JWoww’s breasts turned away from clubs

Apparently the cast of Jersey Shore is getting shot down at nightclubs while filming their second season in Miami, according to RadarOnline:

The cast is being denied access to some Miami hot spots that don’t want the trouble of dealing with all that accompanies their appearances.
“A lot of places in South Beach aren’t letting them in,” a source on the scene exclusively told RadarOnline.com.
“They’re not welcome at many, many spots, and they’re getting refused all over the place.”

You mean nightclubs are turning away kids with the names Snooki, The Situation and Fungi Guido which might not be one of their names but it should be? I just assumed they arrived at the clubs and the red phone went off at the White House. “Obama here. Pauly D? Yeah, he cool. But not that Orko-lookin’ bitch. Nah, you put her out back with some Reese’s Pieces on the ground. — Mo’fucker, do I sound like I’m playin’?!”

Sorry about that, I just wanted to prove I could write dialog for The Wire. (What now, David Simon?)