Kanye West & Liv Tyler Wore The Same Shirt

Despite attending a designer event in Paris, the birthplace of fashion, Kanye West and Liv Tyler somehow managed to show up wearing the same retarded dog shirt. It’s almost as if they both started to get dressed then realized the French have no idea what an American meth dealer looks like and felt they should educate them. “Yo, y’all see how there’s a dog on here? That’s called ‘air brush,’ son. ‘Aiiir brush.’ Two A’s. Motherfuckers be wearin’ this shit while cookin’ up rocks in their trailer. Hold up, I’mma let the white girl from The Incredible Hulk back me up. Yo, tell ‘em how they got no teeth like Charlie Sheen. I wanna see their faces go all, ‘What? DAYAMN!’ but in that French talk.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN