Kanye’s Under Investigation For Felony Robbery After Attacking Another Photographer

July 22nd, 2013 // 23 Comments
Kanye Attack Photographer
WATCH: Kanye West Attacks Another Photographer

When Kanye West arrived at LAX Friday afternoon all he literally had to do was take one more step into his car and go about his business of being rich as shit. What he did instead was approach a pap, tell him he knows the guy is trying to get him to “step off” so he gets “$250,000,” and then proceeds to “step off” anyway and steal the guy’s camera allegedly injuring him in the attack. According to TMZ, the dude’s pressing charges and now Kanye’s under investigation for felony robbery as if any of that means anything. Which is why I want everyone to hear me out and keep an open mind about this: Has George Zimmerman ever considered a career in photography? (You want to be mad, but it just makes so much sense. I know.)


  1. AteIsEnough

    Fuck this d-bag.

  2. JC

    There’s an easy explanation here: If you were coming home to Kim, Kris, Bruce, et al., wouldn’t you try to get yourself thrown in jail, too?

  3. Normal person: “What you’re trying to do is get me in trouble!” *walks away*

    Kanye: “What you’re trying to do is get me in trouble!” *attacks*

  4. Fits right in with the Kardashian Klan.

    I’m going to out myself as an old white guy here, but I really have no clue about what the guy even does.

  5. “You’re trying to make me step off so I’ll have to pay you $250k…wait a minute…only $250K? Yeah, it’s worth it.”

  6. The Tray-Tray Cult

    ZOMG Zimmerman totally shot that poor little kid for no reason and the racist jury got all this evidence that totally showed he did it and they let him off because they hate blacks.

  7. cc

    Can’t someone please just drive their fist into his face?

  8. Paul Phoenix

    When violent thugs make it to the big-time, they can punch people for following them without getting shot.
    On the other hand, you have to be a Kardashian buttplug, so maybe Trayvon was better off getting shot when he did.

  9. By no means do I wish to support Kanye in any way, but how fake are all these paps crying about their injuries? I wish a bus careened into the whole lot of them.

  10. Oh, he’s going to get it now…the padded velvet glove of the California state celebrity prosecution machine is going to come down on him like a handful of feathers. He’s sure to get a slap on the wrist this time…ok, more of a gentle caress on the wrist, but it’s for sure this time.

    Oh no Kanye…not this time. You went too far. They’re going to throw the book at you…well, toss the book…ok, set the book down at your feet, but to the side so you don’t trip on it.

  11. Patrick Bateman

    do you mean that kanye… an angry black man… lost his temper and attacked the other man with no physical provocation?…

    I refuse to believe it. black men never respond aggressively when approached by a stranger… er um wait a minute

  12. 1. Hate Zimmerman all you want, but that Hispanic male was defending himself.

    2. That’s the same pap that egged on Britney, from what I understand. I’m not a Kanye fan, and he shouldn’t have taken the camera, but the paparazzi need to take their pictures and move on – they’re hecklers with cameras. Stars can take that one extra step, and paparazzi can be equally helpful and not antagonize.

    • I have zero sympathy for Kanye.

      Yes, the paparazzi are irritating…but that’s the price of being a goddamn millionaire celebrity. You know who doesn’t have to deal with paparazzi? THE REST OF US. Kanye wanted this life, and now that he has it he doesn’t want to play anymore? Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

  13. logan

    He’s a Kardashian now we can make fun of him all we want. It’s a national law. Aggressive or not we all can just laugh and laugh. Mamma Kris is his god now. lol lol lol lol lol lol. Karma thy name is Kardashian!

  14. So if black men are all violent thugs because Kanye grabbed a camera doesn’t that mean by virtue that all white women are violent thugs because Britney attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella, (in a which more violent attack than Kanye by the way)?

    Justin Bieber, another violent black man. Adam Lambert, another violent black man. Jude Law, another violent black man. Sean Penn, yet another violent black man. Hugh Grant, yet another violent thug of a black man. I am sure the list goes on and on. Look at all those violent black thug celebrities beating up the paparazzi all the time.

    Hypocrites, east to make look like assholes all the time.

  15. inkydinky

    insufferable douchebag. he makes me wanna vom

  16. AweseomeTownie

    Is Kanye dumb to do this? Yep. 100%

    Is the the moral authority from TMZ, literally a company that antagonizes for profit, lacking completely? Yep. 100%

  17. I know what Kanye’s issue is: Displaced anger.

  18. Robb7

    Looks like Kimmy has two babies to contend with!

  19. Deacon Jones

    Kayne is just trying to compensate that he’s been sucking smelly French dick all summer and has to get his street cred back, yo

  20. summit

    Does anyone else get the vibe that he’s doing this in part to live up to some reputation he’s set for himself, rapping about smashing paparazzi’s recorders and all? He’s such a pre-meditated dude that it wouldn’t surprise me if that went through his head

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