Kanye West on Abortion

February 24th, 2011 // 74 Comments

Last week Justin Bieber graced us with His views on abortion, setting the Internet ablaze. So naturally it makes sense that Kanye West would steal a 16-year-old’s game and tweet his own thoughts on the controversial subject:

an abortion can cost a ballin’ nigga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ bitches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my niggas!

I was going to write a response, but I think the better approach is to stuff a pillow up my shirt and tell Kanye it’s going to cost him 50 grand or I’m having this baby. Apparently that’s working out for a lot of people. “Aw hell naw, you, too? Damn, son, why’s Matt Lauer gotta be sneakin’ in and pullin’ my rubbers off? Motherfuckers costin’ Kanye every time his pilly pop. Aight, let’s get to an ATM. I ain’t payin’ no child support. But I am sitting in that operatin’ room. Doctor’s gonna scoop correct or Kanye ain’t havin’ it. Surgerize that kid out myself!!!!”

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  1. Kanye West should have been aborted, or swallowed.

  2. gogo

    I licked my dog’s little red missle last night!

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Who pays to see this douche?
    Listens to his music or anything coming from his mouth?
    What a freak.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    I love his grasp of science about “gold diggin bitches” getting pregnant on purpose. I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK…..BAM BABIES UP IN THIS BITCH NOW!

  5. Poison Ivy League

    Silly Kanye, you can’t get men pregnant!!

  6. He just realized this? Didn’t he already write a song about it…like 5 years ago?

  7. xoxo1987

    So what about buying a condom instead ?

  8. true dat

    this guy is such a huge cuntbag

  9. Deacon Jones

    “…………. .. ……….. ………… .. ……… …….. ……….. ………….. ..”

  10. suck it

    hmmmm never thought about getting pregnant on purpose only to ask for a large sum of money for an abortion.. doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

  11. jonesy


  12. Just say nigger not nigga

  13. Jimbo

    That is a freakishly long finger. I wonder how far he can stick it up his ass??

  14. LJ

    So Kayne admits paying women that he got pregnant 50K and up to 100K to abort his philandering?

    I guess Kanye has the same problem as Bristol Palin.

    Neither seem to know where to find condoms in the drug store.

  15. ludichrisspeed

    Who cares about abortion, I want to know where Leto got that Smuggie. I mean Snuggie.

  16. Kanye West Abortion
    suck it
    Commented on this photo:

    who is this guy???

  17. chynasclit

    he’s got a little of kim kardashian’s diarrhea on that finger…mmm smell

  18. I wonder who the two hoes are sitting next to him in pic 5? Strap up Yae, they look like gold diggers. I would fuck them though.

  19. Frobz

    OOOh OOH are these the “brilliant” lyrics that Kenya defenders keep talking about? Ah yes, he’s got SUCH a great grasp of the english language, doesn’t he?

  20. Rough part the internet

    For the first time, I am all for these “gold digging bitches” I hope they get the morning after pill and convinced these “ballin morons” the abortion cost up to 50 to 100 grand.

  21. Frobz

    What exactly is “ballin” anyway? Is that rapper babble for “teabagging?”

  22. eophus

    WARNING TO THE EDITORS OF THIS SITE: You have to stop giving a fuck about what comes out this guys mouth…PLEASE!!! I BEG YOU!!!

  23. Mr Obvious

    I guess some people haven’t heard of condoms. Like Kanye’s mom.

  24. PJ

    Abortion extortion is a really serious issue guys. Made clear by the fact that: a) Kanye only speaks the truth/incoherent ramblings of the truly insane, and b) it rhymes.

  25. moo


  26. Rough part the internet

    Who’s doing 100g abortions, Jakob the Jewler, in the back-room of his shop?

    • ThatBitchFromTheGym

      Yeah, he does it with a diamond-encrusted vaccum. It leaves diamond specs IN THE UTERUS!! Too cool, totes worth it.

      • Wow. I can just see Snookie get pregnant then be forced into getting an abortion (Federal Laws do not permit it to mate) and coming back on season 3 in Italy: “yo yo check dis sheit out, I gots me some Uterus Bling BITCHES!!!”

  27. crazypants

    Kanye, seriously, remember your mother?

    She was a Professor of English.

    Stop fucking talking and texting like an illiterate 12yo. It’s an insult to her memory.

    Ya’ dig, balla?

    • Yeezy's Son

      Definitely agree. I’m not sure why he pretends to be so street in one instance but turns around and raps about versace sofas. Meh. Its frigging hilarious. Not sure why people get so mad at celebrities for the stuff they say, they’re all nuts. $50k for an abortion. What world does he live in.

  28. Gay Fish

    He must have knocked up a few gay fish…….

  29. If a “gold digger” was pregnant with his child she would have the baby & grab the child support brass ring.
    Douchebag sounds as if he’s been played a couple times. Funny.

  30. Vandal

    Hmm, why is he not being done for racism. He clearly said ‘niggas’ on several occasions. Disgusting.

    • Yeezy's Son

      Ha ha. The ‘N’ word double standard. It’s one of the strangest words in the english language. Black people feel insulted when someone calls them a nigger but we turn around and call each other niggas all the time. Why, I don’t know. When Fish uses the n word it does bother me. Southpark used it over 50 times in one episode a couple years ago. I found that as funny as hell. I guess it only bothers me when people use it with racist connotations. So its not so much the word but the person’s intentions behind it. At the end of the day its just a word.

  31. J

    Leto’s never met a poncho he doesn’t like, at least as of late.

  32. He’d promote vasectomies but he doesn’t know how to spell it. Just like a dropout…

  33. Kanye West Abortion
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    “Eighteen yeeees. Eighteen yeeees. And on da eighteenth birdday he found out it wasn’t heeeeeeees? Fuck that. Abort!”

  34. McCock

    what a coincidence. two of the biggest douchebags on the planet together in one photo. Throw Heyden Panitierre in there you’ve got a trifecta. If you got Obomma to step in, then you’d have hit the paparazzi mega-jackpot of douchbaginess….

  35. Leto and West.

    I can’t decide who just lost more credibility by being seen with the other.

  36. None

    Child support…abortion money…whatever. Potato, potahto.

  37. testington

    Seriously what bitch would be dumb enough to take $50K for an abortion if Kanye knocked you up? Have the damn kid his child support payments would be well over $50K a year for the next 18 years

  38. “George Bush doesn’t like Black People”

    “Black people don’t like Kanye West”

  39. Johnny Cage

    It’s totally terrifying to me how something as deadly serious as child abortion is now being seen as a punchline. The other scary part about it is that the only celeb voices speaking against it are the likes of Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

    This is like having Avril Lavigne and Kloe Kardashian go back in time to the 1940s to speak against the evils of concentration camps. God save us all.

    • molly

      child abortion…i don’t know how many children are aborted… lots of fetuses, though

      • Johnny Cage

        That’s what children are. A child not yet outside the mother is what they call a fetus in Latin.

        But in terms of children born outside of the mother, we do have partial birth abortion. That’s when they stick the kid halfway outside the mother and kill him there. If that fails thankfully the Obama admin has allowed us to leave them in linen baskets until they die. After all it only becomes a baby until the day you take it home from the hospital. At least that’s what Barbara Boxer told me.

    • BJ

      Wow. You really are an idiot, aren’t you, Johnny? Its not like someone stuck with fucking KANYE WEST’S kid would have a peachy time taking care of something that took two minutes to make and 18 years of HELL to raise. What’s the line for you, eh, Johnny? If a fuck up like you gets someone pregnant, she’s just supposed to stick with it and deal with your stupid ass for the rest of her kid’s life? That’s not even fair. That seems like much more “deadly serious” than “child abortion.” At least KanYe isn’t speaking like he’s making a valid point; you actually THINK this shit is real!
      Oh. Just read some of your other comments… not only are you an idiot, you’re also racist! Woooooooow! You know, you are far less intelligent than Justin Bieber; I hope you realize that: Justin has an excuse! He’s a dumbass kid! You’re a grown ass man with no fucking idea about how the world works outside of your white supremacist inbred family- a whole mess that could have been avoided by what, ladies and gentlemen? ABORTION! That’s reason enough.

  40. Kanye West Abortion
    Commented on this photo:

    Kanye’s argument is invalid, that guy’s hair is a bird.

  41. fruity tooty Kanye

    West is scum and GAY! He ain’t fooling anyone in da hood man!

  42. Aussie Mama

    any man that refers to a woman, his woman as bitch. or hiimself and mates as niggas is clearly gay.

    • Johnny Cage

      What do you expect? The whole ghetto culture thing is more ass-backward than the inbreed culture down south, more violent than the Lebanese gangs you have in Australia, and more dilapidated than the Chav infested neighborhoods of Britain.

      The only thing that stands a chance to surpasses it in mental disorganization is perhaps extreme liberalism.

      • Aussie Mama

        IInstaed of tolerance, we need tough laughs for victims, not perpertrators. South Australia doesn’t have a big Leb.culture. Its is the most Anglo of all the states. But I am sure in time it will come.
        We should move in Cage x

      • Aussie Mama

        I meant LAWS not LAUGHS!!!

      • Aussie Mama

        God I’m not even drunk man!
        I mean tough laws for law breakers and not hauling victims through the fire, as is done currently. Enuf from me, time for a wine!

  43. lori

    That poncho fascinates me.

  44. That poncho is an abortion.

  45. kara

    i would abort him this very second if i could. does he know ANYTHING about anything at all? when he talks it fucks with my mind…like…am i on acid or is someone completely fucking stupid talking right now?

  46. Kanye West Abortion
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that Jesse James?

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