Kanye is Still on Taylor Swift’s Nuts

November 24th, 2010 // 148 Comments
Kanye West Bowery Ballroom

Kanye West performed at the Bowery Ballroom in New York last night where mid-set, he stopped and went off on some crazy stream-of-thought rant about George Bush and Taylor Swift, who he thinks should’ve come to his defense. Via Vulture, jumped because it takes Kanye 800 words just to say “Hello.”

And now we are mere surfaces of the energy they are projecting on us. Everybody needs a villain, don’t we? We need to blame someone at all times. For me to be considered a racist for stating a blatant truth, an obvious truth, but the nuances of my words, because I am very particular with my words, and the emotion I felt at that time wasn’t worded exactly right — but everybody came and said ‘Oh my God!” — I’m talking about five years ago, not a year ago, I’m talking about five years ago, I’m talking about Katrina — and everybody said, “Oh my God, Kanye, I love you so much, I hated you until you said that. But now I see you’re speaking for me. I always thought you were an asshole but now you said something that represents me, but the whole time, whole time I’m thinking in my mind I was thinking that’s not exactly what I wanted to say, I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to say, I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to word it, but I wrote it, I rode it, just as Taylor never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it, that’s the way I rode the waves of the Bush comment. I rode it. It’s not about popular opinion. It’s about when you look in your heart, and know what’s right and what’s wrong. When you look in your heart, look at what the media did, look at how they exploited him, they said that he said it was his lowest moment and as a mass, as America, we took that as a fact, and if you look at the interview he said that was one of his lowest moments and he said it about ten different things! But because the popularity of me, they exploited that, to make you watch the interview and make you feel that he was stupider than ever, to think that a rapper’s comment could be his lowest moment. That’s not what he fucking said! That’s not what he fucking said! That’s not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you — the way they try to villainize, the way they tried to do that. Everything would have been okay, if they hadn’t played the audio that day … “

“It’s not about popular opinion, yo, but I’mma sit here and talk for ten minutes about the surface of the pool of the media cannonballing into my shit until you all love me as the hero Taylor Swift wouldn’t let be me because George Bush told her Katrina was a manifestation of human emotion that didn’t want me to be famous. Imma gonna ride it, but I ain’t about to love it, naw I mean? All I’m saying, is if Matt Lauer didn’t play that audio, 9/11 woulda never happened. It woulda never happened!”

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  1. Sparks Fly

    BY the way, Taylor owes West absolutely nothing and people fail to realize that, LOL.

  2. Sparks Fly

    I’ll congratulate West on being the biggest dumb ass this year. xD

  3. Amy

    thats what i dont get that he thinks she owes him something..
    she is very popular in country music was before this and will continue to be.
    she accepted his apology &moved on .she is what 19 or 20 whats he like 40?
    where is his maturity.
    shows the type of person he is .

  4. art

    Kanye is a jealous, hater =racist. Lisa you aren’t white, you’re black, and this is not about Sheen, it’s about Kanye. Lisa you are jealous and a racist.

  5. jack

    He is the most talentless celebrity to date!!!!! He acts like such a bitch, he must be gay or asexual…If he didn’t constantly complain nobody would give the time of day..LOOSER

  6. art

    you mean she is a he?

  7. jack

    If he were white he would be labeled a racist……Double standards in the Afro-American community….

  8. Once again let me point out that there were more Race’s other than Afican Americans affected by the floods. But leave it to the Afican Americans who are RACIST make it all about them and forget the other RACE’S that were affected by the floods. I am so sick of these RACIST Afican Americans including OBAMA who chose to deny his WHITE Heritage when it came time to fill out the Consences forms and only donated to the Negro College Fund when he should have donated to a College Fund that would Benifit all the Race’s he repersents.
    Kanye I stood up for you when you matured into a Man by apologizing for some things you said that you shouldn’t have. Now you just made me regret what I did. You are a LOSER!!!!

  9. art

    my last comment was for Lisa.

  10. American

    Douchey McDouche Pee Pee Gay Kanye.

  11. American

    Kanye would be a nobody in popular media if it weren’t for his controversial statements and actions. Nobody likes his music (if you can all it that).

  12. anti-whinner

    the black idiot apparenty proves he has SHIT 4 BRAINS every time he opens his f’n PIEHOLE! have you ever seen ANYONE run on stage during a ceremony like that and cry cause Beyonce didnt get it and shes black! fucking shitbag racist negroid!

    • MollyMakeout

      now, how can you go and call someone a negroid then call THEM a racist? wouldn’t you be one too? i’m sure you don’t care for logic but answer me that much.

  13. anti-whinner

    swift didnt do anything wrong but being white the night kanye made his ASSHOLE OF THE CENTURY debut! He did it at a level noone other then himself can top!! in front of millions he proved he has shit 4 brains, swift should of reached down and ripped his f’n nutsack off and stuffed it down his racist piehole!!

  14. maddog

    Your a loser! a waste of time, we will stop listening after awhile.

  15. Wdm

    Big POS

  16. J.E.B.

    What, is this guy on a vendetta against Taylor Swift or something?

  17. donzaloog

    Taylor, PLEASE, give Kanye the mercy fuck he’s been groveling for for the past year. So we can put this behind us and move on.

  18. blue

    are u all acting out…..the emotions r talking….unfortuntately….Kanye…..does not talk with any truth…..omg…….the man is talking as a racist sob…….he is not educated….has not read of what is going on right now….the worst person in the Whitehouse is BHO………..doesn’t have any experience in anything…..and he is turning this country into a socialist idealogy…………let the Nanny state take care of anyone and everyone whom does not want to work in this country…..if you put it down so much…..leave!!!!!!!~!

  19. blue

    He is a low life asshole….an idiot…….sorry about his Momma….but he needs to get on with life and not blame people for his actions…….and thoughts….who needs to hear his opinions…..everyone has them….just like assholes….everyone has one!!!!!!

  20. Reesadietz

    Seriously, is this idiot on drugs? He really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut! Yet someone keeps giving him the opportunity and the microphone to air his tireless and stupid rants. Get over yourself and vacate Kanye~

  21. HRH Queen Elizabeth III

    Kanye is soo f-ed up that he is full to the brim with bullshit…get a life BROTHA!

  22. HRH Queen Elizabeth III


  23. luciusgl

    Maybe it is time for Taylor to get a restraining order. What a complete loser. Why would she ever come to his defense? Oh, and to those of you who say that she got stuff out of this…. Do you think that she asked for that idiot to come up and ruin her moment? No, he is a self centered bigot. And the President Bush remark. Really, I have never seen President Bush ever say anything remotely racist. However, in my opinion, Kanye’s remark about President Bush sounds racist. Maybe he needs to be reminded that other races suffered and died in Hurricane Katrina. Not just African Americans. I am sick to death about hearing about him. He needs to go away. I used to like him, now I am disgusted that I ever did like him.

  24. This is an animal who gets ticked off when white women ignore him…Poor baby…Anyone who spends a dime on this piece of crap is insane.

    The end

  25. “Everybody needs a villain, don’t we? We need to blame someone at all times” as in HE took the fall for something HE didn’t do. THEN this pea brained idiot goes on to contradict himself by BLAMING Matt Lauer, “All I’m saying, is if Matt Lauer didn’t play that audio, 9/11 woulda never happened. It woulda never happened!” What a F-O-O-L. Someone needs to tape his mouth shut because everythime it opens he digs the hole deeper. No wait, ler him KEEP diggin so sooner rather then later he’ll be toast and we’ll be rid of this spewing spetic on two legs. Keep up da good work, Can-yee.

  26. luckylucy

    I am not a Taylor Swift fan, I wouldn’t pay ot see her , I used ot be a Kanye fan but I got over it. I like some of his music but really, what does anyone care what he thinks, hes a jerk, people dont’ pay to hear him rant about something that he obviously does for publicity, is he desperate ? we know who he is, leave that girl alone, she was very nice anytime she ever spoke about him, she never bad mouthed him once and some tried ot get her to do that but he can’t seem to let it go.. How many people wanted to rip an award from his hands but wouldnt’ think of doing it? he better grow up , he’s acting childish and its not attractive. He’s got talent, he doesnt’ need to cling to this, you’d htink he’s want to forget it. .

  27. nevaeh

    Swift is a fucking whore, she’ll open her legs for anyone out there just to fill some emotional void. I bet in about 5 yrs we’ll still be hearing and listening to KANYE’S music while Swift will be giving bbbj’s at your local strip club.
    Fucking wench.

    KANYE – HAS ANYONE LISTENED TO HIS NEW STUFF?!?! Amazing, 5 star album, go look it up.

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