Kanye West Doesn’t Deny Banging Kim Kardashian

November 4th, 2010 // 57 Comments

Kanye West isn’t exactly denying rumors he’s been mounting expeditions up Kim Kardashian‘s ass. Then again, Sherpas are an opportunistic and gossipy lot, so why even bother? RadarOnline reports:

“There’s pictures of us hanging out?” West questioned when confronted by Mojo in the Morning about Kardashian.
“Man, I need to get on the Internet more!”
After some urging from the radio personalities to just admit his relationship with Kardashian, West paused and opted to dance around the question.
“Well, that’s what you said,” he answered.

So can you tell Kanye has a new album coming out? Even without the Kim rumors and unnecessary penis photos, the guy’s got George Busha former president – out there slinging press for him. How do you even arrange something like that?

KANYE: Gotcha on speakerphone. So, listen, all you gotta do is say you were all outraged and shit about me saying you don’t care about black people.
BUSH: You said that?
KANYE: Right after Katrina. You don’t remember?
BUSH: Honestly, I spent a lot of time just staring at baseball cards wishing I was on a bridge chuckin’ beers at cars.
KANYE: Damn, that’s deep, son.
BUSH: Deep? How’d you know I’m in a pool? You people can read minds, can’t you? I knew it. Dad! Hey, Dad! A colored guy just read my thoughts! Make Dick Cheney say I was I right.

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  1. gogo


  2. horn dog

    She’s a gold digging whore who likes rich black dudes. No surprise here. I hope he pissed on her as well!

    • Jessesgirl

      Even worse – with her (fake) giant ass she gives fat bitches everywhere a solid excuse to pile on pound after pound. Blame Kim when your gf is 300lb and claims she is sexy because she “has a juicy ass” and “isn’t one of those anorexic piles of bones”.

      • Reverend Wright

        Hallelujah! Since when did being borderline obese become sexy? I will take a slender girl over a fat one whether she has a nice ass or not.

  3. Wonder if west and mayer choochood her yet

  4. ilikesake

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, but could careless if it’s not. I’m waiting for the caption :BREAKING NEWS: KIM KARDASHIAN DIES AT AGE 30 or whatever age she is.
    Then again, I realize that even if Kim or whoever died, another stupid rich whore replaces them. Dammit, now I’m indifferent again.

    OT: Dante Rules! Go T.O.!

  5. moog

    I call Sex Tape!

  6. “Man, I need to get on the Internet more!”

    Says the dude who uses Twitter like his own personal bitch diary. Preteen girls show more restraint with their online ramblings then this douche.

  7. Am I the only one who looks at this picture of Kim and thinks, “Man, she is not going to age well”?

  8. Kyle Webs

    lol, gotta love Mojo in the Morn! (:

  9. Kim Kardashian at the Opening of Dash New York
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  10. Justin B.

    Did he get to pee on her too?

  11. lol

    her face looks more plastic everytime i see her. gross whore.

  12. quack

    who hasnt this fake airhead slept with?

    • cc

      I was just going to say, she doesn’t exactly fit most people’s definition of discerning. She was probably about to bang the Beebs until her lawyer texted her and said he wasn’t legal age. She’s like ‘Damn, he probably doesn’t know much, but those 15 year olds can get 5 hard-ons an hour!’

      • Jessesgirl

        She probably fucked Beebs anyway, She thinks she can bat those fake eyelashes and get away with murder.

    • vquest


  13. alex

    What a pathetic state of the world. A whore gets famous for having sex on tape and now she’s rich and famous?

    Total whore. At least Jenna Jameson didn’t try to be something she wasn’t. She was sucking big dicks for money and fame. Kim K needs to disappear from view. So sick of this crap. Why the fuck can’t the paparazzi stalk interesting, talented celebs? Instead we get the whores that arrange to meet the paps…the Kim K’s, the Paris Hiltons, the Hiedi/Spencer’s of the world.

    They make me want to tune out.

    • cc

      ‘Why the fuck can’t the paparazzi stalk interesting, talented celebs?’

      There’s not enough interesting, talented celebs out there.

      • alex

        I respectfully disagree CC, there are TONS of celebs that we never get to hear about…because Paps sit at the same restaurants or the airport and rarely go after their prey. Go camp-out outside Christina Ricci’s place. Or even better, ambush Nathan Fillian or someone like Steven Segal. Or if it has to be someone “on the rise” (aka tits), go after Heather Morris (the smoking hottie on Glee).

        Or lets get someone constantly following Joe Pesci–$20,000 to the paparazzi that makes him look funny (like a clown).

    • cc

      I’d love it if they followed Joe Pesci and he turned out to be like his character in ‘Casino’?

      You hear a little girl, Ace? Hey Frankie, you hear a little girl? Stomp, stomp, stomp.

    • It’s simple supply and demand, or more correctly, demand and supply. The great unwashed masses demand nip slips, upskirts, cars hitting baby strollers, famewhores, coke fiends, etc. and the paps supply them. Really, it’s kind of a vicious circle.

  14. josh

    I regret times when burning witches was common.

  15. kris

    um, who hasn’t kim whoredashian slept with? walking STD kim. that’s all you are.

  16. Lady Blah Blah

    Kim Kardashian teamed up with Robert Shapiro (one of the lawyers who defended OJ) for Shoe Dazzle (I don’t know the exact details). Shapiro is a found of Legal Zoom, which rips people off by selling them legal forms that can in many cases be obtained for free (e.g., a standard will is $69; you needn’t spend a penny on such a document).

    KK and her ilk are like pre-Enlightenment royalty, off with their heads.

  17. Just Cause

    Who hasn’t banged Kim Kardashian?

  18. jrdffr

    why don’t she go back to armenia stupid trick

    • SmotherMeBrother

      Probably because she wasn’t born there dumbfuck. I’m pretty sure she was born in L.A. Why don’t you go back to not existing like you did before you were born by killing yourself?

      • jrdffr

        go make me some curry and dont let the pungent stench up da house like its armenia n shit fukin armpit hair in my face

  19. stevebeagle

    i wouldn’t piss on her,, or him if they were both on fire

  20. Johnny Cage

    I’d piss in Kanye’s mouth and anus while he made me and Kim some grits.

    As for Kim, I’d explore every sexual position imaginable. Including that one where we are suppose to hang upside down like bats. DAT ASS

    • SmotherMeBrother

      Soooooo….does that mean you’d like to do Kanye & Kim up the ass? I’m just looking for some clarification here because I don’t speak gay. Translation please.

      • Johnny Cage

        I’d like to reply to your question but I am unable to understand it because I can’t speak cock-smoker.

  21. Kim Kardashian at the Opening of Dash New York
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    stupid bitch and stupid bitch

  22. …what black guy hasn’t bent this nasty fucking bitch over and rammed her up in that big goodyear blimp sized ass of her’s…

  23. Normal Male

    She still smells like pee.

  24. wim


  25. kris

    nothing but a fake, nasty skank. who hasnt she slept with? im shocked people even want to go near her knowing how dirty and skanky she is.

  26. Rocco

    Of course Kanye won’t deny it… because he’s totally gay! Having people think he slept with KK makes him look like a hetero stud.

    PS: she might be a lot of things, and she’s definitely not what I’d be looking for in a wife, but there’s no denying that she’s gorgeous – period.

  27. jill

    She is just a fake butt injected loser who wnats black men all the time.. why doesnt she stick with her own race of men.. whats the matter Kim? they not big enough for your gigantic vag self?

  28. Nicole

    Ha Ha at all the Kim haters, Gold digger? really, Kim is probably richer than half of those men, and if you want to see a fake butt look at Nikki baby, Fake don’t jiggle like that, but how would you know if you have no a** LMAO at the broke a** gutter rat haters.

  29. Annette

    You people are so petty. Do you believe everything you hear ? I don’t think Kris Jenner nor Bruce would put up with this type of behavior from their daughters.
    I don’t think…I am no expert, but Kim doesn’t have to sleep with all of these people… perception is not always true…Seems to me that everyone is a little jealous. It is a good thing that Kim has a strong support team. I am surprised she isn’t in the hospital as much as people talk about her…

    Chll out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TOBA51


  30. Bdot

    Conye is a tool. Fool stays on the internet. That’s why he’s always reacting and actin’ a gotdam fool.

  31. lillian

    U all jealous fools should leave her alone.U hate her because,u can never taste her sweet ass!!!!

  32. Johnny Asshole

    Kim Kardashian’s ass now visible from space

  33. SPAZllool

    I think she was Stunning like when she was with Reggie Bush and then she went and got botox when she didnt need them and also got a nose job and what ever else she did, it ruined her face a little, overall i think everyone in Hollywood has like so much money that they want to look perfect as there surrounded by beautiful people and they want to look better so they go and get surgery thinking it will make them look better but it tottaly ruins there natural Beauty, Bless them i think plastic surgery should be banned, it should only be used in hospitals, lol lets start a campaign haha joke i would if i could though, i mean i watch like black and white films and the actresses were so natural looking and amazingly stunning it was beautiful, i guess its really hard to find quality now a days :( lol am such a geek, anyways Kim do what you want because your 30 now in a few years people will loose intrest so go have fun now is your time, i would hate to be her kid though i’d be sort of embarrased and her family is pretty hard to deal with Bless Herr !!! i think she has got a really Bad Rep i wouldn’t call her a whore though :Dxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. jazmine

    hes way better off with a girl with a brain as in Keri hilson than a dum f**** like kim kardashian

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