Kanye West Is Afraid Of Business Cards Now

December 20th, 2011 // 31 Comments
Kanye West
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Kanye West
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“♫ I’m just a happy little rapper, a touchin’ my dick… ♫”

While performing at the Tacoma Dome over the weekend, Kanye West apparently lost his shit after a fan threw some business cards onstage because he might trip and fall on them. “These cubes go 20 feet in the air, man,” I believe were his exact words. He then threatened to toss out an entire section of the audience unless the agent of Matt Lauer copped to trying to give Kanye advice on mutual funds which someone eventually did so the show could go on. When reached for comment, Kanye was quoted as saying, “Man, that shit ain’t even got a watermark. And you feel that thickness? Ain’t nowhere near tasteful, yo. Only thing right is the off-white coloring. Make a mothafucka take pause for a second and think, ‘Damn, that ain’t quite white – but it’s close.’”

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  1. Randal

    It’s tough to return to focus when you’re up on stage, rocking the joint, when some dumb fan attempts to assault the entertainer like that. Top props to you Kayne, for stopping the show and making it clear how easy it could be to slip on the cubes and fall from the top.


    • karlito

      too bad the fan didn’t have a gun and end the bullshit that is Kanye. this asshole is the biggest loser in the industry. it was better when he hid in the shadows and we have to look at his fugly chipmunk face and hear his out of tune voice.

    • Do_Freebird

      Randall, if in fact that is your real name,
      It’s tough to read one of you jerkoff posts without wanting to beat you senseless with a three foot lenght of #10 rebar.
      The Happiest of Seasons to you and your stroking hand,

    • BE

      It’s nice to know that the Fish has really arrived. Not only is Fish now referenced in the urban dictionary – drawn enough interest fo Scientology to assign a spin blogger such as you.

      Yep, you’re effective…

      at being obvious AND annoying. Don’t worry Xenu will reward you.

    • Randal, you are my hero.

    • Rock on

      Britney Spears slipped and fell on confetti during a show in Moline IL and that’s what jacked up her knee.

    • Kanye-Hater

      Too bad the asshole ON the stage didn’t get a .45 ACP popped in his empty fucking head! Kanye is a douche-bag!

  2. I don’t recall Tom Jones ever slipping on panties.

    • Do_Freebird

      You have to reaiize that while Tom Jones got panties by the dozen, Kanye gets used condoms by the hundreds.

      • Schmidtler

        The panties thrown at Tom Jones these days are all size 18 or bigger, so it’s hard to miss them and end up slipping on them.

  3. Things he’s not afraid of:fishsticks, ghosts, white women and jewelry.

  4. Do_Freebird

    > When a chick wears a see through costume without any underwear, or touches herself intimately on the stage, or rubs her firm, young firms breasts while gently caresses her thighs, or masturbates with a dildo or uses a sybian machine, or has full penetration with multiple member of the audience, or has a full blown bukake scene, I think it’s a truly beautiful, spiritual thing.
    > Kanye West touching his junk – disgusting.

    • Do_Freebird

      Got so worked up, I seem to typed this like shit. I think you get my drift on my message of love. And Randall, I still want you to die a slow painful death while being anally penetrated by Kanye West and his entourage..

  5. skunk

    if you’re a fan of this clown, you deserve to be treated like SHIT

  6. JC

    I guess he’s aspiring to Axl Rose levels of Rock Star Entitlement Douchosity. Why even give a reason to stop, Kanye? Embrace your inner Axl and just walk off the stage for no reason.

  7. PLEASE…next time throw one or more of the following on this douche-bag’s stage:
    1. Hand grenade
    2. Molotov Cocktail
    3. Bag of rattle snakes
    4. Bag of psychotic, murdering midgets armed with knives
    5. Jar full of anthrax

  8. Venom

    So tired of this prima donna douchebag. His arrogance and ego are tiresome.

  9. Mickey01232000

    It is really hard for me to imagine a bigger asswipe that is alive today than this guy. Why do people even waste their money to go see this chump.

  10. EricLr

    He doesn’t like being reminded that he can’t read.

  11. it had to be said

    Madea’s shtick was getting old. So, Tyler Perry’s playing an overprivileged, vaguely swishy a-hole rapper now?

  12. RyRy

    having met kanye and been stunned at his stupidity, kinda thought it was an act for the media, i have to say that was a perfect impression fish.

  13. Mitch

    Does he think he works at Pierce and Pierce or something?

  14. Kobe Bryant

    Has he come out yet?

  15. Kanye-Hater

    Hey Kanye, FUCK YOU, you worthless fucking piece of shit. I’m counting the days until someone pops a cap in your ass and you go away for good. You’re a waste of air and your music SUCKS like you. Just DIE motherfucker!!

  16. Carolyn

    My, don’t we all have the Christmas spirit!

  17. forrest gump

    americans aren’t aware of the number of white c*cks which fit in his mouth at the same time.

  18. Rayray

    Kanye fans are a bunch of tools, he sucks farts out of assholes.

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