Kanye Is Playing Three-Dimensional Chess With Trump, You Guys

Despite what you’re about to read, Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump happened for one reason and one reason only. Kanye West thought it’d be great for Donald Trump to meet Kanye West. And Donald Trump thought it’d be great if he did anything but read intelligence briefings because those things are boring. Except now Kanye is letting America in on his plan to save us all by showing up for a blatant photo op that lets Trump walk around and tell people, “See? They love me!”

And if you’re wondering how Kanye is going to get Donald Trump to listen to any of that, Kanye’s generously postponed his presidential run to allow a second term for Trump just in case everyone isn’t clear how far from reality this crazy ship has sailed into the mouth of a dragon only Kanye can see:

Here’s how this is going to go down:

“Mr. President, Kanye West is here to see you.”
“Does he want to take a picture?”
“He wants to talk about schools for black kids.”
“Release the hounds.”

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