Kaley Cuoco Let Her Dog Sit On A Flag, AMERICA IS RUINED

To honor the Fourth of July, Kaley Cuoco took a cute puppy picture that under normal circumstances the internet would love and I would hate because people who say dogs are their children make me see a red so deep it’s gotta be Satan’s dick. Except in a country where you can buy images of the American flag on everything from condoms to fuckable buttholes to a giant American flag Slip N’ Slide to fuck said butthole on, Kaley(‘s dog sitter) posed one of her mutts on an American flag and people lost their shit. So here’s the “offending” image via Fishwrapper.

Trigger Warning: May cause pearl clutching.

kaley cuoco dogs american flag

Kaley Cuoco has since deleted the post and apologized, which is fucking bullshit. It’s a picture of stupid dogs with stupid flags. It doesn’t get much more Fourth of July in America than that. Also, I guarantee most of the people throwing a fit were harkening back to a golden time that never was. Sure, “back in your day,” Americans respected the flag, but in the background, blacks were barely considered human and it was perfectly legal for a man to beat and/or rape his wife for she was his property in the eyes of the Lord. And speaking of religion, I guarantee a good chunk of these asshats – who are probably the first to say, “Why’s everyone so offended all the time?” whenever the police kill another black man – are kind Christian folk who clearly skipped this verse to get right to the hating gays stuff:

“You shall not make idols for yourselves.” – Leviticus 26:1

Even more ridiculous? This is perfectly acceptable. Everybody’s cool with this.


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