Kanye Hates Trump Now

In a stunning display of backstabbing, Kanye West deleted every mention of Trump from his Twitter. Apparently Kanye’s withdrawing his support over Trump’s Muslim ban because how could he have seen that one coming? It’s not like Trump campaigned on “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” which was posted in a written statement to his website then taken down and re-posted. And it’s not like Trump’s Muslim ban was clearly laid out during his October speech in Gettysburg, two months before Kanye kissed the ring at Trump Tower. I mean, had all of that been out there in the public sphere then this sudden reversal would make Kanye look downright foolish. Fortunately, it won’t do much damage to President Slip ‘n Slide’s street cred because he’s had his other down homies on lock for a minute now.

Donald Trump Ben Carson

“Excuse me, Mr. Trump, it seems Mr. Carson has fallen asleep agai–“
“Wrong! Ben Carson has the best brain. He hardly ever sleeps. Next question.”

Donald Trump Ben Carson Omarosa
“If you put your ear up to that wall, you can hear people on the toilet. I think Bill had that done. Not nice! I never do it every day.”

Donald Trump Omarosa
“Hey brother, ask her if I can touch her hair.”
“I will cut you in your face, Cheese Nib.”

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Photo: Fame/Flynet