina situation. Come on.

      • Kendo_Bunny

        You do know that Bush did follow the proscribed federal response to Katrina, yes? Any delay was because the New Orleans Levy Commission was a bunch of crooks, and they had told the Fed that everything was peachy, despite the fact that the levies were made out of bubble gum and balsa wood. The Levy Commission had spent the money on lavish salaries for themselves, expensive offices, a race track, and a private airport.

        Also, what were they supposed to do? Force people out of their homes? They had plenty of time to evacuate, plenty of warning, and plenty of resources to evacuate. They chose not to. Sure, send in rescue squads after, but if I’m living on the side of a volcano that I’m told is going to erupt any moment now, I’m offered evacuation on the government’s dime, and I refuse, I have no one to blame but myself. Katrina was one of the biggest examples of entitled sucking of the Fed’s tit we’ve had for years – and demonstrates why people in this country keep electing incompetent fools who promise them the moon and stars.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Um, you’re joking, right? Sarah Paling couldn’t hack a full term as Governor in some back water state. You honestly, truly, for real think she can handle running a whole country, especially one as fucked up as the United States?

      • Right Wings Flapping

        We need to stand strong, don’t listen to lefty liberal cowards like most of you gays here. Sarah is brave enough to take down a Moose with her wits in the sky. She will take down the communist Obama soon enough.
        God Bless and keep us free from Terrorists

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        LOL…moose killer. it takes a lot to kill a moose with a rifle in a helicopter. nuf’ said I say. not much more needed to run alaska…oh wait. she quit that job, huh? for the people tho, right?

    • Bow Down Assholes

      By the way, there are more than a few thousand troops that got fucked up in that war you like to pontificate about that might just disagree with you. Just go visit your nearest VA hospital. The shit ain’t pretty.

      • Cajun

        SO Bush should have rushed straight down after Katrina. Taken all the focus away from helping people and protecting him. The president requires a convey of people where he go for safety logistics… If he went down immediately it would have pulled hundreds of people away from helping so he could get a PR shot. What could he personally do there versus from the white house?

  6. Great the one time i agreed with kanye and he backpeddles like a bitchass foow.

    Hilarious comment on the pink. I loved my mom who died of breast cancer but pink dont belong in football anymore than women themselves do. Let the cheerleaders wear pink.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Sorry to hear about your mom. Agree re Kanye’s backpeddling. Don’t care about football. Or, actually, to me, ideal football would be if the guys were clad only in loincloths and boots and there were no rules against violence or even killing. That I would watch.

    • Obama's bowling buddy

      Well, that ices it, “dude.” You really are a blithering idiot. [Re: agreeing w Kanye]
      His crack about nawwlans being in the state it was in because “Bush doesn’t care about black people” was so absurd I’m surprised he wasn’t blackballed from the industry.

      Tell me, how long after the floods that affected thousands more than Katrina did your idol (Obama) do anything about, much less visit NASHVILLE??? Was that somehow racist too?

      • Ur missing the point dummy, it was hilarious television, period. I eluded yest to the fact that to this day NO ONE has really helped that city. But then again arent most people down there the tea partyin kind who rally against bailouts? And if you want to really fix things there then lift the cuban trade embargo, that banned that city’s number one trading partner.

      • Obama's bowling buddy

        Uh, yeah…makes perfect sense. Your posts are so fucking dumb they make me cringe, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

      • Tennesse Victim

        You know when there was massive flooding last year and no aid, was it because Obama doesn’t like white people? Or was it because we fixed our stuff and helped each other out like you should instead of waiting on a hand out or someone else to fix it. We had thousands of more acres and more structures underwater, but you don’t see FEMA bringing us trailers but you also dont see the looting.

      • @Obb–then dont read em u stupid cunt

  7. cc

    No Kanye you just opened your mouth and bullshit came out…as usual.

  8. Sheena

    …”the poetic justice that I feel to have went through the same thing that he went through, and I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level”…

    Self-centered, narcissistic, and illiterate too. He hit the trifecta.

  9. john

    I think the WNBA needs to wear surgical gloves and carry tubes of KY during the month of November to promote prostate cancer awareness. Fair is fair, right?

  10. Heyzeus Hosay

    They’re both self-centered racists. Regardless of the proscribed protocols or entitled titty suckers, bush is a bitch and so is kanye. both gives a fuck more for their party then other people’s….but kanye’s funnier and makes better sounds outta his mouf.

    Geaux Tigers!

  11. I'm Obama and I approve

    Fuck that no-talent schwoogie…At least GWB can throw strikes.

  12. I'm Obama and I approve

    Our current president throws like a fuckin’ girl…a girl with bone-density issues.

    • Obama's bowling buddy

      Not only that, he bowls like a girl, plays b’ball like my 7 yr old niece, and swings a golf club like a total mary. Why do you think he keeps the press away until he’s walking down the fairway? Cuz he is a fucking disgrace, that’s why.

  13. Barry Bama

    a black person pulling the race card too soon? nooo that never happens( in a sarcastic tone)….
    G.W. is a REAL president and did the things he needed to do to keep our country safe…you should be thanking him rather then mocking him…
    besides who we have now…whata fuckin joke…

    • ScotchScotchyScotch

      I don’t really understand how people say Bush kept America safe. The terrorist attacks happened while he was in command. I assume you are meaning that attacking Iraq and Afghanistan prevented any further terrorist attacks from happening, which would be a fair statement… although no one would be able to tell if that’s true. And if that’s the case, then Obama is doing a fine job so far as well, since there haven’t been any attacks while he has been in office.

      When you say he kept the country safe, to me that’s like someone coming into your house and murdering your kids, then you going to his house and murdering his kids… and then being regarded as keeping your family safe. Safety is a preventative thing, not a responsive one.

  14. grobpilot

    West, you’re still a bag of dicks. Sure, the government fucked up the initial response but the machine eventually started working. The fact that the brain-dead fucks who lived in New Orleans didn’t leave, after days of warning that a freight train was coming straight at them, doesn’t seem to be mentioned all that much. Plus the fact that the city is below fucking sea level and people actually still live there? Christ, people! Help your fucking selves and don’t put yourselves in the situation that you need to be rescued. And what about the racist cocksuckers (blacks) who shot at rescue helicopters (mostly manned by white crews)? Where’s the racist call against them? Fuck you.

  15. Meh

    So having someone pull the race card on you doesn’t feel good now does it Kanye? Idiot.

  16. Caption: “Ha, ha , when you’re done with that pitch son, look around at all of these stupid asses that think the economy is coming back. The Bilderbergs and I are so proud of you son. How you got us in there to secure the oil and the lithium was one out of my own playbook. There’ll be an extra billion in your stocking this year from all of us, you are the light of my life!”

  17. Peter

    Hey asshole, “untold thousands” didn’t die in Katrina. The official count has it closer to 1800. And, not to be cold about it, but many of those people weren’t exactly well-equipped for survival anyhow.

    I’m not a huge defender of President Bush, but he personally killed exactly 0 of those 1800 victims. If any finger-pointing is to be done regarding policy failures, the first in line is the then-mayor Ray Nagin. He failed to even call for an evacuation until it was almost too late, and then made the evacuation “voluntary.” He also failed to use any of the city’s hundreds of school busses to aid the evacuation.

    But Nagin isn’t a conservative, and he is a minority, so heaven forbid you or anyone else hold him accountable.

    • Obama's bowling buddy

      Amen, brother. Well said.

      Just google “school buses katrina” and you’ll see plenty of images of all the submerged buses. So easy to point the finger at W since the media is all too eager to trash repubs. Notice, not a single story about O’s neglect of the disaster in Nashville, or the ice storms in KY and IN before that!

      • J-Sin

        How can you compare those disasters to Katrina? All seriousness now.

      • Peter

        In 2008, Iowa experienced some of the worst flooding in the nation’s history. Many parts of downtown were several stories underwater. See this slideshow for some pretty cool/amazing photos:


        Many residents of that city and surrounding communities lost everything in that flood. Many were poor white people. The media offered little if any coverage of the event, since (for the most part) the citizens organized and cooperated with the local authorities and their neighbors to work together for the good of the community. There was no looting, no riots, no shooting at police or rescue officials. Maybe that’s why no one in the media outside the state of Iowa cared?

        If you visited Cedar Rapids today, and didn’t know where to look closely, you would see very little evidence that a disaster of this magnitude ever occurred–let alone just 2 years ago. Not because the Federal Government bailed everyone out, but because the citizens picked themselves up and moved on with their lives. No one sat around bitching about not getting enough hand outs, or about not having a nice enough FEMA trailer. They just helped themselves and their neighbors to start over. They acted with generosity, courage, and personal responsibility like any good citizen–or dare I say it…Christian community–should.

  18. J-Sin

    As a black guy i can honestly say that Bush Jr. doesn’t strike me as a racist. In fact, i think he actually likes black people.

  19. 539

    Also as a black guy, I may not agree with everything Bush did but to think that he had it in for blacks is absurd. Also, listening to people who’s whole careers are based on shock value and doing anything they can to stay relevant is also absurd.


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  21. Sabrina

    George W. Bush doesn’t necessarily not care for black people. He just doesn’t care for poor people. Tough luck that in the USA lots of them happen to be black. Psshh.

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