Kanye West Proud of Kanye West For Cleaning Up Mess Kanye West Made

WARNING: Rest of post isn’t big, giant breasts until the pics at the bottom. Proceed with caution.

Last week, Kanye West pissed all over the Internet by going off on Wiz Khalifa and talking shit about his child with Amber Rose, who epically ended that shit by dropping the greatest hashtag of all time. Jump to Tuesday, where his wife had to pose on Instagram with his ex-girlfriend who shoved fingers up his ass, which Kanye is naturally patting himself on the back for like he just ended goddamn apartheid. So you can read about that over at PEOPLE, or you can stare at this ridiculous tweet where Kanye gets mad at Billboard for calling his fake Rolling Stone cover fake. Because it’s fake.

In Kanye West’s defense, he’s a Kardashian now, and part of being a Kardashian is believing fake photos are real or else you disappear from this timeline and return to the ass realm from which ye came. It’s all very scientific.

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Photo: Instagram