Kaley Cuoco’s Engaged Because F*ck You, Superman

September 27th, 2013 // 20 Comments
Henry & Kaley Are Over
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For those of you don’t watch CBS sitcoms because you haven’t given up on life, Kaley Cuoco is probably best known for being the first chick Henry Cavill banged after Man of Steel hit theaters because he saw her on TV once and wondered what her vagina would be like. Which turned out to be clingy as shit because he bounced not even 10 days later. Since then, she’s been blatantly trying to flaunt her rebound Ryan Sweeting who she’s now engaged to, according to People. Because if there’s one thing that makes a man jealous, it’s watching you successfully grind another man down to the point where he proposes to you in less than two months. It’s our… Kryptonite? *puts gun in mouth*

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  1. Walter White

    Chick is so f’n overrated. Kinda a butterface and body isn’t even that great either.

  2. Much like Liam Hemsworth I doubt Cavill gives a shit. Seriously how did this chick get so far in Hollywood? Average looking, average talent, pretty much being carried by everyone else on the show. Looking like she may be even clingier than Jennifer Love Hewitt, which I did not think was possible.

    • Inner Retard

      My guess is she gives great blowjobs. Because she really looks dumb as shit with giant man shoulders and everything else you said.

    • cc

      Her success is mystifying to me as well. I hear the cast of the show is asking for 1 million per episode (just like the friends cast did). Are they fucking joking?

      • I guess you look hot when you’re surrounded by stereotypical nerds. It’s sort of the same principle as hanging around with fat/ugly friends so you really stand out.

    • Dr. JFever

      I only know her as ‘Maggot Neck’ from the snark filled Charmed recaps on TWOP.

  3. Inner Retard

    I’m sure the proposal went like this:
    - Hell, No! … and put away those tits.
    - No, I don’t want another lap dance… I’m more than just my urges.
    - No, I don’t want to see you covered in whipped cream again… reaches for wallet to buy ring.

  4. Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Engaged Emmys
    Deacon Jones
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  5. anonymous

    When is this chick not engaged? She’s like Kat Von D.

  6. Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Engaged Emmys
    uncle ruckus
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    Someone should tell her that smirk is a terrible look for her

  7. Allan

    This chick is chunky in the body and ugly in the face. NEXT

  8. Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Engaged Emmys
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    What’s up with that look on her face? I agree, she’s pretty average.

  9. crb

    And if you go by one of my gf’s theories, that most of them are not really acting, they’re just being themselves and saying somebody else’s words,

    Maybe KC is Exactly as narcissistic and bitchy as Penny in real life.

  10. Ian

    I can only assume that most of you guys calling her ugly and overrated prefer cock instead.

  11. She broke my heart & she’ll forever be sad that she never met me!

  12. being from nebraska myself, she’s one of the hottest chicks from the state. i do enjoy the show however.

  13. she is kinda funky, but still cute. i do enjoy the show however.

  14. Robb7

    She seems like a big bag of crazy a la Halle.

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