Kanye West Met With Donald Trump Because Best Buds Do That

“That’s mine. Stop looking at it. Only my penis goes in there. It’s yuge.”

Donald Trump really needs a distraction right now. There’s the whole Russia thing, how he’s already bringing us to the brink of nuclear war with China, and the whole trying to get away with not using a blind trust because there are enough idiots who voted him in, so why not? But where’s Donald Trump going to find an egomaniacal idiot that just as easily played as he is on such short notice? Oh, right, Kanye.

So here’s the two of them meeting at Trump Tower this morning where Kanye mostly just wanted to pose for pictures, so if you needed any more evidence that Kris Jenner is in charge of his meds, there you go. In the meantime, whatever happened to crazy people having easy access to guns with disastrous results? America used to be really awesome at that. I’m just saying.

Anyway, on a more important note than our orange dick joke of a government, there will definitely be a before-Christmas edition of The Most Important People on The Internet, so here are 10 Trump and Kanye photos for you to go to town on a like so:

trump kanye
“Black guy in here! THERE’S A BLACK GUY IN HERE!”

You kids have fun.

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