Kanye West Hospitalized For ‘Acting Erratically,’ Possible 5150

Kanye West has shown signs of mental instability for years. But the second he started showing support for Donald Trump, it was obvious things had spiraled dangerously out of control and he needed immediate psychiatric help. Something was definitely wrong. So yesterday, on the heels of going after Beyonce and cancelling his tour, Kanye found himself handcuffed and taken to the hospital for evaluation where reports differ on whether or not he’s on a 5150 hold. TMZ reports:

According to law enforcement sources … cops responded to a call for a welfare check on Kanye around 1:20 PM PT. He was at his trainer Harley Pasternak’s home at the time and was “acting erratically.”
We’re told police called L.A. Fire, and by the time paramedics arrived Kanye was calmer … but still resistant to going to the hospital. We’re told everyone — his management and law enforcement — convinced him it was best he go. Law enforcement sources tell us Kanye was handcuffed to a gurney during transport to the hospital … as standard protocol.

When reached for comment, Kris Jenner said “This is the greatest early Christmas present anyone has ever given me- I mean, we just want Kanye to get better. We’re praying for Kanye and not cancelling any of our promotional appearances to be with him or my own daughter and children. We’re just really rooting for him. (Ohmygod, the ratings.) Get better soon, Ye! (I’m moist. For the first time in years, I’m moist! Hallelujah!)”

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