Kanye West on George Bush: ‘I Was Too Quick to Pull The Race Card’

Kanye West is responding to George W. Bush’s remarks that being told he “doesn’t care about black people” was the most disgusting moment of his presidency that haunts him to this day. Even when trying to prove he’s just as good as Nolan Ryan to his dad. Turns out Kanye actually feels pretty bad about it and can now relate after the Taylor Swift incident because that’s entirely like a massive natural disaster that left untold thousands dead. Via StarPulse:

He tells 97.9 The Box, “I definitely can understand the way he feels to be accused of being a racist in any way, because… the same thing happened to me. I got accused of being a racist, and… with both situations, it was a lack of… compassion that America saw in that situation. You know with him (Bush), it was a lack of compassion with him not… taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. With me, it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment. But nonetheless, you know I think we’re all quick to pull, like a race card, in America.
“Now I’m more open and the poetic justice that I feel to have went through the same thing that he went through, and I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level because that next morning, the next morning when he felt that, I felt that same thing too (sic).”

Wait. Were people seriously calling Kanye West a racist for interrupting Taylor Swift? I remember hearing things like “jackass,” “drunken idiot,” “egomaniac” and “Lord Darkie Interruptus” which might’ve just been a dream I had. But racist? For interrupting a VMAs acceptance speech? C’mon, he would’ve done that shit to anybody that night. You could’ve had the Black Panthers on stage with Aretha Franklin celebrating Black History Month and he still would’ve hopped up there. “Imma let y’all finish. But Breast Cancer Awareness month is the best month of the year. Them niggas be wearing pink with their football helmets. PINK!”

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