JWoww should show more cleavage

April 24th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Here’s Jersey Shore‘s walking around Miami yesterday and it’s impressive to see a girl so young already master the look and charm of a middle-aged Shauna Sand. And by impressive I mean I can’t wait to see this chick pull her kids’ toys out of her Cannoli-tunnel in front of the paparazzi. It’s the logical progression.


  1. Jake


    • ron

      She looks like a Klingon.. And has like three kneecaps.. not being picky .. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed though……………….

  2. Jake


  3. leah


  4. bre

    first! eek so did ya’ll get the memo about the jersey shore losers?! wow guess not.

  5. bre

    first! eek so did ya’ll get the memo about the jersey shore losers?! wow guess not.

  6. Nasty

    Yuck – that chick looks beat – imagine what she will look like in 10 years.

  7. chopper

    and less face

  8. Jimbo

    Nice titties!!!

  9. blondiemcblonde

    Mmmm chain smoking! So damn sexy… you can actually see her dying every time she exhales…

  10. blondiemcblonde

    Mmmm chain smoking! So damn sexy… you can actually see her dying every time she exhales…

  11. She's a disgusting butterface

    Fish — crawl out of these Jersey Shore girls’ snatches and post on something entertaining. Seriously, one more post on these fucking kids, and I’m NEVER coming back to this site.

  12. SOS

    I’m worried Snooki is going to get melanoma, unless her skin is naturally dark-ish. But her parents looked very light skinned…

  13. daddy likes

    I wanna crawl into Jwoww’s snatch, already fired off a load!

  14. Tek

    Those things look painful. And it’s official, Fish has a new crush. Not only that but he compared her to one of his other plastic favorites, Shauna Sand.

    This blog used to be great… *sigh*

  15. Hey

    11. I think you are forgetting that this is HIS blog and he can post whatever the hell he would like. Don’t like it? Go make a blog about and watch how many people won’t give a crap.

  16. Erik

    Am I the only one who sees that she MUST be related to Toby Maguire?

  17. Naked Chicks Rule

    If I wanted to oggle fake tits, there’s plenty of pr0n sites out there. With those you can at least *pretend* they’re not attached to some gibbering idiot.

  18. Cash

    The Superficial should show less JWoww.

  19. Fat Cats Galore

    Killer body. Cute girl, but the boobs distract from the face. She could put on more clothes and get better reception from men.

  20. Nameless

    This chick looks busted through and through. Buttahface, spaced out tits, stupid tats…if the pap is going to follow a hooker around….they should have least follow a well known pornstar.

  21. 15 is up Fish's snatch

    @15 – You’re a moron. The first rule of writing (and business, if you want to make any money) is to care about your audience’s desires over your own. If I don’t like what he posts, I don’t need to go make my own blog. I’ll simply exercise my freedom to stop reading this one, which is exactly what I said, and find another source for my entertainment needs. I didn’t forget that he has the right to publish whatever he wants — I’m for freedom of speech — but I’m also allowed the freedom of speech to criticize it and the freedom of choice to not buy a product that used to be good but has gone downhill in its quality…. Oops, I just made your fucking head explode, didn’t I? Don’t worry, it’ll grow back.

    @ 13 – I guess there’s no accounting for tastes. Hope it was good for you.

    @ 16 – Don’t see it, man. I tried imagining her as Spiderman, but that only lead to mental images that even years of therapy won’t be able to erase.

  22. Capt Paul

    We here on the Sea Shepard vow to keep fighting to protect whales like J Woow

  23. Loser!

    This chick is a pair of fake tits AND THAT’S IT. Talk about a 1 trick pony…

  24. PUKE...

    Jebus; look at that face. If she didn’t have fake tits, she’d have to work as a fluffer on a porn set because sucking d*cks is all she’s good for…

  25. AVX

    While I don’t know who she is, yes, she should show more cleavage, but the most urgent thing is probably to get a new pair of jeans.

  26. Matrim

    *rubs the bridge of his nose wearily* Can we all just agree to ignore these cunt-rockets until they go away…

  27. jason

    This tramp has the nerve to wear a cross on her belly button piercing?

  28. I'm Barak Obama and I approve...

    Is that Snooki next to her? Or, Danny Devito?

  29. joho777

    What a pig!

    I would rather look at Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and she’s a whore.

  30. lalala

    Hey guys, the reason he talks about these low lives is because their papparazzi pics are the cheapest. Fills up his site convincing us that they are celebrities.

  31. sgfgffd

    she’s pulling very typical bitchy female move…she knows all her friends have fat stomachs, so she’s trying to up her status by walking around like that whenever possible to sneakily make them feel shitty about themselves and in turn make herself feel superior

  32. Joe

    Fug Face

  33. bassackwards

    Is this what passes for Hot these days? Is this what is considered a “celebrity” these days? The last time I saw something with a face this busted it slithered on it’s belly and rattled it’s tail. As for the rolly-polly “Puukie”, I didn’t know rolly-polly’s could smoke, figured the cigarette would be too big for them.

  34. Death

    Hope they both get cancer from the cigarettes.

  35. who dat

    When trashy meets fugly this is what you get.

  36. mischa

    How old is she? From the neck up, I’d say late 30′s. She has a nice toned body and without the fake plastic boobs, she could look great dressed in a classy outfit.
    And another thing, these kids are rich now right? How come they dress like river rats?

  37. .....

    The outfits the girls are wearing are fucking atrocious. I guess $10,000 an episode can’t buy class or a stylist. Ugh.

  38. Some Porn Fan

    Hey look everyone! It’s Tory Lane, but without talent!

  39. Vinnie the Chin

    It’s really unfortunate about her face.

  40. Rex Kramer

    She really puts the ass in class.

    Who the hell still smokes? Did she hear good things?


    Somebody dragged that girl behind a car and she is still smiling, WTF ! PO THANG !

  42. bitchtits

    Joe Pesci w/ bolt ons

  43. lol

    lol her pants look like she fell onto an oven

  44. Imagination

    She looks really good for a 39 year old single mother of five.

  45. What she want to prove that she is beautiful,hot and sexy lady.only one thought come on my mind to see her i want to fuck her.

  46. Apparently monitoring my blood sugar levels has something to do with not having a box of sweets run me over. I’m sure teaching children about diabetes is a wonderful idea, but the only thing I learned is that when a donut is charging at you, you can beat it by jumping on top of it.

  47. looked her cloth, this is the newest style of fashion, and i liked it, she looking beautiful in this dress,

  48. balhder

    Could she be more white trash?

  49. The outfits the girls are wearing are fucking atrocious. I guess $10,000 an episode can’t buy class or a stylist. Ugh.

  50. joe blow

    Nasty skeez.. Do. Not. Want.


    She’s just as ugly as that short fat one…what’s her”name”? Wookie?

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