Kanye West Doesn’t Deny Banging Kim Kardashian

Kanye West isn’t exactly denying rumors he’s been mounting expeditions up Kim Kardashian’s ass. Then again, Sherpas are an opportunistic and gossipy lot, so why even bother? RadarOnline reports:

“There’s pictures of us hanging out?” West questioned when confronted by Mojo in the Morning about Kardashian.
“Man, I need to get on the Internet more!”
After some urging from the radio personalities to just admit his relationship with Kardashian, West paused and opted to dance around the question.
“Well, that’s what you said,” he answered.

So can you tell Kanye has a new album coming out? Even without the Kim rumors and unnecessary penis photos, the guy’s got George Busha former president – out there slinging press for him. How do you even arrange something like that?

KANYE: Gotcha on speakerphone. So, listen, all you gotta do is say you were all outraged and shit about me saying you don’t care about black people.
BUSH: You said that?
KANYE: Right after Katrina. You don’t remember?
BUSH: Honestly, I spent a lot of time just staring at baseball cards wishing I was on a bridge chuckin’ beers at cars.
KANYE: Damn, that’s deep, son.
BUSH: Deep? How’d you know I’m in a pool? You people can read minds, can’t you? I knew it. Dad! Hey, Dad! A colored guy just read my thoughts! Make Dick Cheney say I was I right.

Photos: Splash News