Don’t Tell Kanye West To Take Off His Mask In The Middle Of His Art

December 11th, 2013 // 46 Comments
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While performing in San Antonio Sunday night, a fan yelled at Kanye to take his mask off which prompted him to flip the fuck out and kick her out of the show, but not before saying a bunch of crazy shit about how he’s Miles Davis, Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Via Gawker:

“You can see my face on the Internet every motherfucking day,” Kanye retorted. “I came here, I open up a mountain … and you tryin’ to tell me how to give you my art.”
Though he didn’t compare himself to Nelson Mandela, Kanye did launch into a seemingly extemporaneous autotuned freestyle in which he “explained” the need for the mask before grouping himself with the likes of Miles Davis, the Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac, owing to the fact that all three, like him, are Gemini.
Yeezy then signaled to security to eject the undeserving philistine from his concert.
“Do I look like a motherfucking comedian?” the sad clown asked, most likely rhetorically. “Don’t fucking heckle me. I’m Kanye motherfucking West.”

Wait, wait, wait, he’s opening up a mountain? Holy shit, I didn’t know he brings Kim Kardashian‘s ass on stage. Why don’t you people tell me these things? So what does he do? Spread it open with a bedazzled jaws of life? Make Lady GaGa pop out of it? GIVE ME THE SECRETS OF ASS MOUNTAIN.


  1. catapostrophe

    Music is so great.

  2. Fancy Face

    It’s assholes like the ones cheering him on that let him keep doing this! Quick! Everyone boycott Kanye West until after New Year’s! That’ll show him!

  3. Rabbit

    What a pompous ass!


    Someone seriously needs to kick his ass. This idiot’s “jeezus” complex is so huge I’m surprised the gods of karma haven’t dropped a fucking meteor on his swollen head yet.

    • did you miss the news that he’s married to Kim Kardashian, and she’s birthed his dipshit spawn? All in all, I’d prefer a meteor to the skull.

      • argleblargle

        Wait, when did they get married?


        That’s not karma unless they all go down in a FLAMING PLANE WRECK together. Until then they continue to pull in millions for doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

  5. I’m beginning to think that he is either totally losing his mind or pulling off the greatest long-con trolling in human history.

  6. All three of them are dead, where is I hope he is going with all of this. No wonder this psycho asshole can barely fill up a quarter of a venue. Fucking whackjob.

  7. anonymous

    So how did the find that heckler in a sea of concert-goers? I’m guessing it’s not too difficult when everyone is attendance is named Kardashian or works for them.

  8. Mohawk Disco

    How dare you tell me how you want to be raped! You’ll take it and like it, missy! – in Kanye’s defense she did ask for it by going to the concert.

  9. I got to about a minute and three seconds before I felt my IQ dropping. How the fuck is this douche still around? More importantly, what the fuck kind of person pays money to go to one of his shows? It boggles the mind

  10. So Kanye thinks that channeling Muhammad Ali and his “I am the greatest” stance is going to keep him in the public eye. Only, Muhammad Ali had talent. The only reason I know about this guy is his big mouth. His so-called art is racial bullshit that is barely even rap. Rap at least is genuine and from the streets and not from a pampered tool that just wants to be controversial.

    • ‘pampered’? did you know that once in a while on really hot sunny days when he doesn’t have all his bodyguards and servants with him, he has to carry his own parasol? That’s straight up ghetto, y’all!

  11. is that a mask or did he get hit with a rainbow cream pie?

  12. Beer Baron

    I weep for what society has become. This generation of shitheads who actually paid to see King Shithead is doomed.

  13. It seems his mother was the only thing keeping a lid on his assholery . Since she’s been gone, it’s been all downhill for him.

    He’s a fucking embarrassment now.

    • Good point. Either he was afraid of embarassing her, she would whoop his ass, or she kept him medicated without his knowledge. Since ’808s and Heartbreak’ it has been an ongoing freak show.

    • Yeah, died from plastic surgery gone wrong. Like it could fix ugly. Not sure who was uglier, she or he.

  14. gigi

    I’ve never been happier or more proud to love flamenco……. viva el arte mofos

  15. How can Kardashian stand to have this lumpy, dumpy, flabby mistake of God touch her? After Reggie Bush he must look absolutely comical to her.

  16. vandal

    GOOD! Any cunt that pays money to see this twat deserves all they get. If they fucked off, HE would fuck off. Simple. So blame them for idolising this cock-womble.

  17. Bonky

    “I’m Kanye motherfucking Kardashian.”

    There, I fixed it for him.

  18. lol

    Gemini gonna Gemini.

  19. coljack

    Still a better performance than Bound 2.

  20. coljack

    If Kim had worn that mask, I would’ve liked Bound 2 a whole lot more.

  21. Hasselhoff's Testicles

    People actually pay to watch this talentless sack of shit? He fucking Stinks! I can’t believe I watched this video of him sounding like a squirrel being raped by a bear.


  22. Joe Mahma

    Kanye West is like the Chauncey Gardiner of hip hop.

  23. Dox

    You guys are looking at this from the wrong perspective.
    We should applaud the mask… we should demand he continue wearing it….

    Never ever change Yeezie! Its your art Dawg. As a matter of fact, mah brutha, take it to the next level. Throw a tarp over that whole bitch. Never take it off, till you feel as free as you should be. And if they still don’t take you seriously…

    Maybe douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire in protest.

    Just a suggestion.

  24. Oprah Sucks

    By the time the Kardashians have finished picking his bones, and dispose of him like a back alley abortion, that little cocksucker might as well start being a comedian. He’ll be “KANYE MOTHERFUCKING JOKE!”

  25. donkeylicks

    This is kind of like that time Tony Stark had an entire conversation with Pepper Pots from his workshop while she spoke to his empty suit of armor in the living room. Just try and tell me Kanye wasn’t backstage somewhere with a live feed going directly to that false prophet’s mike, I dare you!

  26. I’ve never heard stupid autotuned before.

    There’s a first time for everything.

  27. sc4play

    What a piss ant!

  28. Bob

    It’s more than a stupid gimmick, it’s an expression of his contempt for those who are stupid enough to shell out good money to see him perform his “art”.

  29. circuit

    People are starting to lose their shit a little too much over Kanye now… If this was another video of Louis C.K. taking a giant shit on an audience member who distracted him during his set, you’d see nothing but “LOUIS CK IZ A GOD” in the comments.

  30. rican

    Sometimes I wish I had the ability to make stupid people give me their money.

  31. skunk

    if you’re stupid enough to pay to see kanye west, you deserve this

  32. See, the heckler just did it wrong. What she should have done is rush the stage, grab the mic out of Kanye’s hand, and said, “Kanye, Imma let you finish, but GaGa had one of the best face masks of all time!”

    I mean, Kanye would have respected that, right?

  33. What!? Why can’t I see the video!? The funniest part sounds like the auto-tuned freestyle comparing himself to 2pac, Biggie and Miles Davis LMAO

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