JWoww understands television

Like any woman with fake tits and absolutely zero redeeming personal qualities, Jersey Shore’s JWoww reached the inevitable conclusion that they should probably be bigger. Page Six reports:

She was spotted Friday visiting the Long Island offices of plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a breast specialist who also has offices on Park Avenue. A source told us, “She wants to get it done as soon as possible to be ready for the new season.”

You know what? Good for her. If you shouldn’t have even been on TV the first time, at least have the decency to make your tits a goddamn freak of nature the second time. And not just because that little Ewok thing will get stuck in them and no one notices until her tiny skeleton falls out during the reunion show clutching no less than 500 condoms. — I swear, It’s like I can see the future.

Photos: Splash News