JWoww’s Doing Playboy

September 17th, 2010 // 103 Comments

Like any good reality star worth only her weight in silicone, JWoww is wrapping up a deal to pose for Playboy by the end of the year, according to E!’s Marc Malkin:

“Final offer is standing,” JWoww told me just the other day. “Hopefully, it will go through.”
When is she looking to show off her nakedness? She smiled, “Winter.”
In other words, it’s happening, people! JWoww smiled again, “I’d like to say so.”
Still on the table is how much she’ll actually show. “I don’t know yet,” she said. “It hasn’t been talked about yet.”

EDITOR #1: So, did you ask JWoww if she’s going full nude or not?
EDITOR #2: HA! Listen to this guy! Asking JWoww. That’s rich.
EDITOR #1: Ah, you got me. I just wanted to see if you’d pee yourself.
EDITOR #2: Truthfully? Almost. Asking JWoww… Ha! You.

Photos: Splash News, WireImage


  1. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    JWoww has a midget tucked under her titty!

  2. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    Titty troll!

  3. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    Jwoww is a lovely woman!

  4. Kodos

    I am hoping for a quiet passage for Mr. Hefner very soon. A once-great publication has not only jumped the shark, it is butt-raping said shark…

    • Hugh Hefner hasn’t been running Playboy for over 20 years.

      His daughter runs the rag now, which explains why a magazine that was an icon of mens literature is now a dying mess of cologne ads and airbrushed photos of clothed women, and topless aging actresses desperate to show that 50 can still be sexy (it isn’t).

  5. keijo

    I’d hit her anytime

  6. colt13

    I like the bolt ons, and Jersey Shore won’t be relevant in 2 years, so make that money while you can.

  7. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
    Fakie Titty
    Commented on this photo:

    Jyawn. I see 20 hotter women in the first 2 minutes at the local mall.

  8. Hugh Gentry

    I’ll take a look at this pig naked.

  9. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    You know Jwwow is totslly stoned on scripts

  10. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    Why are they encouraging people to look at these kids that are whacked out on oxycontin?

  11. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    Spank and eat.

  12. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    what an odd picture, it looks like a 40 yr old woman and her daughter.

  13. Righty Whitey

    She has a man-face, and is a closet dyke. I’d still fuck the shit outta her, don’t get me wrong. I’d grudge fuck the hell outta her flappy pussy, give her asshole a good working over, make her lick her own shit off my cock, then fuck her tits, press them fake funbags together really hard and it would feel tighter than her gaping snatch. Then I’d come all over her tits and face, about 15 loads unleashed on old man-puss. Then I’d stand up and take a nice piss all over her face and tits, then puncture her balloons and watch my stew of piss and cum bubble and churn as her chest deflated. That’s what she deserves, nothing more, nothing less.

  14. She is hot but I hope they don’t airbrush the hell out of the pics like PB does with every other chick. Funny how nobody buys the issues anymore since the pics are leaked when the issue hits the shelves.

  15. holy shit, why does a 22 year old chicks face look like 40?

    By the time she’s 40 she’s going to look like the Crypt Keeper.

  16. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, I bet that “ugly mug” is photoshopped in these pictures as well? Chances are you are either a meathead or one of those morons that wears flannels with hip catchphrases on them. I’m leaning towards the latter.

    She has a fucking great body and is good looking, much better than Snookie. I’m down.

  17. ur momma sexed me

    Just having this issue of Playboy delivered to your home will give your entire household all known strains of Herpes.

  18. ur momma sexed me

    That’s not your centerfold, that’s a man, baby… YEAH

  19. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    Ugh, she is going to need tons of photoshop. I guess playboy standards are on the low or they are desperate to get more subscribers. I guess I’ll cancel my subscription.

  20. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
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    like to do her anal

  21. ern

    she got a nice body, as long as i don’t look at her face. YIKES !

  22. romie

    this is shameful like woman need to respect them selves more this is not ok im 20 year old the same body type and i would neva this is nasty and degrading i lost all respect for her i use to really like her

  23. JWoww to Pose for Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    How did you find out she was on Oxy?

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