Kanye West & Liv Tyler Wore The Same Shirt

March 7th, 2011 // 54 Comments

Despite attending a designer event in Paris, the birthplace of fashion, Kanye West and Liv Tyler somehow managed to show up wearing the same retarded dog shirt. It’s almost as if they both started to get dressed then realized the French have no idea what an American meth dealer looks like and felt they should educate them. “Yo, y’all see how there’s a dog on here? That’s called ‘air brush,’ son. ‘Aiiir brush.’ Two A’s. Motherfuckers be wearin’ this shit while cookin’ up rocks in their trailer. Hold up, I’mma let the white girl from The Incredible Hulk back me up. Yo, tell ‘em how they got no teeth like Charlie Sheen. I wanna see their faces go all, ‘What? DAYAMN!’ but in that French talk.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN


  1. okamsrazor

    Lame shirt for lame celebs

  2. That’s from the Michael Vick Collection.

  3. Dave ain't here, man

    Kanye, I’m a let you finish, but I just wanna say that Liv Tyler had the best douchebag dog T-shirt EVER.

  4. I think Kanye wore it better.

  5. Test


  6. Conye

    I thought it was the year of the Tiger…

  7. x

    bitch stole my look?

  8. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…If the south does rise again, I think we can all agree it’ll be Kanye’s fault.

  9. dontlooknow

    Kayne liked her shoes better. I did too.

  10. they look like jon gosselin

  11. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    BITCH STOLE MY LOOK! Can’t wait for Joan Rivers to get this.

  12. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    Why are they wearing a shirt with Ann Coulter’s pussy on it?

  13. Tiger Blood

    Was their local Wal Mart out of the howling wolves / moon shirts?

  14. Dan

    well at least it wasn’t three wolf moon

  15. methane

    Damn, that just looks like shit. Seriously, how do you look in a mirror before walking out the door and say to yourself; man, this cheesy dog shirt really makes me look cool? They must have gotten matching lobotomies in the bargain.

  16. Evil

    Was this post suppose to be racist?

  17. anonymoose

    doggy ate liv’s pants?

    kanye’s pants look like hefty bags. and what’s with the tuck? half shirt in half shirt out….

    and both of them are at the same event in the same awful shirt? yipes.

  18. not only do they have have the same shirts on , they have the same breast sizes as well.

  19. Kelly

    OMG, I saw that very same shirt on sale at Over 21.

  20. Liv outclasses that stupid douche on every level. Shirt is irrelevant

  21. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    put on on Portman. Her pregnant belly would give a great 3D effect to that shirt.

  22. Alex

    I think Liv should always dress like she did in Lord of the Rings

  23. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    Bitch be lookin’ fine and shit.

  24. Pat C

    He probably took it from her “I deserve that shirt!”

  25. The Critical Crassness

    I believe I know what happened to the remainder of the dog. Kanye had it tanned and turned into those baggy leather pants!

  26. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    the only time i was ever turned on by a dog bearing it’s fangs at me.

  27. Arzach

    The difference here my friends is that even thought is the same ugly t-shirt Liv looks fucking hot with it, and Kanye looks fucking stupid…oh wait!
    now I understand, that is because Liv IS fucking hot and Kanye is … well Kanye, there’s no need to be redundant.

  28. Kanye is truly the emperor of style..stocking cap, dark glasses at night, tshirt half untucked, ill fitting leather pants, red kabbalah string, slack jawed moron expression on his face…and what appears to be a jockstrap hanging out his pants leg.

    It’s like he was caught in the shrapnel of a douchebag explosion.

  29. jWo

    they both heard Michael Vick was gonna be there

  30. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    Steven Tyler should spank her for waring the same shirt as an idiot of a Garage band user.

  31. Ur momz

    Liv Tyler could look sorta hot if she lost weight.

  32. the captain

    he even sh*ts this way, folks!!

  33. mean tina

    they both look great if you want the styley truth

  34. Kanye West Liv Tyler Dog Shirt
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    I haven’t seen Tyler in years. She looks great, and she’s rocking this shirt way better than douchebag-Kanye.

  35. Rough Tuesday

    Why didn’t they keep Jennifer Connolly in the Hulk? I am indifferent t to Liv’s whimpering style of acting.

  36. AA

    That t-shirt cures AIDS!

    • prudish cad

      you’re probably right. kanye, as a homosexual black man, is statistically rife with AIDS and this t-shirt is so loud that it would probably stop even blind people having sex with him

  37. Mel

    Fish, I do love your Kanye. It is the best. Charlie Sheen is now hiring interns. I think you should apply.

  38. Captain Dick

    Gay men often wear womens clothing.

  39. 2011′s version of the Three Wolf Moon.

  40. Deb

    This was the funniest thing I have read/seen in a long time. And I have seen some funny shit. :)

  41. cc

    The jacket and leggings would have been more than adequate Liv. Actually, just the leggings.

    God, I’d wreck that woman.

  42. Fancypants

    Who knew goodwill would become so popular with celebrities. That’s a horrible shirt on a good day.

  43. Blake

    It was the Givenchy fashion show and those are Givenchy T-shirts.

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