Kanye West: ‘The Confederate Flag Is Mine Now’

November 5th, 2013 // 103 Comments
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A few weeks back Chez Pazienza posited that Kanye West‘s Yeezus tour merchandise was really an attempt to take back the Confederate flag as a giant “Fuck you” to rednecks. A theory I immediately dismissed because it seemed way too awesome for a man who honestly believes he’s a civil rights movement and a race car-driving princess. So naturally he just confirmed it in a radio interview because God hates me. Via Mediaite:

“React how you want. Like I said, any energy you got is good energy. You know, the Confederate flag represented slavery, in a way––that’s my abstract take on what I know about it, right? So I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now! Now what are you gonna do?”

Surprisingly, I took a few minutes to absorb a reality where a man who agreed to a wedding special with Kim Kardashian is pissing on the south, too, and I’m actually on board with this now. Here’s why:

1. Fuck the Confederate flag.
2. Fuck Kanye West.
3. Gun owners are predominantly racist and probably aren’t going to take this well.
4. See #2.

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  1. teddy

    generalizing is fun!!

  2. joe

    In related news, Kim Kuntrashian was spotted at the local State Farm office discussing life insurance.

  3. I grew up in the south, and anyone I ever knew that proudly displayed rebel flag regalia were total rednecks and racists. And assholes; don’t forget assholes. They would try to pass it off as southern pride and heritage– because seceding from the union and going to civil war in order to keep your fellow humans in bondage is something to be proud of?– but the truth is it was simply advertising the displayers racist beliefs.

    Kanye West “taking” the Confederate flag is oddly appropriate in that he is both a racist and an asshole. The Confederate flag’s legacy and connotation should be that of the flag of assholes and racists regardless of color. Wear it with pride, Yeezy.

    • Is Zimmerman Writing This Crap?

      I you calling the Duke boys racist rednecks? How dare you, sir.

    • leila

      You’re right. The Confederate flag is a symbol of the height of sadistic ass-holery by people claiming to love Jesus. I think it being co-opted, and hopefully permanently associated with, a super successful, highly visible person of color for his enormous profit is AMAZING. Love.

      • Jade

        Sorry, but I disagree. Replacing one stupidity with another is not something to be celebrated.

      • I think the most – and that’s in the best of all possible worlds – that can happen here is some kind of nullification, with his fans eventually wearing it as fashion without knowing or caring about the extremely loaded history it has/had. Not exactly the “ownership” I think West envisions.

        The only person I can think of who’s ever been moderately successful in co-opting a reviled and divisive symbol of an oppressive system or government was Nelson Mandela, when he retained the SA Springbok rugby team’s green and gold apartheid colors, to the point of wearing a Bok team jersey when he presented the World Cup to its captain. It was a smart bipartisan political move by a new leader who was still in a tenuous position, but West is sure as shit no Mandela in any way, shape or form. (And even after that supposed turning point, the Boks still continued to be racist as fuck for decades after that, so suck on that, Kanye.)

      • You must be Randal’s sister. Welcome!

  4. He must be entirely ignorant of the Sex Pistols’ tour of the deep south way back when. Antagonize rednecks? What could go wrong? This should go homicidilariously well for him.

  5. Kanye West Confederate Flag
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyone else getting tired of his “I’m a poor black slave” routine?

    • Convex

      I am! I’m damn tired of the race card being played by these worthless rappers who haven’t done an honest day’s work in their pointless lives; this zit’s skin color hasn’t given him any special knowledge of or experience of slavery (though I’m willing to sell him south so he can live it since he likes to whine about it so much). I’m quite sure we can find a cotton plantation where he can live out his mythical inner slave …

    • Yup. You can’t be a member of the 1% and claim you’re a slave. His parents were PhDs for christ’s sake. He’s marrying a white woman and the general consensus is HE’S slumming it. Hardly the typical slave experience, I think.

    • The thing is, you don’t get to decide whether someone else’s black experience is black enough for you.

      • Jade

        That’s right, because I’m white so I am not allowed to question it. Instead, I have to sit back and suffer the abuse and accusations based on my race without comment, because that’d be racist if I did try to speak up.

      • theextremistfish

        Same goes for ignorant leftists children assuming I am a racist because I am from the South and own guns.

  6. Is Zimmerman Writing This Crap?

    Holy shit. Here we go again. A Justifiable gajillion-muther-fucking-million-trillion word post in 5, 4, 3……

  7. Deacon Jones

    Whether you’re a racist or not, I think we can all agree that we’d like to see him get dragged down a highway attached to a truck bumper just for the plain fact he’s a delusional asshole.

  8. meme

    good. now shove it up your ass.

  9. GHUA

    “It’s ok, I’m taking it back”

  10. Kanye’s plan: Take things that upset people, and make them his.

    So *that’s* why he married Kim Kardashian. Makes sense now.

  11. Kanye West Confederate Flag
    Commented on this photo:

    Fish was initially going to go say it to Kanye’s face, but things changed and he bought a hat instead.

  12. alex

    If he was going to make something his own, why didn’t he choose parasitism? Seriously, it would literally turn me into a Kanye West fan. “Kid’s it’s not cool to be a do-nothing thug and misogynist. Instead CREATE something. Anything.” (End of soap box rant.)

    These guys wield a lot of power and I guess I’m slightly pleased that this ass hat is attempting to do something good for all of us….even if he believes he’s some sort of black messiah and that he personally deserves all of the credit, if this does in fact illicit social change.

    • I call bullshit on the “doing something good for all of us”. This is West doing something for his own aggrandizement, and it’s a prime example of what moronic delusions of grandeur look like. He can claim a symbol of oppression now belongs to him all he likes, and he’ll no doubt make some money off of T-shirts and whatever else people are deluded enough to buy, but he no more “owns” this symbol now than Mel Brooks has “ownership” of the swastika now because he created The Producers’ “Springtime for Hitler” vehicle. That symbol has still retained its awful power and potency, and as all-powerful as West thinks he is, he’s not going to pull it off here, either.

      The people who revere that symbol don’t give a shit about irony, and his prancing around in it won’t “ruin” it for them or make a single fuck in how they continue to wear it, since for many it’s primarily representative of state’s rights and justified rebellion against Federal gub’mint interference by telling them how to live their lives.

      • well, now I’ve felt compelled to thumbs up 2 of your posts in one day – I’m leaving work early so I can go home and lie down. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and things will go back to normal.

      • Oh c’mon, I’ve upped yours plenty…I mean, I’ve given plenty of yours a thumbs up in the past and haven’t noticed any ill effects ye rdqr#!%)>**_S

      • I’m conflicted here – half your stuff I read it and think ‘damn, I wish I could express my point of view as well as that, spot on!’, the other half I think you’re nuts and your opinion enrages me. Besides, don’t shit on my excuse to take a nap, I like my naps. I have found I can’t fuck things up so much in my sleep as when I’m awake.

      • Hey, I feel the same way. Some of it makes me cross-eyed, and then you go and knock it out of the park with something like the Obama retort upstream. Shit, should we be dating or something?

      • Is Zimmerman Writing This Crap?

        3…..2…..1….blast off!

      • Fortunately, the power and potency of symbols can be instantly destroyed by living a more “meh” filled existence. I highly recommend it. Keeps the blood pressure low.

      • Unfortunately, while you’re busy not giving a fuck, you can be sure that some sonofabitch with an agenda will get busy doing something with them.

      • you literally can’t do jack fucking shit with a swastika other than piss somebody else off. Call me up when some asshole starts loading up trains to the concentration camp and I’ll storm Normandy witcha.

      • Sure you can – and you better pack your snowshoes. Take a look at what’s happening in Russia, St. Petersburg in particular, which currently has the greatest collection of neo-Nazis outside of the Third Reich – the rabid homophobia that’s being glossed over in preparation for the upcoming Olympics is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of hate crimes, including murder, being committed by ethnic Russians against people from the Caucasus and Central Asia, and the authorities seem quite content to look the other way.

        When a Sovietsky Sport editor rhapsodized about how Russian genes are superior due to centuries of struggle and upheaval, and that “it was as if the blood of our ancestors boiled in my veins,” when “our fair-skinned girls massively beat the black-skinned ones”, it’s gag-making prose that could have been lifted from any German newspaper during the ’36 Berlin Olympics. Well, if Jesse Owens hadn’t won, that is.

        It’s also pretty fucking ironic, since the Nazis considered ethnic Russians to be racially inferior to the ideal of the blonde, fair skinned Aryan.

      • were the murders and stuff committed with swastikas? I can understand the whole homocide thing being stand alone offensive. I’ll continue to not be bothered by the symbols of idiots.

        and don’t even get me started on the bullshittedness of deciding certain reasons for fucking killing people are worse than others.

  13. leila

    look, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? or in this case, the famewhore-publicity-seeking-”artist” of my cringe-worthy-racist-fucktards-to-the-south is my friend. you know what, let’s go with the lesser of two douchebags cliche. something should fit here.

  14. Joe Blow

    Has anyone told him more than one flag was made?

  15. Bonky

    This is a man who has no idea what he is talking about most of the time and yet feels so strongly about his opinion on it. If you ever heard Kanye go off on a rant, he can change subjects on the fly and go off in random directions, never coming back to whatever he was talking about and when he is done he sits back with a look on his face like he just spit some real wisdom that should be carved in stone. Some people think that’s genius, but those people never bothered to look up the meaning of the word.

  16. Hes a damn genius. Its like those black dudes that took back the word “nigger” and used it as their own. It really neutralized the place that word has in our society. I am just guessing but more black people probably say “nigger” now than white people do each day.

    That is almost as funny as all the “niggers” who are following his lead and putting the confederate flag on their car or wearing it on tshirts he sells at his shitty concerts.

    Its a pretty close score in the jedi mind trick competition between black and white people ie black folks who were never slaves calling for reparations and white people calling this request stupid yet taking tax money for welfare etc ie a point for the blacks so I guess Kanye is scoring one for the white folks by promoting a white symbol of racism.

    I dont even hate to spout my racist hate anymore. The black guys are doing it for me and smiling while they do it.

    I am sure the black guys will get us back though and get us to elect a real an american black guy as President and get a white guy to marry Kim Kardashian but Ill take this Kanye victory for now.

    • You really could’ve saved yourself a whole lot of typing by just writing, “Hi, I’m a racist.”

    • Also, tell us again how Obama isn’t eligible to be president because one of his parents wasn’t American-born. That never gets old.

      • Since you asked, I would start by looking up the definition of “natural born citizen” which you have to be in order to be eligible to be President.

        I dont know anyone who is saying he is not eligible because one of his parents was not born in the USA. That is a non issue. His alleged dad being born and from Kenya means nothing. Ask yourself was dad a citizen of the USA at the time of his sons birth. He was not so Obama not eligible. None of the other stuff about where Obama was born or who he even is means nothing for purposes of eligibility because we dont even need to go this far. If dad was born in Kenya and became a citizen of the USA before his son was born in the USA, Obama is eligible(assuming other requirements are not an issue).

        Obama’s own birth narrative, including brochures done on his behalf at Harvard to give him a more international flavor ie born in Kenya, raised in Hawaii, make his eligibility even more questionable. If you cant even look at things objectively and question who this man is because you think every white guy who questions his background is a racist, you need to do some reading and educate yourself.

        That birth certificate saying he was born in Hawaii was a forgery and please tell me which Hawaii hospital has come out publicly to say he was born in their hospital. Neither one has including the one he claims to have been born in. The man cant even prove he was born in the USA but even if he was, hes still not eligible. McCain and Santorum’s eligibility may also have been an issue.

        Call me racist or whatever but your statement that I am saying “Obama isnt eligible to be president because one of his parents wasnt american born” just shows your ignorance.

      • Okay, so I didn’t nail down your bullshit argument exactly right. But I love how the fact that his mother was American counts for jackshit.

      • I’d say the fact his mother was born American does in fact mean jackshit. First, ‘American’ means ‘from the Americas’, any one of many countries in either North or South America. Second, who gives a shit where either of his parents were born? When Barack was born on United States soil to at least one citizen of the USA, that’s ‘natural born’ as far as the constitutional requirements to hold the office of president of the USA. All the rest is nonsensical noise. George Washington was a citizen of France at the time he was inaugurated. Suck on that.

      • Thats hilarious Schmidtler. So if I understand you correctly and assume what you say is even true, if one of Obamas parents was born in Bolivia he is eligible to be President of the USA(other issues not withstanding). Hilarious.

        Read what the Constitution. Natural Born Citizen is a person born in the USA to two citizen parents, not one. As for your George Washington argument, first off dude was born in pre USA Virginia so how was he a citizen of France when he became President? Please tell me that was a joke.

        The constitution made exception to the natural born citizen requirements for those who could be president at the time of the making of the document as no Presidential candidate could possibly be considered natural born in 1787 because it was a brand new country.

        Did I suck on it enough for your pleasure Frenchie?

      • I don’t know what the fuck sort of “Constitution” you think you’re reading, but that definition is from Emerich de Vattel’s 1758 treatise The Law of Nations. Suck harder, Frenchie.

        “Natural born citizen” in the US Constitution is defined as someone entitled to citizenship either AT birth, or BY birth. That includes 1) anyone born in the USA, even to alien parents; 2) anyone born abroad to US citizen-parents; or 3) otherwise born into several other situations that meet the legal requirements for US citizenship “at birth”.

        FYI, no current US legislation uses the term “natural born citizen”, because the Fourteenth Amendment, which takes precedent over all laws written before that, clearly defines the parameters of citizenship when it states that: “all persons born or naturalized in the United States… are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside and are therefore eligible to become President. So according to your outdated definition, John McCain wouldn’t be eligible to be President because he was born in the Canal Zone – i.e. outside the United States. He’s actually a naturalized citizen of the US, due to his foreign birth. Obama was born in Hawaii, which became a state two years prior to his birth – so even if both his parents weren’t American, that still makes him a “natural born citizen” by that outdated term. However, Barry Goldwater, who was born in Arizona before it became a state, would have had claim naturalized status if he’d been challenged when he ran against LBJ.

        All US Presidents up until Van Buren’s election were formerly British subjects, as they were born prior to the American revolution and only became citizens under the Articles of Confederation. And it’s not a joke – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Thomas Paine were all made naturalized citizens of France around 1792, just as the Marquis de Lafayette and Winston Churchill were made naturalized citizens of this country.

      • I love how I’m totally responsible for this thread.

      • TomFrank, you always did bring it – told you I was glad to see you’re back!

      • Have I mentioned how much I love justifiable?
        I love justifiable.

      • It’s more than requited, dude.

  17. Pat C.

    Maybe he should market Confederate flag toilet paper. That should go over well.

  18. Redneck...

    Hey maybe someone should let him in on a secret and most of you people as well. That isn’t the CSA flag( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederate_States_of_America )That is the flag. What you people are getting all retarded about is a battle standard… Also maybe you guys should do a lil research, that war wasn’t just about slavery.

    • It was exactly about slavery, but more importantly, who let you out of the cousin-fuckin’ box? G’in there!

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        Actually, it was about a lot of things. Not just slavery. The fact of the matter is, Lincoln didn’t give a shit about the slaves until he wanted to the south to bend to his will. The war was mostly based on economic issues. He wanted in on revenue that the south didn’t want to share from their bustling trade with Europe. Right before the civil war, there were only a handful of abolitionists. Lincoln didn’t jump on board until he needed an excuse to start firing. Just check out some of his earlier speeches. If you look into any half-way descent History book, like “The Real Lincoln”, you will discover Lincoln, the man, was a power hungry opportunist. During his administration, he established the centralized government we enjoy today, along with federal taxes. Hell, railroads were actually private before he came along. He also enacted habius corpus to handle his enemies. He was a real swell guy. Oh, he also wanted to ship all of the slaves to Haiti.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        “decent”. I know that pesky justifiable will be on me for that one. It will probably be right before he calls me a redneck and a racist. However, I’m sure a grammar lashing will be in there somewhere.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        “wanted to the south”? What is wrong with me. I’m sorry, I don’t write as well as justifiable. I don’t have all that time to spell check and edit. Hell, some of us have jobs.

      • He also enacted habius corpus to handle his enemies.

        No, because Lincoln actually suspended HABEAS corpus during the war. Habeas corpus, as you obviously don’t know, is a common law writ that literally means “may you have the body” – it demands that someone under arrest be brought before a judge or court, ensuring that prisoners cannot be held indefinitely due to insufficient evidence. Lincoln claimed that as a wartime president he had the power to suspend it in various areas, such as near any military line between Philadelphia and Washington, if the public safety required it.

        Had Lincoln “enacted it”, as you claim, then his “enemies” – by which I assume you mean John Merryman, a Maryland state legislator arrested for recruiting, training, and leading a drill company of Confederate soldiers and hindering the movement of Union troops – wouldn’t have a damn thing to worry about. They certainly wouldn’t have been indefinitely detained at Fort McHenry by the military, as Merryman was. FYI, Grant also suspended it on occasion during post-war Reconstruction, but apparently Lincoln is the arch-meanie here.

        If you’re going to worship a blatantly revisionist history of Lincoln that paints him as an acolyte of mercantilism who was motivated solely by an agenda to impose the Whig economic policy on some idealized version of a Jeffersonian egalitarian agricultural society, it really helps if you have some fucking clue as to the subject matter. A perfect example is the Morill Tariff, which you describe as a “federal tax”. It was actually a tax on imported goods produced by lower-wage European countries, meaning it protected free-labor factory wages and encouraged industrial growth in this country. You need to realize that DiLorenzo is a free trade advocate, so a protectionist tariff that put the squeeze on a slave-labor economy that didn’t have the industry to manufacture anything will be styled as a law created by Lincoln to punish the South in order to impose the Whig policy of a more modern, market-oriented economy. FYI, although it was increased during Lincoln’s administration, the law was passed by Congress and since it was signed into law by Buchanan – not Lincoln – you should reconsider just who was trying to get in on all that “bustling trade revenue”.

        In addition, there were a fuck of a lot more than “just a handful” of abolitionists in this country before the war, and their role was far more significant than you realize, but then you’re just as deluded about that as you are about your little book report being about a “half-way [decent] History book.” It isn’t.

        And please, spare me the mewling, bitching and whining about how many zillion words I used. You’ve been yapping around here interminably like a needy little dog that scoots his shit-caked ass on the carpet to get attention, so If you don’t want to see a post telling you in detail what a colossal fuckwit you are, then you might want to cease being such an colossal fuckwit by begging for it in the first place.

      • Hey, justi, did you ever explain how you get paid to write these posts? As you know, I’m perfectly capable of writing lengthy, well-thought out comments here, and if there’s money to be had in doing so, I wouldn’t mind getting a piece.

      • TomFrank, great to see you back! I most certainly do know your capabilities, since you’ve outdone me in those departments many times in the past. Got an email addy or a FB identity you can post here, so I can contact you directly?

      • Wait—this is on the level? I was just kidding around. But if you click on my profile, you can find me on Facebook.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        I’ll take that under consider….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • c’mon, fish – that’s no way to talk to your cousin!

    • Sorry, but the Stars and Bars was dropped by the Confederacy in ’63 because it was too easily confused with the Union army flag on the battlefield from First Manassas on. The second National flag incorporated the square battle flag of the Army of Virginia (a design initially rejected for the National flag in 1861) imposed on a larger field of white, but then that was criticized because, in an ultimate irony, it was “too white”, and apt to be confused with the flag of surrender. A third version that added a red oblong was redesigned in ’65, but not much used for obvious reasons. Since the fucking Confederacy couldn’t make a decent design decision and stick with it to save their lives, I suggest

      • you do a “l’il research”, since there is no one single “CSA flag”.

        FYI, an oblong version of that square battle standard (square to save fabric) became the official – and copyrighted – emblem of the United Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 1889. The south, btw, has officially self-identified with “Beauregard’s Flag” from that date onward, so if anyone was ever “retarded” about it, they lived south of the Mason-Dixon line.

        P.S. You’re also wrong about the war – the southern insistence on making new entries into the Union slave states to “balance” the free states being admitted was all about preserving the South’s existing “peculiar institution”. That “balance” could serve no other purpose, since none of the new slavery states were geographically suited to support the huge plantation one-crop economy systems that actually required slave labor to function. The issue of states’ rights and independence also sprung from the need to rule any federal acts (like ones that might declare them a free state, or curb their control over an existing slave population) unconstitutional.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        Plus googling. Justifiable is a really good googler. I just don’t have that much time.

      • No, just the time to run all over every thread declaring how incredibly busy you are, in between trying to get my attention to tell me that you are employed, and posting synopses of books that you clearly didn’t understand.

        Look, I know this is harsh, but no matter how hard you jump up and down trying to get me to notice you, and try to impress me by bragging about your busy job and your overwhelming work ethic, I’m still not going to be interested in you on a personal level, you know? I’m sure this is going to be a hard blow to take, but I know you’ll get over it in a few years, and then find somebody who, with time and minimal conditioning, will eventually come to believe that you’re just as gosh-darn special as you clearly do now.

        Just try not to resort to leg irons and roofies to make that happen.

  19. sitsdeep

    Wonder if that fool can whistle Dixie?

  20. sitsdeep

    Why yes Ma’m, he surely can!

  21. Mitch

    Making a blanket statement that gun owners are predominantly racist is just as ignorant as saying that all blacks are criminals, or that all liberals are queer bottoms infected with AIDS.

    What happened to the writing on this site? Years ago it was witty and entertaining and in the last few years it has degenerated into a cesspool of libspeak. Guess that first black president of ours really has increased division.

    • Yes, it’s almost like I didn’t link research backing that assertion up.

      • Does your research link say that the majority of gun owners are racist, as is your assertion, or does it say that the more racist you are the more likely it is you own guns, i.e. NO SHIT.

      • Per the published article and not from the website of TV channel that has Bigfoot and ghost shows:

        “After accounting for all explanatory variables, logistic regressions found that for each 1 point increase in symbolic racism there was a 50% increase in the odds of having a gun at home. After also accounting for having a gun in the home, there was still a 28% increase in support for permits to carry concealed handguns, for each one point increase in symbolic racism. The relationship between symbolic racism and opposition to banning handguns in the home (OR1.27 CI 1.03,1.58) was reduced to non-significant after accounting for having a gun in the home (OR1.17 CI.94,1.46), which likely represents self-interest in retaining property (guns).”

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        Like I stated. Time. I read the book “The Real Lincoln” a while back and remembered some of it’s content. Google it. You’re good at that. Plus, you have all that time. I don’t.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        Whoops. Wrong comment.

      • No, you didn’t. You miserably failed to comprehend what you read anyway, but since the book was written by an author who’s a joke, a laughably inept hack at research, who can only “prove” his revisionist point through deliberate omissions, misquotes, and finally by directly attributing some blatantly racist sentiments to Lincoln himself – when, in fact, he was quoting a Virginia clergyman who he then lambasted for his beliefs – it’s equally natural you’d eagerly gobble up DiLorenzo’s moronic droppings with gusto.

        Just because someone’s opposed to foreign tariffs doesn’t automatically mean they’re a great defender of freedom, equality, and constitutional government, which is the idiotic conclusion that one-note DiLorenzo comes to about pro-slavery advocate Calhoun, whose theory of racial hierarchy was used to justify why Texas should be a slave state, because science.

        All that’s missing from this towering pile of fetid, half-baked, carelessly assembled idiocy is Jefferson riding in on a dinosaur to knight John Wilkes Booth for saving the country.

      • Bryan

        You should actually read the study that was linked in the article, too.

        First, the researchers clearly went into the thing with the agenda that guns are bad, we have to do SOMETHING, etc. Second, of the three measures of racism they looked at, only the most tenuous and indirect was linked to gun ownership and gun control attitudes at all.

        In short, the it’s a crap study. Unfortunately, pompous bloggers and lazy news outlets won’t actually read the study, and will just carry on tut-tutting about those uneducated gun owning hicks. Ain’t no war like a culture war!

        But don’t let any of that stop you from feeling like you’re a better person than someone who owns guns.

      • Bryan

        To put a slightly finer point on it, since you’re lazy and won’t read the study since it already affirms your retarded world view, here is the first sentence from it:

        “Several mass shootings in 2012 (e.g., Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut; Aurora, Colorado) reignited gun-control and firearm ownership debates in the United States (US). The public health importance of gun reform in the US is clear and should not need such tragedies for policy change.”

        Myes, those sound like the words of impartial researchers with no discernible agenda, good show.

      • “The public health importance of gun reform in the US is clear and should not need such tragedies for policy change.”

        Yes, what a terrible “agenda.” Public safety. How unheard of, those Nazis…

      • Bryan

        Haha, that’s rich. Look, you’re a smart guy, and I know you’re willfully ignoring the point. That’s fine.

        Now, allow me to change your mind on the topic of global warming with this research paper by the Heritage Foundation. The first sentence reads “The harsh sanctions imposed on corporations in the name of abating ‘climate change’ will clearly result in disastrous effects to the economy and our nation’s job market, and it shouldn’t take more coal plant closures to start enacting legislative changes to prevent further harm.”

        They just care about the working man putting bread on his table, so let’s lend them our ears, brother! Who among us would oppose such an agenda of goodwill??

      • Bryan

        I hate to beat the “Fish is wrong about guns once again” horse to even more of a pulp, but for future generations who may read these comments, here’s a good tear down of just how bogus that “research” is.


        Will DailyKos, Salon and MotherJones care about any of that? Of course not, gun owners are all just redneck neanderthal racists and that’s just the way things are. Don’t need no fancy studies to know that!

      • Yes, because the Crime Prevention Research Center headed by John Lott is a completely impartial study.


        Of course, my favorite part of his Wikipedia page is that all the footnotes in tacked-on sentences claiming he’s not a paid shill for the NRA link to blatant right-wing cites like CNS.

        So let me stuff that in the time capsule, and tell me Bryan, how much do you get paid to come here? Because they trained you well to start out by saying things like “I’m as leftist, socialist, as it comes,” before launching into clearly libertarian and right-wing talking points.

        As for the racist slant to gun ownership, you’ve said yourself you’d rather have one to protect yourself then rely on the government. But protect yourself from whom, Bryan? Who is the boogeyman gun-owners fear will attack them at any moment on the street or in the home?

        Brown people, Bryan, brown people. That’s where it started, and sweep it under the rug as much as you like, fervent gun ownership is a direct symptom of a fear of “the other.”

      • Just 6 days ago, at 2:30am on Saturday, Renisha McBride, a black 19 year old, got into a car accident in Dearborn Heights, a predominately white Detroit suburb. Her cell phone battery was dead, so she went to nearby home for assistance. That seems pretty reasonable, right?

        Whoever answered the door in that suburban home didn’t offer to help a stranded teenager out, they fatally shot her in the head.

        While Dearborn Heights police initially told McBride’s family that her body was found dumped in another area of town, they’ve now since changed their story, saying she was shot in “self-defense” on the homeowner’s front porch. Interestingly, that “threatened” homeowner never called 911 to report they’d just shot an unarmed woman in the head in self-defense.

        Michigan is a Stand Your Ground state.

  22. real talk

    Black people should probably stop worrying about a dumb flag and just try to figure out where their fathers are.

  23. I swear to God, this moron wakes up everyday trying to find new and more amazing ways to be an utter and complete fucktard.

  24. sc4play

    Yeah, I’m gonna get me a five gallon bucket of gas and throw it on this smoldering campfire over here. That’s what I’m gonna do!

  25. pornstar

    I dropped by for the tits and ass, but I am staying for justifiable and all the other smart dudes here. You make me wish I spent more time book learning, instead of shoplifting and having sex with men for small amounts of money.

    • It’s inspiring to me that you’d want to improve yourself. I’d suggest your first order of business be to avoid wasting time on books, and instead focus on how to get at least incrementally larger amounts of money for the sex.

  26. Kanye West Confederate Flag
    Commented on this photo:

    So… he takes the rebel flag from the confederacy & Metallica’s old logo. He’s a Yenius

  27. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    So, he owns the confederate flag. Good – can we bury him in it? Like right now?

    • He just married a Kuntrashian, with no prenup, and you want to give him a quick and painless death? I’m looking forward to at least a few months of him being publicly humiliated and then bankrupted.

      • Rasputin's Evil Twin

        From years – and I do mean years- of observation, Grigori and I can say the only quick but not painless version of being buried alive is when it’s burial at sea. We were looking at wrapping him the CSA flag, and a lot of chains, before starting the backhoe up. However, we’re willing to wait until the Kardashian Coven ruins him before proceding. He might welcome it after all that.

  28. Kanye West Confederate Flag
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh cute! He thinks he can take over a flag now. Him and his wife think the world worships them and they can do whatever they want. I’m waiting for the day the North ends up stamping the people in this world with her sign, as in the apocalypse. Oh yes, it’s coming people!

  29. Kanye West Confederate Flag
    suitor #4
    Commented on this photo:

    so kanye is “post modern” metallica now? this “metal/punk-minus-the-balls/metal” is getting old. Also VERY zoolander

  30. It’s like the reverse version of Randall trying to take back “Porch Monkey” in “Clerks 2″….

  31. Southern farmers didn’t usually own merchant ships that would travel to Africa. Think about it.

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