So That’s Why Kanye Deleted All Those Trump Tweets

“Check out this app. Click that filter right there.”
“Wait… is that? Does this just add Ray J peeing to every photo?”
“Dope, right?”

Since Kim Kardashian has all but exhausted the robbery angle now that the insurance companies are being made to believe there’s no chance of recovering her jewelry, it’s time for a new scam. But like any grifter worth their weight in ass-gold, Kim has already been laying the groundwork for her next caper. Operation Wedge My Awful Family Into The Super Bowl. Via E! News:

Fan accounts on Twitter rallied for Yeezy to be the halftime show performer at the 2018 Super Bowl, and Kim seemed to give her seal of approval because she retweeted a couple of tweets. Is that an official endorsement from Kim? We can’t say for sure, but it certainly seems like it!

Please. As if Kanye does anything without a directive by Kim, which of course, is just an extension of Kris Jenner’s bidding. And the devil knows how to play to the fickle whims of humans.

“Wow, those idiots really elected him. Haha! God must be pissed. Anyway, go meet with him, Kanye.”
“Yes, Mama Kris. Can I see Kim’s butt after?”
“Oh shit, they hate him now. Delete those tweets, Kanye.”
“Yes, Mama Kris. Can I see Kim’s butt after?”
“Holy shit, the Super Bowl made people like Lady Gaga again? Kanye, perform there next year.”
“Yes, Mama Kris. Can I see Kim’s butt after?”

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