JWoww still has huge breasts

April 21st, 2010 // 64 Comments

While The Situation surprisingly found love without the aid of rohypnol, JWoww paraded her giant breasts around Miami yesterday because MTV didn’t hire her for her face, personality, midsection, ass, arms, again face or thoughts on healthcare reform.

In the meantime, I’m in the air today, so hopefully these bouncing balls of pop culture will keep you occupied.

Back later tonight.

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  1. moka

    first :P?

  2. Poopy

    I want to take a poop all over those.

  3. Michelle

    Nice dressss

  4. Poopy

    I want to take a poop all over those.

  5. Rent Michael Moores new movie if you want to get mad. The fags in government want to eek out the middle class and just have real ;poor and real rich.

  6. Bow-Wow-Wow

    J Woof is a better name for it……………………………

  7. justifiable

    Gack. You forgot to add “taste in fashion” right before “midsection”. And about that…it never ceases to amaze me that women like this who have a pretty indifferent waistline decide that THIS is their best feature and the area they’re going to expose. Is it all about making sure that incipient roll gets enough oxygen so it’ll grow?

  8. OTP

    Fugly bitch.

  9. justifiable

    #5 And when it comes down to “real stupid” and “real smart, ” you’ve got the first part covered.

  10. doogie

    Who is this tramp?

  11. lalala

    Ew she’s gross. But at least she doesn’t whore herself out the the media AS MUCH AS snooki and the situation. I couldn’t stand looking at her pics that much. Women forget having boobs that don’t match their figures makes them look FAT!!!!!!!!

  12. Zveers

    comparing to that smurf, JWoww’s nice. not the most gorgeous girl, of course, but well… she’s okay. atleast carries herself well. i dunno, i like her. and i’m a girl so..

  13. Yaee boobies.! Not bad actually. = )

  14. Georgeo

    God, look at this fat tub of lard. Her upper arms are about to explode and her face looks like a pile of dough.


  15. blah

    she looks like a broke down tory lane.

  16. TS

    Somebody please slaughter all these wortheless dago greaseball smoker douchebags.

  17. frankw

    Headline should read “JWoww still has huge, plastic, unattractive breasts”.

  18. pimp

    i’d fuck her in her asshole…

  19. cc

    I had a guinea pig like that when I was a kid!

  20. cc

    I had a guinea pig like that when I was a kid!

  21. Tek

    @15 I guess you haven’t seen Tory’s work lately? The last couple of years she looks more than broken down! She’s got a gut and everything, LOL.

    Eh, this chick is meh… but if I had to chose between her and Snooki I’d gladly bend this chick over and give her The Business (see what I did there? I should trademark that). Her tits are horrible, though. She can keep the bra on.

  22. Jimmy

    Just goes to prove, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

  23. Hi J Cow,

    You have the face of truck-driver and the body of a sow. You have plastic tits and probably smell of feces and rotten cheese.

    Please fuck off & die, kthanx.

  24. G&T

    @15 Jwoww wishes!!!!!!

  25. ali

    she looka lika man.

  26. the only opinion that matters

    Who gives a shit? I could care less about these bunch of unattractive nobody’s.

  27. ELLO

    What does FIRST mean on this site??? Anyone?

  28. lulz


    It means the commenter is a retard who is trying to get the first comment, because it gives him/her some sense of pathetic accomplishment.

    Welcome to the Internet, by the way.

  29. LynzCatastrophe

    real or not they still look much better than Heidi’s giant rocks on her chest. These at least look like they are real, Heidi looks more like she stuffed balloons in her chest.

  30. WhatExitYouFrom?

    I’ve never drank enough to make that look good and I polish off JD by the bottle.

  31. gen



  32. Rasputins Liver


    Well, I can say that this chick is 100 Xs better looking than that Snooki troll.


    But then, anyone who’d watch this garbage show is garbage themselves.


    Just sayin’


  33. J.R.

    She’s actually saying, “If my ass wasn’t so BIG, I’d be kinda hot. But, DAMN!”

  34. J.R.

    Come on… it’s a guy, right? Has to be. Women are NOT THAT ugly. Look at the size of her/his legs for gds sake.

  35. ELLO

    @LMAOOOO thank you!! AHAHAHHHAH

  36. L E Awt

    She has such an unattractive face. Goes to show you that if you put +2s on anything, they’re instantly considered hot. If she lost the cholo brow thing she usually has going on, then it would at least be a little better. She’s still a brown bagger, though.

  37. She is really look so nice and wonderful.I loved to watch her all films.It is really a very cool actress.

  38. I same to refer to as instance travel? You drink at a bar, blackout then your at added bar. Blackout again, this instance your at mcdonalds, employed there 3 years. You want to quit but your ass the girl on spud later. They say she’s retarded, but those titties aren’t feebleminded

  39. Zed

    Notice jealous bitch’s longing gaze “*Sigh*, I wish I was her” in pic #9.

  40. Kristin

    she is ugly and cant fight. just another fake tit, shit talking heifer. GJ mtv

  41. Obviously looks not proportioned. With that body she has the size should be on one size smaller i guess…

  42. captain america

    this sort of “Fakeness” I like………………..

  43. You just know she naturally has those shriveled up cow tits, right? You’ve all know that chick in HS. Then she had kids & they were worse than ever. No need to celebrate a bad gene pool.

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  46. she’s hot. i dig her. i wonder if we will remember her name in the fall.

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