Kanye West Digitized His Penis. Oh, Good.

“If I turn around and some motherfucker’s tweetin’ while I’m scanning my dick, I swear to God…”

Last night, Kanye West released the video for “Black Skinhead” on his website only to quickly pull it after everybody laughed at it for being nothing but a dancing The Sims version of him if The Sims lets your characters have giant black penises down to their knees. *checks Amazon, sends Kim Kardashian’s baby a copy* Except what he really should be pulling it for is the line, “Like the Romans I keep it 300″ which you don’t even have to be smart to know why that’s wrong. You just have to have seen a movie and remembered a place. One place. Then again, I forget what country this is, so I might as well be asking a diabetic sloth to read Dickens. They were all some sort of fighting people. Close enough.

Photo: Getty / Video: Rap Dose