Kanye West Is Afraid Of Business Cards Now

“♫ I’m just a happy little rapper, a touchin’ my dick… ♫”

While performing at the Tacoma Dome over the weekend, Kanye West apparently lost his shit after a fan threw some business cards onstage because he might trip and fall on them. “These cubes go 20 feet in the air, man,” I believe were his exact words. He then threatened to toss out an entire section of the audience unless the agent of Matt Lauer copped to trying to give Kanye advice on mutual funds which someone eventually did so the show could go on. When reached for comment, Kanye was quoted as saying, “Man, that shit ain’t even got a watermark. And you feel that thickness? Ain’t nowhere near tasteful, yo. Only thing right is the off-white coloring. Make a mothafucka take pause for a second and think, ‘Damn, that ain’t quite white – but it’s close.'”

h/t Bossip

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