JWoww should show more cleavage

April 24th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Here’s Jersey Shore‘s walking around Miami yesterday and it’s impressive to see a girl so young already master the look and charm of a middle-aged Shauna Sand. And by impressive I mean I can’t wait to see this chick pull her kids’ toys out of her Cannoli-tunnel in front of the paparazzi. It’s the logical progression.


  1. the bituation

    what is she, like 45?

  2. turd da third

    It just a fucking “ugly convention” around her

  3. JWoww: Mega Trailer Whore. Pic 7-8: HAVE MERCY

  4. I think Gretchen Wilson will look like JWoww in about 14 more years:


  5. Grim Reaper

    The fake boobs just hide the damage the cigarettes are doing until it’s too late. Smoke up girls, the cancer is just getting closer and closer.

  6. Tigers Wood

    So what she smokes?
    Any guy would nail her in a microsecond.
    Whether or not they rode her bareback..depends on how brave they are.
    She’s the girl with 11 minutes left from her 15 minutes and still looks
    hotter than that Michelle “Bombshell” Bitch.

  7. Peaches

    I’m not trying to preach but she’s probrably chain smoking to cut her appetite so she will look good in her bikini.
    Unfortunately, this is also aging the skin on her face. Plus I’m sure she is a drinker. All of this combined is not going to help the way she looks when she reach her 30′s.
    I’ve worked in retail and I see this all the time. It’s usually women with skin like leather that has the voice so deep they sound like a man.

  8. Looks like my 70 year old neighbor. No joke.
    Tell you a story, used to have mountains, hills have temple, the temple has a monk. . .

  9. bitingontinfoil

    Those boobs were a good investment – they draw the attention away from that fug face!

  10. cc

    Why is there a huge troll doll beside her?

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