Ryan Sweeting Wants Spousal Support From Kaley Cuoco Now

Despite the fact that they surprisingly have a prenup even though she was ready to marry the first dude she met after getting dumped by Superman, Ryan Sweeting is seeking spousal support from Kaley Cuoco because apparently the real reason for their divorce is he’s a lazy asshole who wanted to live off of her Big Bang Theory money. And that’s coming from his friends. Via Fishwrapper:

Perhaps Ryan’s alleged attempt at receiving spousal support stems from what a source close to him had to say about the split. Hilariously enough — this is someone that’s supposed to be close to Ryan, remember — the source said that the divorce “was a long time coming,” and that Kaley ended the marriage because “she realized she wants to be with a guy who has a job and is motivated.” And nobody faults her for that.

Should I even bother saying anything, or just let a bunch of you bitch about your ex-wives and grow tall, rubbery ones over a woman getting the shaft in a divorce? Because I honestly don’t have time to pretend that’s not what’s going to happen here. Tit photos don’t crop themselves.

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