Kim Kardashian’s Afraid Kanye West Is Gay

May 15th, 2013 // 71 Comments
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Kanye West looks like he’s at a funeral every time he has to walk into another paparazzi trap set up by Kim Kardashian, so clearly that means he’s a homosexual who fucks men in the anus, is what she’s starting to think now. InTouch Weekly via Gossip Cop:

According to the mag, Kardashian’s first Met Gala experience was a “nightmare” because “some online commenters” speculated that her boyfriend is “in a romantic relationship with the man who designed her controversial dress, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.”
A so-called “friend” tells the tab, “Kim freaked out. If it turns out Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed — more so than she’s ever been in her life.”
In Touch writes, “There are some facts Kim can’t deny,” noting, “Kanye has spent her entire pregnancy living close to Riccardo in the French capital… And Riccardo recently purchased an apartment less than half a mile from Kanye’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.”
“Kanye is obsessed with Riccardo,” reveals another supposed “insider” for the rag, who adds, “They have a very deep bond.”

When asked to explain how Kanye loved Kim’s sex tape so much he heterosexually inserted a baby into her, Kris Jenner assumed her true form as a seven-headed hydra and hissed out of each head, “YOU VISIBLY LOVE BEING WITH MY DAUGHTER OR YOU’RE QUEEEEER. QUEEEEER, I SAY. A DEVOURER OF COCKSSSSSSSssssss…” *cheats on Bruce Jenner with Godzilla*

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  1. Does he like fishdicks?

  2. So “impregnated by gay man” > “pissed on by pop star’s brother on film” on the embarrassment scale. Duly noted.

    • I would say being cheated on by someone whose baby you are carrying, homosexually or otherwise, is more horrible/embarrassing than doing whatever consensual sex act you felt like doing with your bf when you were in your early 20s. Gotta go with Kim on this one, oddly enough.

      • Somehow I don’t think allowing yourself to be urinated on is a sex act at all, consensual or otherwise. Just goes to how disturbed she is that she consents to be treated like trash by trash.

        I think for Kim it would be easier and less hurtful to believe he was gay rather than believe he would prefer to spend most of his time on another continent just to be away from her. When a man is in love, especially a man with his means, he will do what he wants to do, where he wants to do it. If he wanted to be with Kim, he would have been with Kim.

  3. Smapdi

    Now when she fake-marries Kanye, she’ll have a fake-heterosexual groom.

  4. Pssssssssst

    Apparently he had sex with a well known British fashion designer a few years back (male), so I’d definitely believe it. Not only is he gay, he has a preference for designers. At least he’s keeping it classy.

  5. Jon Stewart

    Mother-fuckin’ gay fish.

  6. MoozBoy

    LMAO, this is hilarious. Her life is such a joke!

  7. Cock Dr

    Playin’ with the players may result in an HIV infection.
    No matter who dumps who it’s gonna be funny.

    • Colin

      Haha, I wouldn’t be worried about the fashion designer, he probably sleeps around in less infectious circles. If I were the designer, I’d be more worried about what I’m getting from Kim via Kanye.

  8. schmidtler

    wtf does she care if he’s gay, she only got him to knock her up for the publicity and the money, it’s not like anybody believed the two of them were going to have a long happy normal marriage or something.
    also, there’s probably 100,000 people that live within half a mile of any address in SoHo, so idk wtf proof that is of anything that Kanye’s gay bf also has a place (one of probably many he owns) in SoHo. Finally, to believe KK could feel ‘embarrassed’ about anything would be premised on her having normal human emotions of shame, which is laughable.

    • I actually agree with schmidtler (!) on the SoHo angle. “A Paris fashion designer just bought an apartment in trendy lower Manhattan” is not proof of anything. I was even going to give schmidtler a thumbs-up until he wrote “idk wtf” up there. I can’t endorse that.

    • THANK YOU. This story is the dumbest bullshit ever. We all know full well Kim Kardashian is a media whore who constructs her own scandals to get more publicity. She’s probably PRAYING the Gay Fish takes it in the ass daily so she can pimp that story out for “PREGNANT KIM’S HUMILIATION” tabloid headlines.

      FUCK Kim Kardashian and fuck the media machine fakery of her life.

  9. Tiggles

    He’s got the expression of a teenage kid who is being forced to go to the mall with his mom.

  10. Inner Bastard

    Regardless of Kanye’s sexual orientation, I think we can all agree that he’s better off with Riccardo.

    • The Illuminati Did It!

      He’s even be better off if he landed upside down in the ice lake being fanned by the three-winged beast in Dante’s inferno than be with Kim.

  11. “They have a very deep bond.” Apparently balls deep.

  12. She ain’t sayin’ he a pole digger, but he ain’t messin’ with no straight, straight, straight…

  13. “Kim freaked out. If it turns out Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed — more so than she’s ever been in her life.”

    She’s never been embarrassed by anything in her life. She could get a hot carl from Brian Peppers on the Superbowl halftime show and just shrug it off.

  14. If Kanye came out, that would the greatest fucking culture-changer on the planet. So many homophobic fans of his would lose their shit and deny ever liking him in the first place (same thing they did when Frank Ocean ‘came out’).

    • South Park did a gay fish thing about him a couple of years ago at least. This “revelation” can hardly come as news to someone who spends so much time worrying about what is in the tabloids like Kim and her family must be doing. One fish, two fish, gay fish no “boo” fish. No surprises here, no surprises here!!!

    • lol, sport, being offended by gay sexual antics is NOT “homophobic”, but you homophiles have such bone-headed mythology built around your illogical and rather stupid beliefs, I doubt if you will accept that.

  15. For those keeping score
    1, walks into a post in front of the entire world
    2, his car gets crushed by Kartrashian’s gate (I actually thought that was going to say her ass!)
    3, Now his ‘gf’ is publically saying he may be gay

    It’s just not this guys week and it’s only wednesday!

    • You’re right, it’s not his week… it’s mine :)

    • achilles, I may be wrong, but of those 3 I find the walking into a post the most degrading and, frankly, fucking stupid. even being a bisexual asshole can not match up to the sheer shit-fer-brains value of walking into a post while the paparazzi are watching – through their lenses. what a fucking maroon.

  16. What I can’t figure out is why he even bothers to play the game. If he’s going to be so miserable when he’s with Kim, why not tell her to fuck off and then go about his business…whatever the hell that might be. He’s already fucked for life. What the hell else can they do to him?

    • I agree. The days of Rock Hudson are long gone. If you are gay, own it. Nobody cares. I would have much more respect for him if he admitted it. The most pathetic thing about him, in my opinion, is getting involved with the gypsy con artist slut family.

  17. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Pregnant Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    Look at his face… the taste of seminal fluid apparently lingers…

  18. Rob

    She’s afraid Kanye is gay the way that I’m afraid the ocean is deep. As deep as the bond between a rapper and his fashion designer.

  19. Colin

    More embarrassed than she’s ever been in her life? She saw that dress she wore, right?

  20. cc

    I’m afraid that he’s going to play a role in the upbringing of another human being.

  21. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Pregnant Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    What she order? Fish Fillet?

  22. I knew he was a gay cokehead! I’ve been calling this shit from DAY ONE!

  23. Bob

    “So Kim, remember how I said I really love that ass of yours? Turns out, I just really love ass. My bad.”

  24. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Pregnant Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    At least Kim is really pregnant and didn’t fake it like Beyonce!!!!I I think she looks beautiful, and if Kanye didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t be!
    They look sooooo happy together and she has helped him get over the lose of his mother
    They are very lucky to have each other and they are going to have a beautiful family together!!
    Kims baby will really come out of her stomach!!! good for her!!!!
    Beyonce is so fake!!! and full of her self!!

  25. Juano

    Huh? Wait a minute, the most humiliating thing in her life is that he might be gay? This from the walking advertisement for Kohler urinals. Riiigggghhhhttt….this is a set up for a “very special episode of Keeping up with Kartrashians – the “are you or aren’t you confrontation”"

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked and if he is, so what?

    • I bet Kanye will run off into the sunset with that bff of Kim’s….Jonathan is it? And she will be wondering still if they are both gay!

  26. TrueTrue

    There was a blind item about this a few weeks ago! Hahahahaha!

  27. Marvin

    Wow! He’s cheating on Jay Z?? Uh oh,

  28. lol @ kartrashiass gets pregnant by him and she now thinks hes gay.
    says a lot.

  29. Professor Chaos

    I’m betting she not only knows he’s gay but she’s a-ok with it. The fake relationship gives her publicity and gives him a child and helps him with the gay rumors so that his “cred” doesn’t drop amongst his fans. I think most people can tell this douche is super gay by now.

  30. AnitaC24

    Just proves this vapid bitch is even dumber than we thought!

  31. "more horrible/embarrassing than doing whatever consensual sex act you felt like doing with your bf when you were in your early 20s" REALLY?

    Perhaps you’re new here or have been away for awhile, so let me refresh your memory on this fame whore’s antics.
    I am not the author, but I do know how to use cut & paste.

    KIM K, SUPERSTAR (divorice ed.)

    I am 32 years old, but act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My dream was always to become a princess. Instead I became an anal porn star, but I still think I’m a princess. My body is full of plastic surgery. My boobs, azz, lips, teeth, cheeks, nose, hair, facelift etc., were all bought from a plastic surgeon. I use to idolized Paris Hilton and I would hang on her like a koala bear all the time just to get my picture taken by the paparazzi. I was very jealous of Paris; so on my mother’s advise we put out a SEX TAPE too. When we first shot the video I had my partner (William ‘RayJ Norwood) urinate on me. Golden showers really turn me on, and I figured that would be enough ‘shock’ to get the ball rolling. Mom didn’t think it was vile enough, so we re-shot the video. In the retake I suck my own shit that’s been smeared on my partner’s dick right after he finished reaming out my black stink hole.

    Although I pretended to be upset by the sex tape, I was the one that sent it to Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment. They paid me $5 million to expose my nasty self. RayJ had nothing to do with the leaked sex tape. Mom and me tricked him into making a porno with me for distribution. My former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, knows exactly what happened. He’s one of the people I screwed over and refused to pay after our contract was up. Money and fame is all I live for. I am just waiting for him (and many, many more) to come out and reveal how I really am. I exploit my FAKE body all of the time because I lack elegance, class, dignity, self-respect, intelligence, and morals. I really am a very dirty woman, both inside and out.

    My pimp mother, Kris Jenner (who in most ways is a bigger whore than me), fcuked her hairdresser and the pool boy while my father, Robert Kardashian, was at work. Dad was an ambulance chaser, and helped keep OJ Simpson out of jail after he killed Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole by hiding much of the blood evidence from the police. Anyway, the result was my pathetic half gorilla sister Khloe, who is a whore just like me. Whenever my mouth is moving I am lying, as I am INCAPABLE of telling the truth about anything. I pretend that if I lie about things people will eventually believe it. The way I walk, talk, and laugh is fake; and if you look into my eyes you can even see that my soul is fake. I have no personality at all!

    My ex husband Damon Thomas, whom I married at the age of 19 in Las Vegas, publicly called me: untalented, a trashy whore, desperate, a plastic surgery addict, a backstabber, and a cheater. I have no real friends because I have misused and stepped on everybody that has come my way for fame. If you see me in public it’s either because someone is paying me to be there, or I know the paps will be there to take my picture. I am currently using social medias to snake my way in to other celebrity’s lives for friendship and publicity. I show up like a diva to all kind of award shows that I have NO business at all attending. The only award show I should attend is the AVN. I call the paparazzi myself. I learned that trick from Paris Hilton, but unlike Paris I’m too cheap to buy them lunch like she does.

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    Anybody who don’t like me for the rotten and lying whore that I am I call haters or jealous. We, the Kardashian’s, call each other dolls; and I alone have tainted the Pussycat Dolls by heisting their concept. I pretend that I care about others, but I could not care less. If I’m at a charity event you can bet I’m either getting paid to be there, or I’m there because I called the paps and want to get my picture taken. If you read the fine print you’ll see I keep 90% of the proceeds from my charity auction. The only person I really care about is myself. I tried to fcuk over children by selling them an insane debit Master Card with predatory fees. Unfortunately it was taken off the market after one week under the threat of legal action in several States. Thankfully I found a new way to rip off the kids, with glam silly bandz. Over weight children should skip normal diet & exercise and do shady diet pills or lipo-suction like me.

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    I am Kim Kardashian… Superstar

    PS – our own McBeef my also have pee’d on her at some point in time. [happy McBeef ?]

  32. Who the hell cares about this story. The point is Kim K is looking deliciously curvy & sexy…let’s talk about that, idiots.

    • just say'n

      Athr; you might want to have your eyes checked or check the resolution of your screen, cuz’ dare ain’t nut’n delicious and/or sexy about pragnant black-sperm whale that smells like a urinal at a hip-hop concert.

      • My eyes are pretty good. You just hate her for whatever reason. But pretty obviously she’s smokin’. That she dates total morons doesn’t change that.

      • athr, apparently she dates millionaires, though it’s true many of those are “total morons” like you, most of them are smart enough to know when they’re involved with a cow. as for Kim, that so many celeb women get involved with total loser-ass, even gay, men, reminds us celebs are really not playing with a full deck.

  33. anonym

    You know black people keep it on the down low.

  34. I could have told y’all` his ass was queer. He, jigga, cruise, smith are all penis slurppers.
    Just look at these two. Kim is the perfect beard for his non hetero looking ass. Besides, why the fuck would West baby up that count Kim K when she wasn’t even divorced form that other homo chris “humpy dumpy my booty needs some dicky wicky” humphries?

  35. Jay-Z Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    Jigga and West be knocking the boots. Beyonce is a beard and lots of us know it. She and Jigga never show affection.

  36. o0

    Too bad she won’t be despressed enough to kill herself. That would by far be the most interesting thing this cow has ever done.

  37. Kim must have heard about how many showbiz women find out their hubby is queer and they were the only person who didn’t know!

  38. Marvin

    Wow! These kind of stories flying around are going to make him hate Kim even more. I’m sure he had fair warning – the Kardumpsters are going to bleed him dry now, He was PLAYED. Not a good idea to get someone with his temper pissed…

  39. O

    I feel a little bit sad for her. He seems like a complete douche moron. How do you decide to have a child with a man like that?

  40. OhNoUDidnt

    Kanye West isn’t gonna have sex with a pregnant woman for 9 1/2 months. Hell no.
    Instead, he’s gonna cheat the only way he can. With a gay man. And fish sticks.

  41. Mookie

    Can’t get a gay man pregnant.
    Kayne is a cheating bastard.

  42. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Pregnant Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks likes he smells poo

  43. I heard somebody say that the only way Kanye can fuch her,.. is if he zhits in her kunt first,…is that true?

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