Kanye Is Debuting North West On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Without Kim Kardashian

August 21st, 2013 // 32 Comments
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In case you missed the Kris Jenner/Kanye West love fest currently going on, not only did he film a one-hour interview for her talk show without Kim Kardashian, but TMZ reports he’s going to debut the first photos of North West. So to answer your questions, yes, Kris Jenner promised to bring Donda West back from the dead, and yes, I think she has the power to do it now. The whore stream has never flowed through her stronger:

It’s classic Kardashian — The show will air Friday — the last day the show is on the air. Kris wants a huge rating that day, because Fox will be making a decision on whether to pick the show up for a full series — something she desperately wants.
The pic was flashed on the screen for a brief second, so no one in the audience could sneak a pic from the monitor. We’re told the pictures will last a lot longer when the show is put together before it airs.
Kim and Kanye had initially decided to either give the first pics to a fancy magazine or release it on social media. They also toyed with the notion of raising money for charity, but ultimately decided that charity begins at home.

I love how Kim Kardashian is completely left at home while all this is happening because her own mother determined she has the ratings draw of Lindsay Lohan and went, “Why don’t you stay in the basement until Kanye needs a level of anal that defies all reality?” Because that’s the only way I can understand how any of this is happening along with that necromancing business I said earlier. Think of it is a two-pronged plan not unlike the pitchfork Kris uses to spear tortured souls from her fiery throne.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


  1. If the Royal Baby were hosting a talk show called “Trade and Tarrifs with the Royal Baby”, I’d be more likely to watch than this televised afterbirth.

    Someone I can’t stand interviewing someone I can’t stand about an infant I have no particular opinion about, does not make good television.

  2. TheOneRing

    Is that a skoal ring on his jacket pocket?

  3. Jack Ketch

    Is that a condom in his front pocket? I agree with you, McFeely – televised afterbirth – good one.

  4. I figured with these two colossal egos in the same hemisphere there’d be some sort of Clash of the Titans going on in front of the canera, with one attempting to devour the other in order to reign – I mean whore – over the earth. So unless one of them ends up dead at the end of the show, Duck Dynasty is on.

    • JC

      My only complaint with that is that “Clash of the Titans” implies some sense of grandiosity, combat between two skilled and powerful foes. This will be more like two retarded kids having a slap fight.

  5. dunkydoo

    Kanye Kuntrashian is debuting South East Kuntrashian is more like it. Kanye has absolutely no cred.

  6. dunkydoo

    No one wanted to pay for this pics so they made up this story.

  7. Colin

    Are we sure Kanye hasn’t killed Kim? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. Will the show have subtitles? I don’t speak Whorish.

  9. The Illuminati Did It

    She obviously kidnapped Kanye’s boyfriend and this is the randsom.

  10. ThisWillHurt

    “Now give a big round of applause to my newest bitch: Kanye West!”
    “What? You said I was like a member of the family! Now I’m your bitch?”
    “Same thing. Wanna see Bruce’s shock collar?”

  11. Hopefully she is about to do one of those secret ninja punches where you pull out the guys heart and show it to him.

  12. You don’t know the power of the Dark Side of the Whorce.

  13. Randal

    Grandmama and Papa West sure know how to draw in viewers. Much success to Kris on her breakout new show. Next stop? Daytime Emmys!


  14. Aww, someone’s still too fat to whore out her baby on national television.

  15. anonymous

    As long as he keeps it 300. You know… like the Romans….LOL

  16. Kim Kardashian Kanye West Christ The Redeemer Statue Rio
    edvard Munch
    Commented on this photo:

    God shes a fat ass. A lucky as hell fat ass.

  17. whatever

    so the cleft lip the kid was born with healed already? babies heal fast, best plastic surgeon, no trace
    the is NO OTHER REASON the kid has not been paraded around the world yet
    kim’s ass still has trouble shrinking, how WEIRD she does not want to show off her FAT ASS, her FAT ass and ho-ing as they are her only claims to fame

  18. Kim and Kanye had initially decided to either give the first pics to a fancy magazine…

    “So, Kris…should we sell the pics to People or Us Weekly?”
    “NO! They’re too downmarket! The best grandchild in the world should first be seen in someplace FANCY!”
    *Kourtney sobs quietly*
    Vanity Fair?”
    “They said no.”
    “They said no.”
    “They hung up on me. Any other suggestions? Kids?”
    “What about Cat Fancy magazine? I mean, they have ‘fancy’ right in the title!”
    “Kim, shut up, I don’t pay you to think.”

  19. No one cares about your stupid kid with the stupid name. Go away.

  20. notahaterlikeu

    As an adult I have to say you guys are acting rather childishly, grow up and make comments that people actually can gain insight from. Stop hatin on people you don’t even know and could care less on how you feel about the. You are not wasting their time by any means.

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