Kanye West Thinks He Can Make People Stop Buying Louis Vuitton

November 26th, 2013 // 40 Comments
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In an interview with 92.3 yesterday, Kanye West told everyone in New York who still listens to radio to not buy anything Louis Vuitton until after January because everyone knows Christmas is Yeezus’ birthday, so you best direct commerce in a manner befitting of your king or he’ll smack Kim Kardashian‘s ass and cause a tsunami. Do the eyes look like they’re joking? And have done cocaine? I rest my case. TMZ reports:

Kanye was on 92.3 NOW radio station moments ago when he handed down the edict, saying, “Everybody in New York City right now, don’t buy any Louis Vuitton until after January.”
Kanye says he’s trying to make a point to the head of Louis Vuitton, Yves Carcelle, who refused to meet with the rapper the last time he was in Paris.

That’s funny because right now, with this exact sentence, I’m actually telling everyone in New York to buy Louis Vuitton, so we’ll see who’s the real power player, son. If their sales drop, Kanye’s the leather jogging pants son of God. If their sales stay the same, or even increase, he has to accept me, his new Lord and Savior, into his heart where I’ll guide him down a new path of righteous and shutting the hell up. Or I’ll make him say, “Yo, for real, did Ray J seriously piss on you?” every time Kim tries to have a conversation. I haven’t made up my holy mind yet.

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  1. That looks says “I just sharted.”

  2. LOL! I would love for someone to say that to Kim everytime she tries to start a conversation. Make it happen.

  3. Gary Grant

    I’m starting to lose track who is the fame whore and who is the whore.

  4. Jade

    Kanye is such a menacing fashion-thug. That’s hardcore.

  5. Johnny P!

    In related news:
    ‘Crazy Eyes’ from Orange is the New Black has taken to the airwaves to get people to boycott pink highlighters because ‘they make her head hurt to look at, don’t smell good, and you can’t make a decent shiv out of ‘em, bitch!’

  6. He does realize that 99% of the clowns that go to his concerts and are his fans can’t afford Louis Vuitton, right? Well the real shit anyway. The actual people that can afford Louis Vuitton and actually buy it don’t give a shit about Kanye and his opinions, and would probably ask him if he was their new driver if he came up to them.

  7. kimmykimkim

    Right. Cuz regular people can afford that shit. You stupid fuck. Fucking die.

  8. Does Louis Vuitton make a douche bag? Because that would be sweet product placement.

  9. Dox

    Dear Santa,
    Christmas is coming up, and I have been very good this year. I will not point out my many thousands of hours spent attempting to make the community a better place (partly because they don’t exist, but mostly because I am so very humble.), nor the puppies that I have saved from a painful death. (I actually did that one.)

    Oftentimes in the past I have asked for such frivolous things as world peace, an end to world hunger, a cure for HIV and Cancer, a robotic sex doll to take the place of real women which are both confusing and scary, and a Huey Lewis and the News Reunion Concert in Las Vegas. This time, however, I beg of you, for a single present this year.

    Could you please, have Kanye West and his Wife, run over by a rabid herd of reindeer. taken hostage by a group of militant elves, and forced into slavery at a toy factory. (Preferably somewhere in North Korea, that still uses lead paint, and lines its walls with Asbestos.)

    I realize this runs contrary to the holiday spirit. However, so does his very existence. He is a blight upon all of humanity. A collection of the very worst traits that humankind has to offer, all wrapped up in a single piece of wasted flesh that steals oxygen from other organisms that could do some good. Like pond algae, or E bola virus.

    Please Santa. Seriously. I’m begging you. If not that, then strike him mute, or maybe the IRS could take a good long look at his finances, or maybe even a really bad rash on his face that never goes away.


    • Lee Harvey Santa

      Dox, since you’ve been a good boy… I think…. I don’t really know… or care…. but, sure, I can do something here. All I need are a couple of high rise buildings, a hairpin turn in the road and a grassy knoll. I did it once, I can do it again.

    • cc

      This looks like a good start to a petition. Is it unChristmassy to petition Santa?

  10. JimBB

    It’s a shame the Romans aren’t still around to crucify him. All we get out of Rome these days is the Pope hugging everyone.

  11. vandal

    Um, I don’t think he’s got a clue of his ‘fan’ base. 12yr old scrotes can’t afford LV gear anyway you fuckin’ cretin.

  12. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s the ass equivalent of extremely puffy nipples.

  13. Somewhere in this story there is an Alec Baldwin racist rant waiting with his donation of all of his money to Louis Vuitton..wait for it…

  14. His ego is bigger than his wife’s ass.

    • My mind just exploding trying to fathom those orders of magnitude. I can’t do it. The amounts are just too big, like comparing the Sun to Jupiter, or the Milky Way to the visible Universe

  15. anonymous

    LOL @ a full grown man waging war against a handbag designer. Autograph his damn purse LV!

  16. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like she has a giant sh*t in her underwear. Gross

  17. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Pepper's Pot
    Commented on this photo:

    who thumbed down every single one of the posts? Kim, Kris, Kanye, is that you?? seriously at least dont be so obvious…

  18. Joe Blow

    Looking at the photo of those two, all that comes to mind is “A couple of worthless Kunts”.

  19. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    she is her own butt double

  20. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    her top lip seems to be stretching out…. wonder what she’s sucking on… ew, maybe not, sorry sorry!!!!

  21. Luci

    I don’t even like LV, but I’ll fundraise if I have to to spend as much as I possibly can there thru the month of December

  22. cc

    Maybe these two pieces of shit can be persuaded to stop buying fur.

  23. MFer

    They’re beginning to develop an emo-esque look.

  24. This Southern trash from FAtlanta cant even pronounce Yves much less say Yves Carcelle… He is in a delusional daze, alternate reality thinking respectable designers need to associate their renowned centenary houses with his new found ‘fame’. He thinks he lived in Europe and actually was an intern at Parisian haute couture houses just because he was allowed in to see around for a few months. LV fell off the wagon wayyyy back in 2005, when broke ballers from Atlanta were able to apply for a no-collateral revolving credit and started purchasing fake LV bags online.

  25. Jade

    For being an oppressed slave, he seems to have a big sense of entitlement.

  26. kery

    please stop Kanye and kim must go to Mars because We are tired of them Euwwwwwwwwwwww

  27. IAmDoge

    Kanye is an extremely spoiled person. So is his pants.

  28. Cher X

    He was paid hundreds (not thousands cause he’s so not worth it) by LV to say that. Everyone’s gonna get one now.

    Brilliant marketing move. Your play, Prada.

  29. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about – she can sit on my face any day

  30. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    god almighty… she is clearly walking around with a massive load of dung in her undies. the stink that is created whenever she bends over and that monstrous crack begins to slightly part must be utterly repugnant. kim kardashian = the vile fragrance of warm poop. absolutely disgusting.

  31. Kim Kardashian Giant Ass Spanx Panty Line Tight Skirt
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi very sexy and Beautiful Kim Kardashian thank you i am such a Big fan of Her. keep Your Curves Kim and keep going in Your career thank you i also Really like Britney Spears best wishes

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